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55 Minutes Ago   The guy depicted above is Josh Hawley, a freshman Republican Senator representing Missouri, and he fundamentally does not understand how the internet works. How do we know this?

1 Hour Ago   According to a new report from CNET, the Galaxy Note 10 is set to launch on August 7th in New York City, which based on the August 9th launch for the Note 9 last year, seems about right.

1 Hour Ago   Picking a smartphone to accompany you through life isn’t just about choosing between iOS and Android: It’s also about deciding which apps you’re going to pick for your emails, your driving directions, your music and so on.

2 Hours Ago   There are few activities that can turn the polite and civil discourse of a family gathering into a shouting match faster than a game of Monopoly.

2 Hours Ago   Take a moment to think about all the street signs that blur past as you’re driving. Stop signs, speed limits, and traffic warnings all add up to a massive amount of infrastructure for a city that’s challenging and costly to maintain.

5 Hours Ago   Apple is exploring a shift of anywhere from 15 percent to 30 percent of its production capacity outside of China to somewhere in Southeast Asia, according to a new report from the Nikkei Asia Review.

6 Hours Ago   President Donald Trump has made a lot of broken promises during his time in office. He promised to lower prescription drug prices, get Mexico to pay for a border wall, and he even said a 10 percent tax cut for the middle class was on the way before the 2018 midterms.

12 Hours Ago   Dish Network Corp. is “in talks” to buy up assets that T-Mobile and Sprint are planning to sell off in order to have their terrible merger approved by antitrust authorities, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

16 Hours Ago   Facebook succeeded in at least one part of its new digital currency grand plan: Get a spotlight. Read more...

16 Hours Ago   That’s a photo of a huntsman spider eating a pygmy possum. Yikes! Read more...

18 Hours Ago   A billing collections agency that was hacked last year in an incident believed to impact millions of medical patients is now seeking a federal bankruptcy court’s protection from its own creditors.