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3 Hours Ago   Inspired by the success of Judges' Guild, Kickstarter has launched Zine Quest, a challenge to crowdfund an RPG-themed zine ("must either contain an RPG or feature RPG-related content like maps, adventures, monsters, comics, articles, interviews, etc."); there's an impressive array of entrants already.

3 Hours Ago   Where once was Coca-Cola, now there is Apple. Where once was Nokia, now... no idea. Read the rest

3 Hours Ago   The new Colonel Sanders is RoboCop? I'm not even going to pretend to understand what is going on at KFC HQ but this is really happening.

3 Hours Ago   US government agencies can't just make up rules: they're require to show that the rules they make reflect the best evidence, and part of that is a "notice and comment" period for major policy shifts where the public gets to weigh in on proposals.

3 Hours Ago   So much fluff! Cloud floof puppies. From @siamthailanddog on Instagram. View this post on Instagram A post shared by บ้านหมายักษ์ เชียงใหม่ (@siamthailanddog) on Oct 29, 2018 at 8:06am PDT NOTE: Apparently this video of an incredibly adorable malamute pupper is from a dog breeder in Thailand who exports to Asia.

3 Hours Ago   Remember Darkmatter, the UAE-based cybermercenaries who worked with the beltway bandit firm Cyberpoint to recruit ex-NSA spies to infiltrate and expose dissidents, journalists, even children who opposed the despotic regime in the Emirates?

4 Hours Ago   Special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Trump will not be delivered next week as CNN and other news organizations previously reported, said a senior Justice Department official on Friday.

4 Hours Ago   Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) on Friday ordered two New York state agencies to investigate reports that Facebook could have access to a lot more of your personal data, if you're a smartphone user, than anyone realized before.

5 Hours Ago   What's worse than the salad and the comb thing? Klobuchar’s office reportedly required staff to stay on after taking family leave for a newborn.

5 Hours Ago   In an epic blog post, writer and law expert @emptywheel (Marcy Wheeler) dissects Thursday's hearing in court for Trump ratfucker and reckless Instagrammer Roger Stone. Judge Amy Berman Jackson called Stone and his lawyers to her court and demanded that they explain why Stone shouldn't be gagged or jailed on the spot.

6 Hours Ago   Here are some recent game releases of note and some of what I've been up to in hobby gaming over the past month or so. Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk Fantasy Flight Games, $60, Players, Ages: 12+ I have been looking forward to this book ever since it was announced by FFG following their retirement of the Netrunner card game, also set in the Android universe.

6 Hours Ago   A reporter for Pennsylvania's Orange Street News rode her bike near the Arizona-Mexico border on an assignment when a marshal in the town of Patagonia threatened to arrest her.

10 Hours Ago   Elizabeth Holmes, the "millennial Madoff" who built a $9 startup on a non-existent technology, gets her vanities tossed into a bonfire by Vanity Fair's Nick Bilton: Holmes had always enjoyed a certain lifestyle.

10 Hours Ago   The Velogemel is a wooden bike that was invented in Grindelwald, Switzerland in 1911. It looks like a lot of fun to ride on down a snowy mountain at a speed of 25 mph.

11 Hours Ago   Volante Design (previously) has two new pieces: the Augment blazer and jacket, shipping on March 15 and available for pre-order today (Vest, $195: Men/Women; Blazer, $270: Men/Women), in men's sizes 37-51 (vest also in 55) and women's sizes 33-45.

11 Hours Ago   On Tuesday morning, an Australian pilot took some artistic liberties with his flight path. ABC News: The Diamond Star plane, operated by Flight Training Adelaide, spent a little over three hours in the air on Tuesday to draw the letters over South Australia.

11 Hours Ago   The BBC, citing Estonia's Postimees, reports that workers there "bundled a wild wolf into their car" thinking that it was a dog. In any case, the big fella was in big trouble out in the ice.

11 Hours Ago   Zombie deer disease is a clicktastic term for chronic wasting disease, a spongiform ecephalopathy suffered by ungulates. Much like Mad Cow Disease, Scrapie in sheep, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob's disease in humans, misfolded proteins slowly destroy the brain, causing listlessness, discoordination, dementia and finally death.

11 Hours Ago   Oh no, here's something we definitely didn't ask for: sweet-and-savory meat-flavored cereals. On March 7 (to sync with National Cereal Day), Post is releasing two new limited-edition Honey Brunches of Oats flavors, Chicken & Waffles and Maple Bacon Donut.

18 Hours Ago   One genre of 19th Cen illustrated pamphlet was the "Cries of London" (previously), which celebrated the market traders' characteristic sales patter, which were catalogued as a kind of urban birdsong.

19 Hours Ago   The waves of protests and walkouts that swept Google last year had many grievances and concerns, from the company's Pentagon contract to supply AI for drones to the secret creation of a censored search tool for the Chinese market, but one central flashpoint was the revelation that the company had paid Android exec $90 million to quietly leave the company after a string of disturbing sexual harassment and abuse incidents came to light.

19 Hours Ago   Pro Idee's £369 Paper Bed is made of folds of rigid paper that collapse to a narrow sliver and then expand to 200cm length when needed; the materials are lightweight (total weight, 14.5k) and it can support up to 300kg, and the manufacturer claims it's comfortable, albeit with the addition of a foam pad.

21 Hours Ago   I am hoping this is medical and not government surveillance. NBC: The World Health Organization says that an epidemic of measles in Madagascar has caused more than 900 deaths.

Yesterday   “No, Mr. Stone, I’m not giving you another chance,” Judge Amy Berman Jackson said. "I have serious doubt whether you learned any lesson at all."