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8 Hours Ago   Picture this: you have national security level web browsing to do, and fire up Incognito mode. However, unless you also remember to toggle your keyboard over to Incognito, it's still studying what you type to add words to its dictionary.

9 Hours Ago   There are a lot of good options for hub-free smart lighting solutions today. Earlier, we shared a deal on TP-Link smart bulbs, but if you're looking for a more vibrant option, LIFX's full-color bulbs are on sale for $156.78 for a four-pack — almost 40 bucks off their normal price tag of $195.96.

11 Hours Ago   However good smartphone displays may get, when it comes to long-form text, e-readers offer a noticeably superior experience. Reading for long periods of time on an e-ink display results in less fatigue to the eyes, battery life is measured in weeks instead of hours, and you get a break from the barrage of notifications that distract you while reading on a phone.

11 Hours Ago   Google's Project Stream "test" is over. The experimental service, which streamed Assassin's Creed Odyssey to volunteers in a handful of US markets, was slated to end on January 15th.

11 Hours Ago   It's definitely hard to keep up with all the different quick charging technologies. Most flagships use Qualcomm Quick Charge, some (like the Pixels) use USB-PD, and a few others use custom tech like OnePlus Dash Charge.

12 Hours Ago   Update 1: 2019/01/21 12:18pm PST The redesigned ratings and reviews section is rolling out to a wider audience, and we've spotted another test: Top reviews. The new section includes a top positive and top critical While Google's new nearly all-white Material Design update for the Google Play Store has been rolling out and rolling back for many users since May 2018 eliciting mixed responses.

13 Hours Ago   When popular apps Power Shade and Material Notification Shade were flagged as malicious and taken down from the Play Store last month, our main takeaway was to be cautious of the apps and the developer, Treydev Inc., going forward.

13 Hours Ago   In the last couple of years, we've seen some real strides toward the truly wireless earbud dream — one that I do not share, but I digress.

13 Hours Ago   Now that Android Pie is in the rearview mirror, it's time to start obsessing over Android Q. Luckily, a leak last week revealed some positive changes like a system-wide dark mode and refined permissions.

13 Hours Ago   Telegram continues to build on the success of its mobile apps, offering everyone more quality of life improvements more often than not. The v5.2 update is no different, bringing options like group permissions, a chance to undo accidental chat deletions, and a few others.

14 Hours Ago   Today HP has announced two new refreshed Chromebooks in it's 11" series targeting the education market: the Chromebook X360 11 G2 and Chromebook 11 G7. As their names suggest, they're both 11" laptops running Chrome OS and designed for that extra durability required in the classroom.

14 Hours Ago   Gear S3 owners were greeted with a large software update for their watches today. Not only does the ~300MB file mark the arrival of Tizen v4, but it adds a host of other improvements and changes.

14 Hours Ago   Arlo is set to launch the 4K Arlo Ultra in the coming weeks, so its older cameras are coming down in price. The Arlo Pro system has been dropping exceptionally fast as it's about to be two generations old.

14 Hours Ago   Update 1: 2019/01/21 3:10pm PST We've pinpointed the version which triggers this change as v9.5, the beta that is currently rolling out. On some devices the behavior is controlled by enabling the system-wide dark Dark mode is all the rage on Android right now, with many of even Google's own apps either having or being in the process of adding support for shadier themes (and it's not just Google apps).

14 Hours Ago   Philips Hue is the first name in smart lighting as far as a lot of consumers are concerned, but TP-Link quietly makes several quality smart home options, including smart light bulbs.

15 Hours Ago   Kopla Games created an enjoyable idle RPG called Nonstop Knight, and it was published on the Play Store all the way back in 2016 by Flaregames.

16 Hours Ago   Facebook-owned Whatsapp took action last year after groups in India used the service to spread rumors and misinformation, resulting in mob violence that killed at least 25 people.

16 Hours Ago   In hindsight, LG's decision to launch the Watch W7 at $450 was a mistake. Selling expensive wearables is hard, and the mechanical hands gimmick is not exactly a big selling point.

18 Hours Ago   Another week has begun and it's a holiday for us in the U.S. Whether you're off work or not, I have a list of app sales to help you get your week started.

18 Hours Ago   Update 1: 2019/01/21 6:28am PST If you decided to wait, your patience is being rewarded: Amazon now has an even deeper discount on the Roku Premiere.

Yesterday   Huawei and ZTE, two multi-national telecommunications companies based in China, are under fire by the United States and other governments over the companies' ties to the Chinese government.

Yesterday   Winter sucks for shopping. At least, it does if you're doing it in the traditional sense: driving out in the snow, fighting for parking, and watching the sun set before you're even half done.

Yesterday   We found a particularly tempting TV sale this Sunday — $200 for a Toshiba 43" Fire TV. With HDR support, this 4K LED TV is a Fire TV Edition device, so you can bark commands across the living room.

Yesterday   During last year's Black Friday, Google dropped the price of the Pixel 3 and 3 XL by $200 and $150, respectively. If you missed out on that deal, the company has once again dropped the price of its flagship phones.

Yesterday   In the last week, Google Maps has been rolling out some welcome navigational improvements. We've got support for speed limits and speed traps, now, both of which sound pretty familiar.