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31 Minutes Ago   Today we’re going to touch on the latest news in how your phone is selling your location to 3rd party companies – and we’re going to discuss why this is important.

59 Minutes Ago   Mozilla has released Firefox 64 for desktop, giving its users access to better tab organization and a contextual feature recommender (CFR), among other things. The changes make it easier for users to organize the dozens of browser tabs they may have open, as well as discovering Firefox features and add-ons that they may be otherwise unaware of.

1 Hour Ago   As it stands, high-profile Instagram users have an experience that’s pretty much the same as an average user’s. That may not be the case for much longer, as Instagram has revealed that it’s testing new “creator accounts” for celebrities, influencers, or pretty much anyone with a substantial following on the platform.

1 Hour Ago   Inmates in Texas prisons will soon have a new way to get prosthetic teeth: through a dedicated denture clinic that uses 3D-printing technology to produce dentures.

2 Hours Ago   Skullcandy has revealed its first truly wireless earbuds, the Skullcandy Push. This model offers the same Bluetooth connectively as wireless earbuds, only without the cable, offering yet another alternative to Apple’s AirPods.

2 Hours Ago   Back when Nintendo announced that Stardew Valley was coming to the Switch, it also revealed an interesting approach to console exclusives. Nintendo confirmed that the Switch would be the first console to get Stardew Valley‘s highly anticipated multiplayer update, which launched for PC earlier this year.

3 Hours Ago   Today we’re taking a peek at an unfolding story of Samsung teaming up with the clothing and accessories brand Supreme. An announcement was made at Samsung’s China-based reveal event for the Samsung Galaxy A8s that the brand Samsung would be collaborating with the brand Supreme.

4 Hours Ago   Just as Epic’s teases earlier in the week suggested, the Infinity Blade has come to Fortnite. Judging from Epic’s description of the Infinity Blade, it seems like it’s a supremely powerful weapon that won’t be a permanent addition to the game.

5 Hours Ago   Super Micro has released an independent testing report finding no signs of malicious hardware in its computer parts, after a widely-circulated report claimed servers using the hardware had been compromised by Chinese spies.

5 Hours Ago   The Samsung Galaxy S10 leak released today made the whole game change – and not just because it appears to be a real photo. Today we get confirmation that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will indeed have a headphone jack.

5 Hours Ago   MakerBot has made a name for itself creating desktop 3D printers, but now the company is looking to fill the gap between that segment and the hulking industrial 3D printers that are priced well outside the budget of most consumers.

6 Hours Ago   Skydio’s AI-powered drone is getting even more intelligent, with the self-flying camera now able to handle navigating across large bodies of water, as well as creating Hyperlapse videos.

6 Hours Ago   Microsoft has ditched Intel and will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset for the upcoming next-generation HoloLens, but it’s not the one you might have expected. The hotly-anticipated augmented reality headset is shaping up to dramatically improve the blending of virtual objects with the real-world, but of course all of that demands power – and power efficiency.

7 Hours Ago   Just as we all expected, the first product to come out of this recently-announced partnership between McLaren and OnePlus is a phone. More specifically, OnePlus today announced the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, which ships with a few interesting improvements over the standard 6T.

7 Hours Ago   Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder have been able to create what they call tiny droplets of the ultra-hot matter that once filled the early universe.

8 Hours Ago   The mid-size truck market is booming right now with major automakers back in the fray after many years of absence. The most exciting new mid-size truck is the Jeep Gladiator that debuted earlier this month.

9 Hours Ago   Scientists from the University at Buffalo or UB are working to better understand volcanos. The process of gaining understanding involves creating lava and then blowing it up with the goal of illustrating the physics of lava-water interactions.

10 Hours Ago   What’s next for NEX? After earning the distinction of having the world’s first elevating front camera, Vivo has decided to turn what could have been a one-off name into a new line representing its innovation and, to some extent, its imagination.

17 Hours Ago   With the high turnover rate of mobile games, very you are able to achieve prestige worthy of the annals of mobile gaming history. Some achieve that through notoriety, others through sheer magnitude.

17 Hours Ago   Google isn’t really one to shy away from competing platforms if it means making its products available there regardless. In fact, it even gains a strategic advantage, as seen in its presence on iOS.

18 Hours Ago   As if the Galaxy A8s wasn’t controversial enough thanks to its “hole punch” cutout, Samsung manages to botch its launch even further by what is so far its most embarrassing PR error ever.

19 Hours Ago   Capsule-based coffee systems like the Nespresso have made special brews and flavors more easily available without getting large, expensive machines. There are some variants of that system for sodas but sadly not for beer.

19 Hours Ago   There’s little doubt that HMD Global has successfully revived the Nokia brand singlehandedly. But despite being popular and doing well in the mid-range market, HMD Global has yet to launch what almost all could agree on to be its high-end flagship.

20 Hours Ago   Samsung’s stylish “The Frame” TV can now display additional artwork thanks to new partnerships with The Van Gogh Museum, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, and Uffizi Galleries.

20 Hours Ago   When rumors of the Xiaomi-funded Black Shark started to circulate, mobile gamers were more than curious about the possibility of a phone that more or less turns into a Nintendo Switch-alike via removable controllers.