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48 Minutes Ago   It was while going sideways on a frozen lake in the 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country that I began to seriously question the wisdom of giving the American customer what they want.

1 Hour Ago   Netflix has successfully turned itself into one of the biggest libraries of original and classic animated content, including some of the most recognized anime series, as well as reboots and revivals of series like Voltron and She-Ra.

2 Hours Ago   The performance tuners at Hennessey are well-known for their boutique supercar, the Venom, and custom upgrades for sports cars like the Mustang, Viper, and Corvette, but lately they’ve been turning their eye towards SUVs and pickups.

3 Hours Ago   Twitter seems have been hit by yet another blow to its privacy and security reputation. The social media company has been found keeping data on direct messages that were deleted by users, despite stating that it does the opposite on its Help pages.

4 Hours Ago   When it comes to understanding exactly how much matter makes up our universe, scientists have long had to overestimate the total based on what they’ve found with existing calculations.

14 Hours Ago   NASA has been using the Russian Soyuz vehicle for trips to the International Space Station since 2011, but it’s working to change that with its commercial crew program.

15 Hours Ago   In October, navigation app Waze launched an in-app audio player with support for a handful of popular audio sources. This feature is designed to provide drivers with direct access to their favorite audio content, minimizing distractions and eliminating the need to toggle between apps.

16 Hours Ago   Late last year, Hasbro introduced a Fortnite-themed NERF blaster and now it is back with the rest of the lineup. Customers can pre-order the blasters ahead of their official launch in March, at which point Hasbro will release several NERF guns all styled after firearms from the popular battle royale games.

17 Hours Ago   Soon after the 7.40 update arrived, Fortnite players were surprised by an earthquake that shook the island. Large cracks appeared on the island’s surface after these earthquakes, the trembling no doubt foreshadowing whatever Epic will debut with the game’s Season 8.

17 Hours Ago   Hasbro has introduced the latest evolution in toy lightsabers with its new Star Wars Lightsaber Academy. The system involves an extendable toy lightsaber that works with a mobile app to help kids develop their Jedi skills.

18 Hours Ago   Google Voice users on iOS have a new privacy feature and it’ll be arriving soon on Android, too. Called Anonymous Caller ID, the new setting gives users the option to hide their caller ID on all outgoing calls, eliminating the need to manually block caller ID with each phone call.

19 Hours Ago   What’s the best way to milk cash out of the worst blunder in the history of music festivals and internet hype? Make another one! That’s just what seems to be happening now thanks to a tip from none other than Ja Rule, letting the world know that “[The Fyre Festival] is the most iconic festival that never was.

19 Hours Ago   Apple seems to want to expand the speed at which Siri is implemented in 3rd-party products. At least that’s what it’d seem, given their acquisition of the group called Pullstring.

19 Hours Ago   Ever since we humans started launching ourselves in space, junk has been accumulating in orbit around the Earth. There are more than 7,600 tons of space junk circling our plant, the product of old launches or long-dead satellites.

19 Hours Ago   A new even earlier timing for updating Google apps became apparent this week as Google aims for better security and an overall more consistent mobile experience.

20 Hours Ago   New research out of the American Heart Association has found a link between artificially sweetened beverages like diet soda and an increased risk of stroke in post-menopausal women.

20 Hours Ago   This Friday the folks behind ARCore reminded developers that Android is a virtual playground of augmented reality tricks and tools. Evan Hardesty Parker, Software Engineer at Google working with ARCore, revealed a bit about the latest update to ARCore this afternoon.

21 Hours Ago   We’re smack in the middle of a period that’s generally pretty slow for video game sales, so it wasn’t very surprising to see Nintendo announce a new Switch bundle last week.

21 Hours Ago   Ford has confirmed pricing and specifications of the 2020 Explorer, and while the all-new SUV is a little more expensive than its predecessor, the automaker insists you’re getting a better deal overall.

21 Hours Ago   This year NASA wants to get their Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) started, and it want it to happen as fast as possible. In fact, they want it to happen so fast, “We do not expect that every one of those launches, or every one of those landings, will be successful.” That was said by Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for … Continue reading

21 Hours Ago   Though it was a hit with fans, popular mobile game Pokemon GO spurred complaints far and wide from businesses and homeowners plagued by players seeking Pokemon only they could see.

21 Hours Ago   Technologist Mahmooda Sultana created the design for a nanomaterial-based detector platform. Because of her work, combined with a next-gen 3D printing program, a new generation in computing may be about to emerge.

22 Hours Ago   As artificial intelligence becomes more and more capable, the implications of those capabilities start to become equal parts scary and impressive. That’s particularly true when it comes to creating images of human faces, and a new website that’s making the rounds today sums up the capabilities of machine learning pretty darn well.

22 Hours Ago   Today we’ve looked at a couple of studies on tech product sales, and there’s some good news for mobile users. The good news is for people that already own smartphones: these products last a long time, provided they’re taken care of properly.

22 Hours Ago   Electric vehicle startup Rivian has received some big-name backing, with Amazon leading a $700m investment round into the Tesla rival. The automaker came out of stealth back in November 2018, bringing not one but two visions of its electric future to the LA Auto Show, each tapping into big selling categories in the US.