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42 Minutes Ago   Kid: Where LEGOs? Mom: The bear took them. This is a video from a family who lives in a heavily wooded area starring a bear who gets into their car's trunk and steals a box of LEGO (possibly DUPLO) bricks instead of the food that was also there.

1 Hour Ago   This is a video of a cool dude cruising on one of those electric one-wheeled skateboard things when he hits a pothole or maybe just sucks at one-wheeled skateboarding and eats it, smashing the case of beer he was carrying.

3 Hours Ago   Because even Death has to take a power nap from time to time, this is a short video of a man who's made the intelligent, well informed decision to do a little home repair with a chainsaw when it catches the ceiling he's trying to cut and whips back at his head.

4 Hours Ago   Because nothing quite says it's fall time like pumpkin spice or getting pushed off a cliff by a jilted lover who discovered you've been cheating, SPAM has announced a new limited-edition Pumpkin Spice flavor coming September 23rd to the onlineSpam Shop and Walmart.

5 Hours Ago   This is a photo compilation from the Mission Viejo Sheriff's Department in California of a Mercedes M-Class SUV that its 26-year old driver was trying to repair a flat tire on with gauze and band-aids he found in a first-aid kit.

6 Hours Ago   This is a short video of a real athlete (notice the Nike 'Just Do It' t-shirt) in some sort of crazy marble floored basement rumpus room going absolutely bonkers after managing to shoot the cue ball over a high bar (I think he could have gone even higher) and into the corner pocket of a pool table.

23 Hours Ago   Because the animals are learning and evolving and will eventually defeat the humans for their deserved rule over the planet, this is a video of a tactical alligator in Florida casually climbing over a five-foot chain link fence to infiltrate the grounds of the Jacksonville Naval Air Station.

Yesterday   This is some security cam footage of South Carolina school counselor and very lucky man Romulus McNeill nearly getting struck by lightning (he estimates by a mere two inches) while heading to lunch on a rainy day.

Yesterday   This is a video from Kuma Films (previously) of a performance by Japanese 'futuristic dance entertainment crew' XTRAP (also previously) featuring some finger-dancing (tutting) with extra fake hand attachments.

Yesterday   This isthe R2-D2 Instant Pot wrap available from Etsy seller InstantWraps (can you guess what they sell?!). They attach via two flat magnets in the rear, come in a variety of sizes ($11 - $15) to fit most Instant Pot models and make your little pressure-cooker look like everyone's favorite astromech droid.

Yesterday   These are several videos of 170 cars at the Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colorado simultaneously performing burnouts to retake the world record from Australia, which performed a 126 car burnout early this year.

Yesterday   These are a couple videos of three 375-foot inoperative cooling towers at the Didcot power station in Oxfordshire, England being demolished simultaneously. Apparently the complex "was voted Britain's third-worst eyesore by Country Life Magazine in 2003." That is quite the accolade, and I plan on taking the number one spot if I ever visit.

Yesterday   This is the Hidealoo, a toilet that can swing out from under a bathroom sink so you don't have to choose to only have a sink OR toilet in your bathroom that was once half a closet.

2 Days Ago   Note: Watch your volume, wind. This is a video captured by Robb Manes prior to a 'movie under the stars' event in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver, Colorado where everyone's inflatable mattresses decided they wanted to get high too and took off in the high winds.

2 Days Ago   This is a video from a Tesla Model 3 Performance owner driving on I-80 West just outside of Truckee, Califiornia when a man in a modified diesel Ram pickup purposefully gets in front of him and start 'rolling coal', so he puts the pedal to the metal and blasts on by.

2 Days Ago   This is Poop Like A Champion ultra-fiber cereal (availableon Amazon). Each 1/2 cup serving contains 16 grams of fiber, or about 64% your recommended daily allowance for an average 2,000 calorie diet.

2 Days Ago   These are the $16 Astronaut Mugs availablefrom Firebox. They come in black, silver, and gold visor styles and because of those sweet metallic finishes, are not dishwasher safe.

2 Days Ago   "Oh my word." This is a short video of safari guide Steve deciding to get out of his vehicleto follow some lion tracks when he almost walks right into the middle of the resting pride.

2 Days Ago   This is a video from the Hydraulic Press Channel (I missed you) testing the strength of three different sizes (regular, large, world's largest) of Prince Rupert's Drops (Wikipedia if you're not familiar) with a 150-ton hydraulic press and 150-ton force sensor.

2 Days Ago   Because the faking is only going to get deeper until we realize we've gone too far but it's too late to turn this spaceship around (I suspect about a year ago), this is 2021: A SpaceX Odyssey, a video from Youtuber Ctrl Shift Face of Elon Musk deepfaked into Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi classic.

3 Days Ago   This is a video from somebody drinking beer at a pub outside in Tenby, Wales (jealous) who has absolutely zero interest in warning the poor bastard who he knowsis about to get his sausage roll stolen by a thieving seagull (volume on, commentary).

3 Days Ago   This is a timelapse video of the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdambeing converted from a U2 concert venue to a game-ready soccer field in just short of three days.

3 Days Ago   These are a couple compilation Instagram videos of very handsome boy Spaghetti, who's apparently conditioned himself to stop, drop and barrel roll whenever his name is called.

3 Days Ago   This is a video of blue-haired possible mermaid Ginny Di delivering fifty Dungeons & Dragons themed pickup lines, three-quarters of which I just used on my lunch break, and none of which even came close to rolling a 20.

6 Days Ago   This is an Australian news broadcast from 1962 asking people on the streets of Sydneyif they believe there's life on other planets. The answers are pretty evenly mixed with about half saying yes, half saying no, one guy saying the Bible wouldn't allow it, one man who's German, and one guy who says he's actually seen a flying saucer.