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8 Hours Ago   Ridesharing services like Uber have undeniably made getting around town easier, but there are unique circumstances when hailing a cab is decidedly more convenient. As a quick example, trying to find an ordered Uber after exiting a crowded event like a concert can often be an exercise in frustration.

12 Hours Ago   Netflix posted its earnings report for the June quarter today and revealed that it added 5.15 million subscribers for the quarter. That may seem impressive at first glance, but it's more than 1 million fewer subscribers than what the streaming giant was anticipating.

15 Hours Ago   A commonly levied argument one tends to hear from tech pundits is that "Apple fanboys" are quick to excuse anything Apple does, no matter how user-unfriendly it may be.

Yesterday   In a wide-ranging interview with Bloomberg, Tesla CEO Elon Musk explained that the Model 3 represents the last "bet-the-company" initiative we can expect to see from the automaker.

4 Days Ago   For years, the working name of Porsche's answer to Tesla's Model S was the Mission E. Just about a month ago, however, Porsche announced that its all-electric sports car will officially be called the Porsche Taycan.

4 Days Ago   For quite some time now, Apple's top of the line MacBook Pro has been the source of a lot of controversy and criticism. And with good reason, the new keyboard design Apple introduced on its late 2016 MacBook Pro lineup has been widely derided for being frustratingly unreliable.

4 Days Ago   It's never been a secret that the Model 3 has long been the lynchpin in Tesla's plan to fundamentally shake up the auto industry and kick the EV revolution into high gear .

4 Days Ago   The original incarnation of the Apple Watch was certainly novel and ambitious, but there's no disputing that the device had its fair share of shortcomings. Not only was the device sometimes frustratingly slow to use, the interface itself was uncharacteristically clunky.

5 Days Ago   In the months preceding WWDC 2017, Tim Cook made a number of statements highlighting his enthusiasm for augmented reality. Cook's remarks were somewhat unusual given Apple's penchant to not say much of anything regarding potentially new and exciting technologies.

5 Days Ago   The saga involving Tesla and a former employee named Martin Tripp shows no signs of slowing down. Just a few weeks ago, you may recall that Tesla sued Tripp for allegedly stealing company data and trying to sabotage the company's production line.

6 Days Ago   Apparently it's a bad week to be a Lamborghini owner. Just a few days after a Lamborghini Huracan wedged itself underneath a parked Honda Civic, a $400,000 Lamborghini Performante caught fire at a Missouri gas station following a bizarre sequence of events.

7 Days Ago   A bizarre accident over the weekend saw a pricey Lamborghini Huracan get wedged underneath a Honda Civic. While the trusty and reliable Honda Civic appeared to emerge unscathed, the same can't be said for the Lambo which likely costs somewhere in the $200,000 to $250,000 range.

7 Days Ago   If we go back a few years, you might recall that early prototypes of Tesla's Model X featured a design without traditional side view mirrors. Instead, the car featured a pair of side-mounted video cameras that enabled drivers to more readily take stock of the traffic behind them.

8 Days Ago   Over the past few years, Apple has relied more heavily upon Intel as a supplier for LTE modems for the iPhone. This, of course, shouldn't come as much of a surprise given Apple's penchant for sourcing components from different suppliers, not to mention Apple's ongoing legal squabbles with Qualcomm over royalty payments.

10 Days Ago   It's become practically impossible to keep up with the sheer volume of new content Netflix releases every single month. From new seasons of established hits to a wide array of new original series and licensed content, Netflix consistently does a remarkable job of keeping viewers satiated with a seemingly endless stream of new content.

11 Days Ago   Nearly two years ago, security researchers unearthed what was, at the time, arguably the most advanced piece of mobile hacking software the world had ever seen.

11 Days Ago   Over the past few months, Elon Musk has been rather open about his distaste for traditional media outlets who, so Musk claims, have a penchant for writing disingenuous hit pieces designed to portray Tesla in a negative light.

12 Days Ago   The July 4th holiday is upon us and people around the country are gearing up to watch one of America's most storied traditions. No, we're not talking about fireworks or even friendly neighborhood cookouts.

14 Days Ago   Not everyone thought it was possible, but Tesla towards the end of June finally manged to manufacture 5,000 Model 3 units per week. The path towards hitting that threshold, though, was anything but easy.

14 Days Ago   It's no secret that Tesla has something of a long history of over-promising and under-delivering. Indeed, every single car Tesla has ever made has been subject to extremely long production delays.

17 Days Ago   Though Apple is widely regarded for its world-class software, the launch of Apple Maps back with iOS 6 was nothing short of an embarrassment. Famously, the initial incarnation of Apple Maps was riddled with bugs, frustrating usability issues, and above all else, mapping directions that were far from reliable.

18 Days Ago   Compared to most car companies, Tesla's vehicular lineup -- which currently consists of the Model S, the Model X, and the Model 3 -- is remarkably small.

18 Days Ago   Netflix earlier today released a teaser trailer for Disenchantment, a new animated series from Futurama and The Simpsons creator Matt Groening. The first season of Disenchantment will consist of 10 episodes and is slated to premiere on August 17th.

19 Days Ago   Marking an end to one of the more high-profile tech disputes of our time, Apple and Samsung earlier today settled their ongoing patent dispute that raged on unabated for seven years.

20 Days Ago   As far as ambitious production cars are concerned, Tesla's next-gen Roadster arguably stands in a class of its own. Originally unveiled this past November, Tesla's forthcoming Roadster is nothing short of a speed demon.

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