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1 Hour Ago   Websites and businesses across Europe today are protesting controversial changes to online copyright being introduced by the European Union. Ahead of a final vote on the legislation next Tuesday, March 26th, a number of European Wikipedia sites are going dark for the day, blocking all access and directing users to contact their local EU representative to protest the laws.

1 Hour Ago   After last week’s horrific terrorist attack in New Zealand, early commentary focused on how the shootings at two Christchurch shootings seemed to be purpose-built for spreading on social media.

2 Hours Ago   Huawei is less than a week away from its next big flagship smartphone launch, so of course the torrent of leaks surrounding the upcoming P30 and P30 Pro has been full and comprehensive.

2 Hours Ago   Anti-vaccination content on Facebook extends beyond the thoroughly debunked myth that vaccines cause autism, a new study reports. Instead, a team of researchers found four flavors of anti-vaccine misinformation that may discourage parents from vaccinating their children.

2 Hours Ago   Bill & Ted 3: Face the Music, the long-awaited sequel to 1991’s Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, is entering production this summer and is due to be released in August next year.

3 Hours Ago   Microsoft is bringing its Windows Defender antivirus software to macOS today. The software giant is renaming Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) as a result.

12 Hours Ago   Alongside today’s announcement of a new V11 cordless vacuum, Dyson also announced updates to its lighting and air purifier products. The first is the Dyson Lightcycle, its desk and floor lamp that can automatically adjust its lighting temperature based on ambient light or time of day.

13 Hours Ago   Motorola’s Moto Z4 phone has leaked, and while it isn’t much of a surprise that the company would make a fourth iteration of its flagship Android phone, it’s the first indication we’ve seen that its Moto Mod initiative may still be alive and kicking — because you can clearly see the copper contacts for its modular Moto Mods accessories on the back of this alleged phone.

14 Hours Ago   Faraday Future has sold its Los Angeles headquarters in a move to help fill the EV startup’s exhausted coffers, according to property documents obtained by The Verge.

14 Hours Ago   Today, Apple finally announced its second-generation AirPods, most notably adding wireless charging to the popular headphones. Apple is even selling the wireless charging case separately, so that existing AirPod owners can join in the fun.

14 Hours Ago   AT&T and Comcast are partnering to authenticate calls made between the two networks, letting customers know when there’s a genuine caller — not a spammer — on the phone.

16 Hours Ago   Giving patients an anesthetic can help them forget a disturbing memory, according to research published today in the journal Science Advances. It’s the latest study to investigate the conditions that might prevent memories from sticking, and it could be a step toward finding a technique that helps people deal with harmful memories related to anxiety, trauma, or addiction.

17 Hours Ago   Yesterday, Google announced plans for a new game-streaming service called Stadia. Besides the logo, the controller, and a single game — Doom Eternal — the announcement left us with more questions than answers.

17 Hours Ago   At an Economic Club event in Washington, DC today, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson was interrupted on stage by a robocall, pausing an interview in front of dozens of people and driving home that absolutely no one is safe from the spam epidemic.

17 Hours Ago   Facebook is updating Messenger today with a new feature: the ability to quote and reply to specific messages in a conversation, making it easier to keep track of things (especially in larger group chats), as reported by VentureBeat.

18 Hours Ago   Over the past decade, French studio Quantic Dream has become closely associated with the PlayStation platform, thanks to games like Detroit: Become Human and Beyond: Two Souls.

18 Hours Ago   Fortnite creator Epic Games is in a unique position. Not only is the company overseeing development of one of the most popular and lucrative games on the planet, but it’s also now utilizing the success of that software to make its Unreal Engine development tools and, more recently, its online PC game store two of the most ubiquitous and disruptive elements in the industry.

18 Hours Ago   At its annual GDC showcase for the widely used Unreal Engine, Epic Games revealed a pair of gorgeous demos featuring a haunting future and an eerie fantasy realm.

18 Hours Ago   Feel-good dramas, epic science fiction, and thrillers Continue reading…

18 Hours Ago   Postmates is launching a new delivery option that comes without its sometimes pricey service fees: essentially, carpooling for your food. The new delivery option, called Postmates Party, allows you to opt in to having your meal delivered as part of a group.

18 Hours Ago   Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is planning to launch what it calls the Alamo Season Pass, a MoviePass-style subscription service, nationwide by the end of this year. The company is already beta testing the program in a small selection of its theaters.

18 Hours Ago   Epic Games today announced a new grant initiative that will dole out $100 million to game developers, artists, students, educators, and those developing tools for other creators that make use of its Unreal Engine 4 toolset.

19 Hours Ago   At GDC today, Nintendo announced another huge slate of indie games that are coming to the Switch. It’s becoming something of a theme lately. Since its launch, the Switch has steadily become a platform of choice for independent developers, and Nintendo has regular indie-specific showcases to announce new waves of titles.

19 Hours Ago   If the upcoming remake of Link’s Awakening wasn’t enough for you, today, Nintendo revealed that another new Zelda adventure is coming this year — though it’s not what you’d expect.

19 Hours Ago   Most Apex Legends players who buy the new battle pass will receive Apex Packs (this game’s version of loot boxes) as they level up — but not if you’re in Belgium.