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1 Hour Ago   Because summer probably isn't going to come anyways so what's the point of having a pool, this is a short video of a manriding the giant icebergthat froze on top of the above ground pool he's destroying with a shovel.

2 Hours Ago   This is a video of Gabby Tropea trying to convince her cat Bokoto remove the security stick holding the sliding glass door closed after her sister accidentally locked her out.

3 Hours Ago   This is a fascinating older video (I've watched it three times all the way through already and I never do that) of a man with a very clear passion for pillows discussing the various aspects of different pillow inserts, and in particulartheir karate chop-ability, presumably because you never know when there could be a ninja hiding your pillow.

4 Hours Ago   This is a short video of professional parkour athlete Aleksandra Shevchenko (Best Female at Red Bull Art Of Motion 2013 & 2017, 1st at FIG Parkour World Cup 2018) showing off her not so professional side with a wall to moped trick gone horribly wrong.

5 Hours Ago   This is a video of a goat climbing down a very steep palm tree. Admittedly, that is some solid hoofwork. If I had been that goat there's no question I would fallen from the very top of the tree, then when I finally raised my head I would have gotten conked by a bunch of falling coconuts, just like you'd expect to see in a cartoon.

6 Hours Ago   This is the $25 Super Mario Fire Flower Garden Statue designed and sold by ThinkGeek. The 12-inch resin statue weighs 3.5 pounds and would look perfect tucked into a flower bed.

7 Hours Ago   This is a short video from Phuket, Thailand of a diver rescuing a small marine fish that found it's way into a discarded plastic bag, presumably after thinking it spotted Dory, only to realize it was just its own reflection too late.

8 Hours Ago   Conceived by Dubai based entrepreneur Hatem Alkhafaji, Space Roasters is a company that aims to roast coffee beans in space because apparently that's something that will justify a $200 - $400 per cup price tag, which I actually believe because how successful are you really if you haven't tasted space brew?

Yesterday   Say goodbye to your knives *throws knife into roommate's leg* because this is the Indiegogo campaign for the $25 Peanut Butter Pump, the brainchild of inventor Andrew Scherer.

Yesterday   This is a video of a pregnant Christmas Island red crab casually popping some young offspring in her mouth like they're candy. That's some pretty hardcore snacking.

Yesterday   This is the $20 Back to The 80's Edition of Trivial Pursuit, with a Stranger Things theme (shipping May 1st). There are 1,500 new questions on 250 cards in six categories: Movies; TV; Music; Famous People and Events; Trends, Tech and Fun; and Stranger Things.

Yesterday   This is a video of Joaquin Baldwin's Bengal cat Elton meowingafter getting the autotune treatment. Why? That's the question that will haunt me for countless nights, and undoubtedly make its way to my Tuesday afternoon counseling sessions, where I'm fairly certain my therapist just listens to podcasts with his AirPods in and nods at me.

Yesterday   This is a longer form video (14 minutes, or about 42 times the average attention span) of Columbia University explosives engineer Rodger Cornellrating ten movie explosions for plausibility and scientific accuracy.

Yesterday   Because humanity is determined to reach its full potential or die from complications from diabetes trying, these arethe limited edition Chicken & Waffles and Maple Bacon Donut breakfast cereals developed by Post and available at Walmart beginning March 7th (appropriately, National Cereal Day).

Yesterday   Seen here looking remarkably like a regular pair of chopsticks, these are the $1,860 Siberian mammoth tusk chopsticks available from Georg Jensen. They're made with authentic mammoth tusk and cost approximately 1,860 times what I'm willing to pay for a decent pair of reusable chopsticks.

Yesterday   Above: All fake people. is a website that's exactly what it sounds like provided it doesn't sound like anything but a sitethat uses artificial intelligence to create realistic human faces of people who don't exist.

Yesterday   This is a video released by See Through Canoe of a watersporter canoeing through a massive fever of cownose rays in St. Petersburg, Florida. So *cracking knuckles* are these the ones that took out our man Steve Irwin?

2 Days Ago   This is a video of 2A Yoyo World Champion Shu Takada demonstrating his yoyo skills, along with a bunch of acrobatics for BONUS STYLE POINTS. And you know how I feel about bonus style points.

2 Days Ago   Note: Hey guys, I've been dealing with a sickness and need to go to the doctor today even though I hate going to the doctor because he always tries experimenting on me to secretly make me worse but I'm gonna do what I can but I'll be back tomorrow for sure and maybe make it up to you with some weekend writing provided I'm still alive and the pharmacy at the grocery store accepts my Blockbuster card for insurance.

3 Days Ago   This is a video from China of a bus driver who, realizing he won't fit through an upcoming toll booth, performs a U-turn in the middle of the highway (why would they not make toll booths big enough for a bus to fit through?).

4 Days Ago   Happy Presidents' Day! Who's your favorite? I think mine is either Bill Pullman in Independence Dayor Tommy 'Tiny' Lister in The Fifth Element. I guess I'll have to watch both and decide.

7 Days Ago   This is the $40 cast iron t-rex bottle opener made by SUCK UK (but available on Amazon for $30). The solid cast iron t-rex measures 10.2″ x 4.7″ x 2.4″ and, like me, opens bottles with his teeth, not his hands.

7 Days Ago   This is a video from the PressTube Youtube channel of a bunch of disposable lighters (the video title says 500 but I didn't count nearly that many) getting tossed into an industrial shredding machine, which has a Zippo on each side to ignite the escaping butane as the lighters are crushed.

7 Days Ago   These are several shots taken by car passenger Scotty McKinney on northbound I-95 in Massachusetts of a Pennsylvania Prius that has been heavily modified for MAXIMUM FUEL EFFICIENCY.

7 Days Ago   This is the $40 'Transformers Generations Collaborative: Ghostbusters Mash-Up, Ecto-1 Ectotron Figure' available for pre-order from Hasbro (shipping July 8th, 2019). Want a whole army of them?