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Yesterday   Back in the day, before the advent of the modern-day smartphone, the only way to waste time in class was to trade notes with friends, doodle some crude drawings on your notebook, or maybe play a few rudimentary video games on your graphing calculator.

Yesterday   It's been an interesting and unusually busy week thus far for Apple. In the span of a few days, Apple unveiled a brand new iPad Air and iPad Mini along with a revamped iMac lineup.

2 Days Ago   Are foldable phones the wave of the future or nothing more than a hyped up and passing fad a'la 3D TV? While I might be inclined to lean towards the latter.

2 Days Ago   Year in and year out, Apple manages to crank out new iPhone models with increasingly impressive and arguably unrivaled hardware. Though Android has caught up to the iPhone in many ways when it comes to specific features and overall usability, new iPhone models routinely trounce all comers when it comes down to raw performance.

2 Days Ago   Before Facebook dominated the social networking landscape, there was MySpace. Remember Tom? Remember having a list of your top 8 friends? Remember obnoxious personal pages with flashing lights, auto-playing music, and a seemingly endless stream of quizzes?

5 Days Ago   Without question, Apple's launch of the App Store back in 2008 forever changed the way we interact with our phones. The proposition that the App Store offered at the time was incredibly compelling insofar that developers were given access to the entirety of Apple's iOS user base in exchange for a 30% cut of all revenue earned.

5 Days Ago   Though Face ID on the iPhone remains the most reliable facial recognition scheme you can find on a smartphone today, it's not without its shortcomings. While Face ID does a remarkable job of identifying individual users and detecting fraudulent authentication efforts, it's still possible for twins of family members who closely resemble each other to trip up the software.

6 Days Ago   After years of speculation, and months of teasing, Tesla late on Thursday night finally unveiled the Model Y. Though the build up to the Model Y reveal didn't engender as much excitement as, say, the Model 3, Tesla's newest crossover vehicle does bring a lot to the table.

6 Days Ago   In a brand new and somewhat clever ad campaign, Netflix imagines what it would be like if some of its more well-known and recognizable characters interacted with each other.

6 Days Ago   Apple today confirmed that WWDC 2019 will kick off on Monday, June 3 and will run through Friday, June 7. Per usual, we can expect Apple at WWDC this year to unveil updated versions of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS.

7 Days Ago   In a smartphone market that has largely become saturated and arguably boring, Samsung's 2019 smartphone lineup actually brings a lot to the table. Even if we ignore the intriguing Galaxy Fold, Samsung's S10 lineup offers up a number of compelling options across the board.

7 Days Ago   With WWDC 2019 right around the corner, we're now less than three months away from seeing what types of new features and system enhancements iOS 13 brings to the table.

9 Days Ago   One of the more interesting and admirable things about Tesla over the years has been the company's clear vision and unwavering adherence to a coherent product strategy.

9 Days Ago   As exciting as the roll out of 5G is, the reality is that most consumers will have to wait quite a while before they find themselves in an area with 5G support.

12 Days Ago   Whether we're talking about iPhones or Android devices, there's no better piece of digital real estate than an app situated directly on a smartphone homescreen right out of the box.

12 Days Ago   It's starting to look like Porsche's forthcoming Taycan is poised to give Tesla some serious competition in the luxury EV space. Earlier this year, word surfaced that Porsche was doubling production from 20,000 units to 40,000 units due to overwhelmingly strong demand.

12 Days Ago   It's a strange world we live in when tech CEOs need stringent security protection, but that's sadly the state of affairs these days. Notably, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg needs particularly rigorous protection, a dynamic which arguably isn't all that surprising given the tremendous amount of influence Facebook wields in the political arena and how visible Zuckerberg has become as a public figure.

12 Days Ago   In a media landscape where binge-worthy content is king, a popular TV series not only has the potential to put a streaming service on the map, it can also take an already-popular streaming service to the next level.

14 Days Ago   It's been a wild few days for Tesla. Last Thursday, the company temporarily took the order pages for the Model S, Model 3, and Model X offline and, in their place, put up a somewhat cryptic message stating that the "wait is almost over." Ultimately, Tesla announced that the long-promised $35,000 Tesla Model 3 would soon be available for purchase and delivery.

15 Days Ago   While iOS 13 will undoubtedly be the main attraction at Apple's WWDC event this coming June, there's a good chance we'll see some interesting developments regarding watchOS as well.

15 Days Ago   With the rest of the mobile world scrambling to embrace 5G in 2019, it's no secret that Apple is in no rush to roll out iPhones with 5G support anytime soon.

16 Days Ago   In a somewhat novel way to make headlines, JetBlue is offering folks the opportunity to fly free for a full year. Is there a catch? Of course there is.

16 Days Ago   Over the past few months, we haven't seen a whole lot of rumors surrounding Apple's iPhone 11 lineup. Sure, we know that Apple's iPhone 11 lineup will include successors to the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, and sure, we know that Face ID will see some performance improvements, but that's not exactly jaw-dropping information.

16 Days Ago   It's a scenario that has played out countless times before; Apple unveils a product that gets mocked at first glance before going on to become incredibly popular.

19 Days Ago   With all of the hoopla and excitement surrounding Samsung's foldable phone -- a device appropriately dubbed the Galaxy Fold -- it's almost easy to forget that Samsung last week also unveiled its Galaxy S10 lineup.

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