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Yesterday   Security researchers from Trend Micro recently unearthed a piece of Android malware known as Anibus that managed to sneak into the Google Play Store with a little bit of creativity.

Yesterday   To say that Tesla has been unprofitable for the majority of its existence may be truthful, but it isn't exactly fair. As a relatively new automotive upstart, Tesla for quite some time wasn't so much focused on profits as it was with spending boatloads of cash on growth, investing in itself, and boosting production.

Yesterday   Without question, Netflix is still growing at an impressive clip. During the company's earnings report yesterday, the streaming giant revealed that it added 8.8 million new subscribers during the holiday quarter.

Yesterday   A new post on the Chinese website Weibo has revealed some exciting new tidbits about Apple's forthcoming iPhone 11. While you've likely heard that Apple's flagship iPhone this year will boast a triple-lens camera design, the Weibo posting -- which you might want to take with a huge grain of salt -- sheds a little bit more light on what we can expect to see.

2 Days Ago   For as amazing as camera quality on the iPhone is today, the original iPhone camera was nothing to write home about. Equipped with nothing more than a fixed-focus 2-megapixel camera, the original iPhone delivered subpar pictures even compared to other devices at the time.

2 Days Ago   If you thought the leap from 3G to 4G was incredible, the forthcoming rollout of 5G will be nothing short of astounding. The data speeds afforded by 5G are genuinely hard to believe and will undoubtedly impact the way we use our devices in a fundamental way.

3 Days Ago   Hot on the heels of a wild leak which gave us a glimpse at intriguing renders of an iPhone 11 prototype, Steve Hemmerstoffer and CompareRaja are back again with another exclusive report about what features we can expect to see in Apple’s next-gen iPhone.

4 Days Ago   Remember a few years ago when Tim Cook promised Apple would double down on product secrecy? Well, as much as Apple tries, the company simply can’t keep details about upcoming products under wraps.

4 Days Ago   In a development that will likely have huge implications for the future of space travel, China’s Chang’e 4 lunar lander successfully managed to plant and sprout cotton seeds on the Moon.

4 Days Ago   When Apple introduced the Lightning connector in 2012, the reaction was somewhat mixed. Sure, the Lightning connector offered a range of functional improvements over the 30-pin dock connector, but some folks simply couldn't come to grips with the fact that the new technology essentially rendered many of their existing iOS accessories useless.

5 Days Ago   A surprising detail that emerged during the FTC’s antitrust suit against Qualcomm is that Apple actually wanted to use Qualcomm chips across its 2018 iPhone lineup.

5 Days Ago   The exciting thing about Tesla's next-gen Roadster, aside from the car's outrageous specs, is that may actually launch on time. Now if you're inclined to scoff at that prediction, well, I can't say I blame you.

5 Days Ago   A lot of people recently have been saying that the smartphone landscape has gotten a bit boring. Despite some nice evolutionary improvements from the likes of Apple and Samsung over the years, the reality is that it's been a while since we've seen a new smartphone feature that, right out of the gate, is an absolute game-changer.

5 Days Ago   Samsung's next-gen smartphone lineup -- which will reportedly consist of four distinct devices -- will officially be unveiled at a special Unpacked event scheduled to take place in San Francisco on February 20.

5 Days Ago   The crazy thing about the Apple rumor mill is that it simply never stops. Even in the aftermath of Apple introducing its brand new iPhone models, supply chain rumors surrounding alleged new features Apple may add to its next-gen iPhone lineup typically surface within just a few weeks time.

7 Days Ago   It wasn't all that long ago that Apple enthusiasts would mock companies like Microsoft for announcing seemingly cool products that never shipped on time, if at all.

8 Days Ago   When Android founder Andy Rubin left Google in 2014, the departure was unexpected, if not shrouded in mystery. A few years later, a New York Times expose revealed that Rubin was essentially forced out of the search giant due to a handful of sexual misconduct claims from other Google employees.

8 Days Ago   As Apple looks to expand its range of services, the company is expected to launch a new TV streaming service later this year. Hardly a surprise, Apple in June of 2017 hired Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg -- two former Sony executives -- to spearhead the company's foray into the world of original programming.

9 Days Ago   It's a sad reality that phishing scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, often making it hard for even savvy users to differentiate between legitimate messages and ones designed to abscond with sensitive personal and financial information.

9 Days Ago   Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu certainly make it easier for us to consume the shows and movies we love. Instead of having to deal with costly monthly bills and a confusing matrix of programming tiers from cable providers, streaming services provide us with a much simpler and affordable alternative.

9 Days Ago   In the wake of a bombshell report detailing how carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile sell real-time location data of subscribers to third-parties, both of the aforementioned carriers have since come out and said that they will stop the practice immediately.

9 Days Ago   Is Apple's iPhone XR a flop? Hardly. As Tim Cook emphasized during a recent interview, the iPhone XR has been the top-selling iPhone model every single day since it launched a little more than two months ago.

10 Days Ago   If there's one thing we learned from Apple's protracted legal battle with Samsung, it's that Apple has no qualms about sitting back, racking up huge legal expenses, and letting justice run its course.

10 Days Ago   During an interview with CNBC yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple's biggest contribution to the world will ultimately be in the realm of healthcare.

10 Days Ago   The battle of the burgers is upon us. Over the past few years, the number of boutique burger shops has exploded across the country, giving meat-hungry Americans a seemingly endless number of burger options to clog their arteries.

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