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5 Hours Ago   China-based tech giant Huawei has undertaken a media blitz in recent days to counter the wave of negative headlines that have dogged the company for months now.

6 Hours Ago   Big storms here on Earth are capable of tearing down power lines and even toppling structures, but no weather pattern you've experienced this planet holds a candle to the colossal storms of Jupiter.

7 Hours Ago   Italian particle physicist Fabiola Gianotti cornered Tesla chief executive Elon Musk last July in London at a gathering of the Royal Society scientific academy. Gianotti, who's also the director of the CERN organization which oversees the largest particle accelerator in the world, had a question for the billionaire businessman.

8 Hours Ago   Alzheimer's disease is an incredibly serious late-life aliment that can have a massive impact on an individual's quality of life and self sufficiency. The good news is that treatments can dramatically limit the damage the disease causes, but they have to be administered early in its progression.

9 Hours Ago   It's looking like the first round of footage from Disney's The Mandalorian, the upcoming Star Wars spinoff series that will be exclusive to Disney's not-yet-launched streaming TV service, is only a few months away from finally getting a public airing.

9 Hours Ago   Determining the length of a single day on a planet is usually pretty easy. You just pick a landmark and wait for it to reach the exact same point twice in its rotation and you have your answer.

10 Hours Ago   The intrigue surrounding the Porsche Taycan -- formerly known as the Mission E -- has been steadily building since Porsche first announced the all-electric car back in late 2015.

10 Hours Ago   Sharks have been around for a long, long time, and of all the creatures that roam the Earth today they're one of the few that have remained largely unchanged for tens of millions of years.

11 Hours Ago   Despite losing ground to Apple Music in the United States, Spotify is still the biggest music streaming service in the world. That said, it is still missing a few key features, but one of those missing features is finally in the testing phase.

11 Hours Ago   We told you about a killer sale on Apple's Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones from the Neighborhood Collection last week, and they've been flying off of Amazon's virtual store shelves ever since.

11 Hours Ago   The Pixel 3 Lite isn’t even official, but the first video review is already available on YouTube. The person who got to play with a prototype of the Lite version says that Pixel fans who only care about the great Pixel 3 camera experience won't be held back by the Pixel 3 Lite’s many compromises.

12 Hours Ago   Before we even get to discussing this Instant Pot or the sale happening right now on Amazon, you definitely need to be made aware that this deal is going to sell out very, very quickly.

12 Hours Ago   For the past few months, we’ve witnessed an increasing number of Galaxy S10 rumors, revealing almost everything fans of the series would want to know about the phone.

13 Hours Ago   Most of the personal robots companies are working on right now are silly. Do you really need a glorified Amazon Echo following you around the house just so you can access Alexa?

13 Hours Ago   Google has kicked off 2019 by getting hit with yet another multimillion-dollar fine from a European regulator. Stemming from an investigation that began in May -- the day after Europe's strict new data privacy rules known as GDPR went into effect -- France's data protection authority has announced a $57 million fine against Google in the first such GDPR penalty levied against a US technology company.

13 Hours Ago   Streaming device makers used to be all about set top boxes. But now, thanks to things like the Fire TV Stick and Roku Streaming Stick, attention has shifted almost entirely to the dongle form factor.

13 Hours Ago   Tesla is in the midst of an interesting transition these days. Just a few years ago, the company had to prove that it could market an EVs to the masses.

14 Hours Ago   Earth's Moon might seem a bit boring when viewing it with the naked eye, with its monochrome surface and blurry patches revealing little from afar, but its landscape is anything but featureless.

14 Hours Ago   Today is the day you've been waiting for if you're on the looking for surprisingly good wireless earbuds at a surprisingly low price. The TaoTronics Wireless Sport Earphones are among the most popular models on Amazon, which isn't very shocking when you consider that they offer great sound quality and 9-hour battery life for just $24.

14 Hours Ago   We already have a firm release date for the first episode of Game of Thrones season 8, and we’re waiting for the first full trailer for the final season.

15 Hours Ago   Some day, Apple might finally released the AirPods wireless charging case that it announced all the way back in September 2017. Until then, we’re all left fumbling with cables and plugging in our AirPods to charge.

15 Hours Ago   We're kicking off the new week with a great roundup of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free for a limited time. We dug through hundreds of discounted apps on Monday to come up with the seven best options of the day, and they're all listed down below.

15 Hours Ago   2019 should be a banner year for smartphone design, as phone makers continue to look for new and novel ways to kill the bezel once and for all.

16 Hours Ago   We may not have the exact details of what will go down in Avengers: Endgame, but we’re reasonably confident that we’ll see time travel in the movie.

16 Hours Ago   If you're in the market for a new robot vacuum, today really is your lucky day. The ECOVACS N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best in the business in the mid-range category, but if you snag one today you'll pay an entry-level price.