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1 Hour Ago   AI is popping up in all sorts of things at the moment, but what happens when it goes wrong or is used for questionable purposes? A new report from Malwarebytes Labs looks at how AI is being used, with a particular emphasis on cybersecurity, and at the concerns that are growing surrounding its use.

1 Hour Ago   If you're using an old computer in your small business, the likelihood is that you don't have a great deal of money to splash on powerful hardware.

3 Hours Ago   A month ago, at its Build 2019 developer conference, Microsoft announced Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, an updated version of its compatibility layer which ships with an actual Linux kernel, meaning full system call compatibility.

3 Hours Ago   Business leaders want to be confident that their operations will continue running as normal without information being compromised. But in today’s fast-moving, interconnected world where the threat landscape is constantly evolving, security assurance programs often provide a false level of confidence.

5 Hours Ago   If you're a Firefox user, now is the time to update your browser. A zero-day vulnerability has been discovered which is being actively exploited in targeted attacks.

23 Hours Ago   While smart home devices are very popular these days, Apple's HomeKit sadly isn't. This is a shame, as I rather like the company's centralized approach to controlling the home.

Yesterday   Take the day off! Seriously, at the moment you have no appointments or meetings. Well, you still do, but if you’re relying on Google Calendar then you’re out of luck at this moment because the web version is currently not available.

Yesterday   Cybersecurity tools are often designed to work in isolation from each other and that can leave enterprise security operations fragmented as well as difficult and expensive to manage.

Yesterday   Primary schools, universities, companies and even all the rest of us have a role to play in preparing for the rise of AI in the workforce.

Yesterday   Healthcare companies are constantly consuming and sharing information to build better patient profiles and improve outcomes. Yet a new report reveals that only 70 percent are very or extremely confident in knowing exactly where their sensitive data is.

Yesterday   There has been much talk about SMS successor RCS (Rich Communication Service) over the last year or so, but there has been little in the way of action.

Yesterday   Security firm BitDefender has teamed up with the FBI, Europol and other agencies and created decryption software that enables ransomware victims to get their data back for free.

Yesterday   A number of Linux and FreeBSD servers and systems are vulnerable to a denial of service vulnerability dubbed SACK Panic, as well as other forms of attack.

Yesterday   Smart televisions are kind of... stupid. While TV makers love to advertise all of the integrated streaming services, the truth is, the interfaces are often slow and clunky. Ultimately, it is a much better experience to use a streaming device, such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or Apple TV.

Yesterday   Windows left-aligns all of the icons on your taskbar. This looks tidy enough, but if you fancy a change -- or perhaps you wish the taskbar looked more like the Dock in macOS -- you can center the buttons, or make other changes to their positioning.

Yesterday   Apple makes great hardware and operating systems, but when it comes to applications, the company has plenty of room for improvement. For productivity, Microsoft still reigns supreme.

2 Days Ago   We’ve still got a few months to wait before Apple unveils the follow-up to the iPhone XS, although there have already been a number of leaks and a lot of speculation regarding the next iteration of the iPhone.

2 Days Ago   We've become pretty well accustomed to large scale data breaches over recent years. But that doesn’t mean that the numbers involved aren't still significant. Web hosting comparison site HostingTribunal has put together an infographic looking at the 15 biggest breaches of the last 15 years.

2 Days Ago   Microsoft has issued a warning to Azure customers using Linux Exim email servers running Exim version 4.87 to 4.91. The company explains that these versions of Exim are vulnerable to a critical Remote Code Execution (RCE) security flaw and need to be updated to prevent the spread of a worm.

2 Days Ago   Ask Google what the lyrics to a particular song are and the chances are that the search results will display them in an info pane as well as links to lyrics sites.

2 Days Ago   There has been a lot of hype around AI to the point where some people are simply tuning it out. I think this is a mistake.

2 Days Ago   According to a new report, more than half of all C-suite executives (53 percent) and 28 percent of small business owners who suffered a data breach say that human error or accidental loss by an external vendor/source was the cause.

2 Days Ago   Today, there is some great news for the Linux community -- OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 is now available! This KDE-focused distribution should have you very excited. The default web browser browser has been changed in 4.0 -- it is now the Chromium-based Falkon, which promises better KDE integration.

3 Days Ago   For more than a year, macOS users have been without an official desktop Twitter client -- more on that shortly. But now, thanks to Project Catalyst for macOS 10.15 Catalina, a Twitter app is making its way back to Mac.

4 Days Ago   Not so long ago, the idea of Microsoft releasing an internet browser for Linux would seem to be out of the question. But in recent years, Microsoft's love of Linux has grown exponentially.