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3 Hours Ago   Peter Beck founded Rocket Lab, which 3D-prints rocket engines for NASA. We talked to him about the technology’s benefits—and the future of the fledgling small launch industry.

4 Hours Ago   A new system that listens for a telltale gasping sound could get you vital help in time.

19 Hours Ago   The launch of Facebook’s new coin is certainly a big event, but so much about it remains unsettled.

Yesterday   Bitcoin miners and data scientists love cheap, green Icelandic processing power. Maybe a little too much.

Yesterday   Robots that can rapidly plan out their movements could accelerate factory automation—and help keep fragile humans safe.

2 Days Ago   Most of it, say astrophysicists, if we want to guarantee the future of humanity.

5 Days Ago   Construction companies are developing an AI system that predicts worksite injuries—an example of the growing use of workplace surveillance.

5 Days Ago   A new test for measuring awareness in fruit flies could change the way neuroscientists think about and measure consciousness.

6 Days Ago   IBM is betting that collaboration with universities and other corporations can help it recover its powerhouse status.

6 Days Ago   Luminous Computing has developed an optical microchip that runs AI models much faster than other semiconductors while using less power.

7 Days Ago   With the election approaching, lawmakers are facing up to the fact they need to do something about the explosion in manipulated media.