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18 Hours Ago   The newest addition to the commercial crew explains how he is preparing for space again, eight years after his last trip.

22 Hours Ago   The SEC’s “crypto czar” has implied that Dai and other stablecoins may be securities—and that would be bad news for its fans.

Yesterday   If physicists have been going about the search the wrong way, these clever sensors might help.

Yesterday   Early results from the Japanese Hayabusa2 mission are not just giving us insights into space rocks—they can tell us about our own planet’s history, too.

3 Days Ago   Borrowing energy from black holes would offer a highly efficient way to navigate our galaxy, an astronomer says.

4 Days Ago   This week’s most thought-provoking papers from the Physics arXiv

5 Days Ago   Neural networks were inspired by the human brain. Now AI researchers have shown that they perceive the world in similar ways.