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1 Hour Ago   Taco Bell's famous tag line is "run for the border," but a recent discovery might make "run to the hospital" a little bit more appropriate. The nationwide fast food chain earlier today said that it's recalling 2.3 million pounds of seasoned beef after a customer recently discovered a metal shaving in their meal.

12 Hours Ago   Google may have made a name for itself by focusing exclusively on software, but the company in recent years has jumped head first into the world of hardware.

23 Hours Ago   While Tesla's initial master plan ended with the release of a mass market EV -- which we now know as the Model 3 -- the company's automotive ambitions extend far beyond that.

Yesterday   Tesla's "Bioweapon Defense Mode" feature is proving to be quite effective for California Tesla owners when it comes to withstanding the ongoing wildfires out west. As a quick refresher, the "Bioweapon Defense Mode" feature works to diminish the impact polluted air can have on a vehicle's occupants.

Yesterday   If you're in the market for a new iPhone but want a device that's a bit more wallet-friendly than Apple's trio of iPhone 11 models, there's good news on the horizon.

4 Days Ago   With Google's "Made by Google" event set to take place next week, the search giant will likely have no shortage of surprises in store for us.

4 Days Ago   Apple's share price has been somewhat volatile over the past few months as concerns over a trade war with China and hefty tariffs loomed overhead. Now, with word that trade talks between the U.S.

5 Days Ago   Tesla certainly isn't the only EV company making strides in the automotive space, but if you're looking for an all-electric luxury sedan, Tesla has for some time now been the only game in town.

6 Days Ago   Netflix may have come to prominence as a company that sent out physical DVDs in the mail, but the company really took things to the next level when it turned its entire business model upside down and opted to focus on streaming video content instead.

6 Days Ago   Per usual, Tesla recently introduced a brand new feature and Consumer Reports already has a strong opinion about it. Just last month, Tesla rolled out Software Version 10.0, an update which the company boasts is the biggest software update they've ever done.

6 Days Ago   Over the past few years, whenever a friend would ask me for advice about buying a new MacBook, I'd tell them that it was probably worth waiting a bit.

6 Days Ago   The good news is that Apple is working on a successor to the surprisingly popular iPhone SE. The bad news is that the device, at least from some of the early rumors floating around, will not be a device devoted iPhone SE users will be interested in in the slightest.

7 Days Ago   There's no denying that the iPhone has become more durable over time, and with the iPhone 11, Apple set out to take things to the next level.

8 Days Ago   Back in the day, a new macOS release (or OS X if you want to be particular) was a huge event for Mac users. But as the world shifted from desktop to mobile computing en masse, Apple arguably started to neglect the Mac.

11 Days Ago   Spotify executives over the past few months hasn't been shy about leveling antitrust allegations at Apple, both in court and in interviews. Most notably, Spotify earlier in the year filed an antitrust complaint against Apple in the EU over the way Apple runs its App Store.

11 Days Ago   Apple is certainly no stranger to frivolous lawsuits, but the latest suit targeting the company really sets a new standard for absurdity. According to a report from Newsweek, a Russian man is suing Apple on the allegation that an app he downloaded turned him gay.

12 Days Ago   Without question, Night mode on the iPhone 11 is the standout feature on Apple's next-gen iPhone lineup. And with good reason, Night mode enables users to take surprisingly crisp photos in incredibly low-light environments.

13 Days Ago   Since releasing iOS 13 a few weeks ago, Apple has been pumping out updates at a furious pace. And with good reason, the initial incarnation of iOS 13 was a bit buggy, to say the least.

13 Days Ago   A new icon unearthed in the recently released iOS 13.2 beta provides us with a look at what may very well be the new AirPods design we've been hearing so much about over the past few months.

13 Days Ago   Without question, the biggest selling point of Apple’s new iPhone 11 lineup revolves around the device's new and advanced cameras. More specifically, the main attraction of Apple's new iPhone 11 cameras is the Night mode feature that allows users to take incredibly stunning and crisp photos even in low-light environments.

14 Days Ago   For reasons that still remain a bit unclear, the idea of breaking up large tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon has became a popular talking point for a few Democratic presidential candidates this year.

15 Days Ago   With Elon Musk often saying that Tesla vehicles are the only cars that get better after they leave the lot, Tesla a few days ago rolled out a software update with a ton of new and intriguing features.

15 Days Ago   In the early days of the iPhone, Apple would routinely surprise us with a brand new form factor at least once every two years. But as the iPhone matured, Apple started to switch things up far less frequently.

16 Days Ago   When season five of Breaking Bad was winding down, series creator Vince Gilligan said that he was looking forward to exploring other projects outside of the Breaking Bad universe.

17 Days Ago   The origin story of Google Images is a bit unusual and, believe it or not, can be traced all the way back to the iconic green dress Jennifer Lopez wore at the February 2000 Grammy Awards.

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