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19 Hours Ago   Using historical data to train risk assessment tools could mean that machines are copying the mistakes of the past.

2 Days Ago   This week’s most thought-provoking papers from the Physics arXiv.

3 Days Ago   Advocates hope the proposal will inspire voters, but that’s no reason it has to ignore the latest research.

3 Days Ago   Algorithms are best at pursuing a single mathematical objective—but humans often want multiple incompatible things.

3 Days Ago   Cybersecurity experts have never been able to trace individual bitcoins, which is why it is so easy for cryptocurrency criminals to cover their tracks. A new algorithm could change that by revealing hidden patterns of Bitcoin money-laundering.

3 Days Ago   Gene experts speculate that our worst gene-editing fears won’t come true because they are too complex for us to pull them off.

4 Days Ago   Software bugs are holding things up, and it’s turned into a referendum on the cryptocurrency’s decentralized nature.

4 Days Ago   Quantum machines will deliver the next great leap forward in computing, but researchers building them can’t easily get some of the exotic components they need.

6 Days Ago   Nvidia’s new robotics lab will see if robots can learn to fetch the ketchup, load the dishwasher, and—eventually—make a cake.

7 Days Ago   New research finds we’d need to immediately stop building fossil-fuel-burning vehicles, planes, and factories.