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Yesterday   This is a an ESPN E:60 video highlighting the participants of the annual Sasquatch Calling Festival that takes place every fall in the Adirondack mountain town of Whitehall, New York.

Yesterday   This is the $43 Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Jack-in-the-Boxdesigned by Mezco Toyz and available for pre-order (shipping in November, just in time to give a kid one for Christmas with a piece of paper wrapped and taped around the outside that reads HAPPY FUN BOX) from Entertainment Earth.

Yesterday   This is a video from the BBC Earth program Earth From Space (I thought it was from one of those epic battle simulator video games at first) of thousands of students of Shaolin Kung Fu performing the same moves simultaneously.

Yesterday   This is a small series of CGI renderings based on the drawings of seven children from around the world who were asked to imagine their ideal bedroom.

Yesterday   This is a video from east China's Zhejiang Province of a young man who notices his spidey senses are tingling but isn't sure why, right before a marble wall collapses directly where he was standing.

Yesterday   Note: The gif really doesn't do this man justice, watch the videos. These are a couple videos of a man playing the 1997 arcade shooter classic Time Crisis 2 using both guns (he's even wearing his own holsters) to play as player one AND player two.

Yesterday   This is a short Instagram video of world champion pole dancer Dmitry Politov mounting the pole with only his feetand posing in a flag position. That must take a little practice.

Yesterday   This is a video of young Riley attempting to have one of her very front baby teeth pulled via a model rocket launch. It doesn't work, allegedly because the string made the rocket fly into the tree.

2 Days Ago   This is a video from Kuma Films of Japanese contact juggler Masaki Hiranodemonstrating his skills. Following that last post I feel like it's the perfect palate (read: eyeball) cleanser.

2 Days Ago   This is a video of self proclaimed Mr. Zoom (aka John Edward Doyle, aka not the man to challenge to a staring contest) setting the world record for the longest time spent with his eyeballs popped out of his head, with an astonishing 140 seconds.

2 Days Ago   This is a short video created by visual effects artist fx_mania of a humanoid skin crawling backwards while simultaneously being ripped apart and blown away by the wind.

2 Days Ago   This is a video highlighting the Reconfigurable-Wheel Track (RWT) wheels developed by DARPA to add to its war machines of the future. The design was briefly seen previouslyin this article discussing DARPA's Ground X-Vehicle Technologies, and can morph from a round rolling wheel to a triangular treaded track on the fly and in less than a second to traverse various terrain (round and rolling for hard surfaces, triangular tracked for soft).

2 Days Ago   This is a video news report about a unicorn sheep (which actually does have a second regular, much less prominent horn) that was destined for the slaughterhouse before Michael Foster offered its owner two cases of cold ones for the magical creature.

2 Days Ago   This is a video of a circus performer practicing a little horizontal juggling for the non-profit Big Apple Circus. For those of you struggling to understand how the illusion works, it's called magic, and I wouldn't be holding my breath for that acceptance letter to Hogwarts you've been hoping for since you were almost 11.

2 Days Ago   If you haven't been following the game, current Jeopardy! contestant and professional sports gambler James Holzhauer has been smoking his way through his competitors, accumulating a total of $697,787 in only ten days, and repeatedly setting the record for highest single-day winnings.

2 Days Ago   This is a video of sweet rescue horse Murphy playing the keyboard with his lips. And how quickly he moves those lips, man -- if he was a talking horse like Mister Ed he could probably give that Micro Machines guy a run for his money.

3 Days Ago   This is a video of a presumably wasted man headbutting one of those arcade punching bag machines. He does a surprisingly good job and manages to score a 400 without completely breaking his face on the back of the machine.

3 Days Ago   This is a video of several different LEGO climbing robots constructed by Japanese LEGO builder muniment Bekkan, who likes to "perform physics experiments using LEGO." First up are a couple variations of pole-climbing (but not dancing) LEGO robots, then one that continuously builds and climbs a taller and taller tower using quadruple stacks of DUPLO blocks.

3 Days Ago   This is a short video of a woman demonstrating her secret talent: a spot-on car alarm impression, which apparently involves karate chopping herself in the throat.

3 Days Ago   This is the $39 StowCo Cooler. The closed cell foam insulated bag is large enough to hold either ten cans, six bottles, or three wine bottles (or presumably two 40s and a handful of airplane bottles), and keep them cold for up to five hours without the need for ice or a level 2 cooling spell.

3 Days Ago   This is a worthwhile video highlighting some of the work of Russian artist Roman Booteen, who meticulously modifies coins (predominately US Morgan Dollars) into stunning mechanical works of art.

3 Days Ago   This is a video of a giant Pacific octopus latching onto the head of a diverand the struggle to remove the animal. I'd say that diver got just a little too curious.

4 Days Ago   This is a video from Boston Dynamics starring ten of their SpotMini robotic dogs towing a truck (1-degree uphill, truck in neutral) across the parking lot.

4 Days Ago   This is the $40 LED Flame Table Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker available from DIKAOU. It's an indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speakerwith a lantern-like flame effect thanks to its array of 96 flickering LEDs.

4 Days Ago   Note: :Larger image HERE but you still can't read the box very well which gave me the sads. This is the $10 Bob Ross The Joy Of Cereal breakfast cerealavailable exclusively from FYE, which I didn't even know existed anymore because I haven't been to a mall in years BECAUSE SOMEONE WON'T DRIVE ME.