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59 Minutes Ago   In about a month, Avengers: Endgame will deliver the epic conclusion of The Infinity Saga, and we already know what to expect from it. The Avengers will win “whatever it takes,” because Doctor Strange already told us they would win.

1 Hour Ago   The Galaxy S10 launch has been a major success for Samsung, there’s no question about that, but the company isn’t done with releasing new models. Let’s not forget that, in addition to the three 4G Galaxy S10 phones, Samsung also introduced a Galaxy S10 5G phone last month.

9 Hours Ago   It's been decades since NASA and its government contractors handled everything in-house, but the recent push by the agency to bring private companies into the fold is truly unprecedented.

10 Hours Ago   A Kit Harington profile earlier this week seemed to indicate that Jon Snow will survive until the final episode of Game of Thrones' upcoming season 8.

11 Hours Ago   It's somewhat difficult to square the hand-drawn animation that dominated the box office for decades with the almost hyper-realistic CGI that we see today, but as technology continues to advance, both art and animation will continue to change.

12 Hours Ago   If you find yourself constantly tweaking your home's thermostat in search of the perfect temperature, you might save some time by just moving to eastern Africa.

13 Hours Ago   Dyson has led the charge in the evolution of the cordless vacuum for years, but this week, the company is unveiling the most futuristic stick vac to date.

13 Hours Ago   Well, that didn't take long. We told you on Monday about some of the novel promotions HBO is using to keep excitement high for the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones, which premieres on April 14.

14 Hours Ago   It's now been several months since Chinese scientist He Jiankui revealed that he had successfully edited the genes of human embryos, which were then carried to term, resulting in the first genetically modified humans.

14 Hours Ago   It's been said that war makes strange bedfellows, and now we can say the same thing about the out-of-control problem of robocalls and spam calls that bombard all of our phones day-in, day-out.

15 Hours Ago   If you’re looking for a new pair of Bluetooth earbuds, we cover great deals on excellent options all the time. But not everyone wants wireless headphones, and if you fit into that category then this deal is for you.

15 Hours Ago   It's certainly been a big week for gaming news, with the unveiling of Google's forthcoming Stadia game streaming service as well as related announcements like new Google gaming hardware and the promise of exclusive games for the service.

16 Hours Ago   The Nest Cam Indoor is great. It has all the basic features you want in a wireless home security camera without all the bells and whistles you don’t need.

16 Hours Ago   Building a robotic vehicle that will eventually travel to another planet is a complicated undertaking. With just one NASA rover, Curiosity, currently roaming around on Mars after the death of Opportunity, the much-hyped Mars 2020 mission takes on even more significance.

17 Hours Ago   I’ll never use my AirPods again without silicone covers. Apple managed to pack shockingly good sound quality into its tiny cord-free earbuds, but you would never know because all the bass leaks out thanks to the smooth plastic tips.

17 Hours Ago   Amazon on Wednesday rolled out an updated version of its Kindle e-reader, giving the entry-level version of the tablet a small price bump and adding a front light to it -- making this the first Kindle with a front light you can get your hands on for less than $100.

17 Hours Ago   The Nest Learning Thermostat is worth every penny of its $250 retail price. Every. Single. Penny. In fact, you'll probably make that $250 back in the first year after you install it considering all the money you'll save on your energy bills.

18 Hours Ago   T-Mobile has just announced a new offer that will be music to the ears of new and existing customers who'd like to get their hands on one of the latest iPhone models without having to spend an arm and a leg for it.

18 Hours Ago   Look, we try not to judge anyone but if you pass up the deal Amazon is currently running on the Crock-Pot SCR300-SS 3-Quart Manual Slow Cooker, we're definitely going to judge you.

18 Hours Ago   As it does every so often, Nintendo bombarded fans with announcements of indie games set to hit the Switch in the coming months on Wednesday morning.

19 Hours Ago   Were you thinking about getting yourself one of Apple’s new HomePods? Well before you dump $349 on a single wireless speaker, there’s another option you should definitely consider.

19 Hours Ago   The next major Android announcement is almost upon us, but we don’t have to wait until next week to see the new flagship phone's signature feature in action.

20 Hours Ago   You would never travel without your Apple Watch, of course, but wouldn't you love it if you could travel without the Apple Watch's mile-long charging cable?

20 Hours Ago   As absurd as it seems, the anti-vaccination movement isn't just peddled in sketchy online forums and creepy Facebook groups; some politicians have also joined the fight, arguing that vaccinations for childhood diseases shouldn't be mandatory for anyone.

20 Hours Ago   Apple's new iPad Air looks terrific, but let's be honest with ourselves for a moment: most people don't need to spend $500 for more power in a tablet that they're mainly going to use for light web browsing and a bunch of other basic stuff.