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4 Hours Ago   Cars are becoming more and more like smartphones these days. Not just “connected to smartphones” but also using pretty much the same technologies are the computers in our pockets.

4 Hours Ago   Once upon a time, Samsung’s Galaxy Note was ridiculed and doubted for the size of its screen. Just last month, Apple announced the iPhone XS Max, not only the biggest iPhone over bit also 0.1 inches larger than the Galaxy Note 9.

6 Hours Ago   Forget 160 characters. GIFs and videos are the new thing in social media and the Interwebs. Creating those, however, aren’t exactly easy unless you’ve got a knack for video editing.

7 Hours Ago   We have today almost an embarrassment of riches when it comes to digital content but that content doesn’t just appear by magic. Some has to create them and that someone often has to do it tethered to a desk.

7 Hours Ago   With a brand like Montblanc, it’s really no surprise that the Summit 2, which follows from last year’s model, is just as expensive as its predecessor.

8 Hours Ago   When smartphone benchmarks become the next marketing weapon, they can become a little bit crazy and sometimes even suspicious. On the mobile photography side, DxOMark had to revise its tests and grading because things have heated up in that space.

9 Hours Ago   Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has passed away at the age of 65, his company Vulcan has confirmed. The news comes only weeks after Allen revealed that his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer had returned, an illness he was treated for nearly a decade ago.

10 Hours Ago   Musculoskeletal healthcare company Zimmer Biomet has teamed with Apple to use the Apple Watch and iPhone as part of a clinical study. The work involves a new app called mymobility, which enables hip and knee replacement patients to directly connect with their healthcare professionals.

10 Hours Ago   Bigger isn’t always better, and in the case of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, it’s the smaller of the two smartphones that has my vote.

11 Hours Ago   Microsoft has pledged to help individuals with dyslexia access important technologies used for education and more. As part of its mission, Microsoft says its will be expanding its Educational research, products, and materials to help support students with dyslexia.

12 Hours Ago   Nintendo is gearing up to release a new Nintendo Switch bundle with Diablo III artwork. The new product will be available starting early next month, bringing with it a styled console, as well as the Diablo III: Eternal Collection and a themed carrying case.

13 Hours Ago   The TSA wants to widely expand the use of facial recognition technology in US airports, revealing the plan in a newly published roadmap. According to the agency, this plan will “modernize” passenger screening in airports in the relatively near future, using biometric data to identify travelers while speeding up the entire screening process.

14 Hours Ago   BMW Group has teamed with Umicore and Northvolt to develop a “closed life cycle loop” for electric car batteries. This EV battery recycling program includes more than harvesting materials, instead first designating used EV batteries for secondary uses, such as stationary energy storage devices.

14 Hours Ago   Today we’re taking a peek at a short list of some strange or otherwise offbeat gifts. These gifts can be given at any time of the year, really, and they’re not necessarily aimed at any one sort of person.

15 Hours Ago   A study published in Nature Plants warns that climate change could lead to beer shortages, and those beer shortages could then lead to big price increases.

16 Hours Ago   Several new displays were revealed today in Dell’s newest UltraSharp monitor collection. Most of the displays we’re looking at today have the ability to connect to devices with USB-C alone, making them available to show content from a wide variety of new devices.

17 Hours Ago   Today Blizzard confirmed a number of changes to several new or nearly-new Hearthstone cards that’ve become a bit too powerful. This isn’t a new occurrence – Blizzard changes the costs of cards and/or switches the power of cards every once in a while to bring balance to the force.

18 Hours Ago   It’s a testament to just how high expectations are for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL that, even after months of the Google phones leaking, interest in them remains high.

18 Hours Ago   A full version of Photoshop was announced for release on the iPad inside the year 2019. This version of the full Photoshop CC experience was “redesigned for a modern touch experience” and should give the iPad a considerable boost in legitimacy as the dominant tablet in the world – the most dominant fully-mobile tablet in the world, that is to … Continue reading

19 Hours Ago   The brand Palm revealed a new “phone” today that looks nice and has very little reason to exist. Much in the same way the first wave of smartwatches’ first job was to solve a problem that did not exist, this first Palm smartphone for the year 2018 is tiny, beautiful, and quite unnecessary.

19 Hours Ago   There is no denying that Fortnite has become huge. Too huge for even Google to fight. It has also become one of the biggest money grabs when it comes to in-game purchases, even when such microtransactions are only for more cosmetic items.

20 Hours Ago   A race has been going on for years out on the Bonneville Salt Flats where teams from around the world have vied to become the first wheel drive car to exceed 500mph.

20 Hours Ago   Microsoft is turning the Surface brand into something more akin to smartphones. It has expanded the name to include accessories, for one, like mice, dials, and, now, headphones.

21 Hours Ago   Scientists at MIT have invented a new material that is able to react with the carbon dioxide in the air to heal itself from damage. The material is a polymer that might be used for construction, a repair material, or for protective coatings.

21 Hours Ago   In an age of smartphones, tablets, and the Internet, there’s almost a presumption that toys need to be smart in order to keep up with more tech-savvy kids.