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11 Hours Ago   The wildfires sweeping through Southern California over the past few days have been nothing short of devastating and profoundly tragic. Upwards of 31 people have died as a result and more than 230 people still remain missing.

13 Hours Ago   Widely respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo writes that sales of Apple's new iPhone XR are slightly below expectations, corroborating a handful of previous reports we've seen over the past few days.

17 Hours Ago   Every year, when Apple introduces its new iPhone lineup, the company naturally focuses on forward-facing features that make for strong selling points. So whether it's a brand new display or a much-improved camera, Apple hones in on certain features that, taken together, tend to make a compelling case for users to upgrade.

19 Hours Ago   With all of the data we keep on our smartphones these days, it's no surprise that devices like the iPhone have become increasingly useful pieces of evidence in police investigations.

2 Days Ago   Though not a widespread problem by any means, some iPhone X users over the past few months have experienced issues with non-responsive and temperamental displays. In light of this, Apple today launched a new replacement program for iPhone X users who have encountered this particular touch issue.

3 Days Ago   Apple and Amazon have had something of a contentious relationship over the past few years, but the two tech behemoths recently decided to embark on a new partnership in the name of commerce.

4 Days Ago   Even though Apple's brand new iPad Pros garnered the lion's share of press attention at the company's recent media event, you definitely don't want to sleep on Apple's brand new MacBook Air.

5 Days Ago   While the iPhone was in development in the mid-2000s, Apple engineers spent a tremendous amount of time and energy working on the device's virtual keyboard. And with good reason: Apple was understandably trying to avoid the public relations gaffe that made the company's Newton PDA a laughing stock in the early '90s.

5 Days Ago   Earlier this week, a somewhat sketchy report surfaced claiming that Apple told its manufacturing partners to reduce iPhone XR production due to lower than anticipated demand.

7 Days Ago   Since hitting store shelves a little more than a week ago, Apple's iPhone XR has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews. Sporting a nearly edge-to-edge display at a price point that is drastically lower than Apple's iPhone XS models, many analysts have been predicting that the iPhone XR will be a runaway hit this holiday shopping season.

8 Days Ago   Given how competitive Apple and Google are these days, it's easy to forget that the two companies used to be on particularly good terms. Though it seems like ancient history now, you might recall that former Google CEO Eric Schmidt even graced the stage with Steve Jobs during the iconic 2007 introduction of the original iPhone.

9 Days Ago   Apple's recent announcement that it would no longer disclose iPhone sales on a quarterly basis prompted some investors to question Apple's ability to increase sales of its iconic smartphone.

11 Days Ago   For nearly a decade now, analysts have measured the health of Apple's business by examining the vibrancy of iPhone sales. And with good reason, the iPhone has for some time been Apple's biggest revenue driver.

11 Days Ago   Even though Apple's iPhone XR hasn't been in stores for a full week, we're already starting to see rumors emerge regarding Apple's 2019 iPhone lineup. The latest tidbit of note comes from reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors) who writes that Face ID on Apple's next-gen iPhones will see a significant boost in terms of reliability and performance.

11 Days Ago   Apple today posted its earnings report for the September quarter and, as we've come to expect, the company delivered huge numbers all around. For the quarter gone by, Apple posted revenue of $62.9 billion and an EPS of $2.91, both staggering figures.

12 Days Ago   Earlier this month, a Tesla owner in Florida had the Autopilot feature engaged when his Model S rammed into a stationary vehicle that was left abandoned on a highway.

13 Days Ago   In the wake of Apple's iOS 11 release last year, Apple was hit with a barrage of complaints regarding system stability and performance. As a result, Apple with iOS 12 opted to take on a different approach.

14 Days Ago   It's an exceedingly busy time for Tesla these days. At the same time that the company continues to ramp up Model 3 production, the company within the next two years will also start production on the Tesla Semi and a crossover version of the Model 3 dubbed the Model Y.

14 Days Ago   Especially with Tim Cook at the helm, Apple in recent years has made a concerted effort to improve working conditions in the factories responsible for producing some of the company's most popular products.

15 Days Ago   This coming Tuesday, Apple will hold a special media event in Brooklyn where the company is expected to unveil a range of new hardware, including a pair of new iPad Pro models in 11-inch and 12.9-inch form factors.

18 Days Ago   Things may finally be turning around for Tesla. After burning through cash for years on end, Tesla finally managed to defy the odds and actually turn a profit last quarter.

19 Days Ago   Tesla released its earnings report for the September quarter and, suffice it to say, the electric automaker has a lot to be proud of. Calling the quarter "historic," Tesla for the first time in history managed to turn a profit.

19 Days Ago   With the hype surrounding 5G steadily building, AT&T CEO John Donovan earlier today confirmed that AT&T is planning to launch its mobile 5G network before the end of the year.

19 Days Ago   You would think that Samsung at this point would have learned that paying high-profile celebrities to "promote" the brand may not be the smartest move. In a scenario we've seen play out countless times, celebrities paid to promote Samsung smartphones are often caught using or sending out tweets from their iPhone.

20 Days Ago   Ahead of the iPhone XR launch this coming Friday, a number of publications published detailed iPhone XR reviews today and all the first-impressions we've seen thus far have been overwhelmingly positive.

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