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351 Days Ago   The technology company, Miru Systems Co., have growing concerns about the South Korean manufactured electronic voting machines in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s upcoming 2018 general elections. Apart from their vulnerability to hacking, there is a possibility that the QR codes used by the electronic voting machines could compromise voter and ballot secrecy.

352 Days Ago   Google has announced that it will be providing free high-speed Internet access via Wi-Fi hotspots Nigeria. Known as Google Station for Nigeria, the program aims to provide high quality and high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots across Nigeria in partnership with 21st Century, one of the largest fibre network providers in the west Afrikan country.

352 Days Ago   It appears that Ugandan authorities are tightening their grip on how the Internet is accessed and used in the east Afrikan country. This is because the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) has instructed telecommunications companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs)to block local and international pornography websites.

359 Days Ago   The latest “How Africa Tweets 2018” report by Portland, an international strategic communications agency, has revealed that during elections in Afrikan countries, over 50% of those tweeting about them are from outside the country where elections are taking place.

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