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2 Hours Ago   There are dance-offs, and then there are "aggressive dance-offs." Jimmy Fallon challenged wildly popular 15-year-old YouTube dancer and pop star JoJo Siwa, known for her appearances on Lifetime's Dance Moms and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, to one heck of a dance challenge on Monday night's show.

2 Hours Ago   On Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday weekend, Vice President Mike Pence decided it was a great idea to steal a line from the civil rights legend's iconic "I Have a Dream" speech to draw comparisons to Donald Trump, and garner support for his $5.7 billion border wall.

3 Hours Ago   Picture this: Donald Trump's giant face added to Mount Rushmore, sitting beside the likenesses of former presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

4 Hours Ago   Feeling a little lost on where we're at with the longest government shutdown in American history? For "A Closer Look" on Monday, Late Night host Seth Meyers unpacked Donald Trump's (undeniably breathy) speech about the shutdown, and his rejected deal to end it — and land that $5.7 billion for his border wall.

9 Hours Ago   Soon, you may be able to block R. Kelly from ever appearing on your playlists. Spotify is testing an iOS feature called "don't play this artist," allowing users to block particular artists from being included in playlists, libraries, charts, and radio stations on the music streaming platform, The Verge reports.

11 Hours Ago   After a fierce Sunday of back-to-back playoff games between the final four, the NFL has its Super Bowl LIII competitors — and Saints fans are furious.

12 Hours Ago   Sarah Huckabee Sanders' tweet honoring Martin Luther King Jr. is not going over well. In a tweet, the White House press secretary wrote that King "gave his life" for the civil rights movement, and that "our country is better thanks to his inspiration and sacrifice." Today we honor a great American who gave his life to right the wrong of racial inequality.

13 Hours Ago   In the wise words of Yello, "Oooh yeah. The moon is beautiful." Western hemisphere skywatchers enjoyed front row seats to a stunning celestial treat Sunday night as the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 arrived in its full glory.

13 Hours Ago   A brand new teaser for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part dropped on Sunday, featuring the debut of a character based on Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

14 Hours Ago   Your electric scooter could one day be autonomous. Uber is working on self-driving scooters and bikes, according to 3DRobotics CEO Chris Anderson. The company announced plans to explore electric scooters and bikes that can drive themselves to charging stations and riders.

14 Hours Ago   Entertainment's most dishonorable honors are back and this time their public shaming is focused on the White House. Mocking the worst of the worst in last year's cinema, the 39th Annual Razzie Awards announced their nominees today with President Donald J.

15 Hours Ago   PSA: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is alive and well, thank you very much. The Fox & Friends co-hosts apologized after a graphic aired on the show appeared to announce her death.

15 Hours Ago   We've already spoken about Data Privacy Day, and we are probably going to continue talking about it all week, because the date has sparked a massive influx of fantastic VPN deals.

16 Hours Ago   For Clarence Jones, legal adviser to Martin Luther King Jr. and author of What would Martin Say?, hearing the civil rights leader speak was otherworldly. "I never heard anybody speak like that before.

16 Hours Ago   What came first, the cracks in the internet as a force for good or the egg? Much has been written about the world record-breaking Instagram egg over the past weeks, but very little is known about the person behind it.

16 Hours Ago   WhatsApp is imposing new limits to the number of times you can forward messages and content on the platform. The Facebook-owned messaging service has been imposing restrictions on its sharing functions since several instances of deadly mob violence in India were linked to fake news articles shared widely on the platform.

17 Hours Ago   Ethereum, one of the world's largest cryptocurrencies and decentralized app platforms, was supposed to get an upgrade called Constantinople on January 16. Alas, due to a security issue discovered just one day before the scheduled upgrade, Constantinople was delayed, and now we have a new date: February 27.

18 Hours Ago   Like any good millennial, I like to pretend that I prefer cooking to takeout. I love to tell myself that I cook quickly and well. When my day in the spotlight finally arrives and I'm interviewed for a Refinery29 "Money Diary," the whole world will see how much money I save by cooking and how efficiently I spend my time in the kitchen.

19 Hours Ago   Did you watch football yesterday? That big game in February that shall not be named is coming up in just two weeks and we have a re-match that's been in the making since 2002.

19 Hours Ago   If something lives in the icy waters sloshing around Europa – a large Jupiter moon suspected to contain a salty ocean beneath its icy shell – perhaps it looks like the see-through, orange-speckled squids swimming in Hawaiian waters.

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19 Hours Ago   It used to be accepted that different styles of mattresses worked better for different styles of sleepers, but this idea is a little outdated, certainly in the opinion of the experts at Leesa anyway.

19 Hours Ago   In the words of IPVanish VPN, there's a war for your data going on right now. IPVanish VPN and other leading Virtual Private Networks providers are on your side in this titanic battle.

19 Hours Ago   Happy MLK Day! While you're enjoying your day off from work and honoring the life of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., we've been looking for the best deals from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and more.

20 Hours Ago   In Binged, Mashable breaks down why we binge-watch, how we binge-watch, and what it does to us. Because binge-watching is the new normal. No shame? Sorry, I've got plenty of shame.