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38 Minutes Ago   Betsy DeVos used personal email accounts for her government work as the Secretary of Education in 'limited' cases, the Inspector General said. The report also found DeVos did not consistently preserve her government-related email messages properly, as is required by federal law.

1 Hour Ago   Trump directed ex WH lawyer McGahn NOT to testify before House Dems about Mueller report

1 Hour Ago   “The Trump administration is ending funding for a network of research centers focused on environmental threats to kids, imperiling several long-running studies of pollutants' effects on child development,” report @CorbinHiar & @ArielWittenberg for @EENewsUpdates.

2 Hours Ago   U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves is scheduled to hear arguments on Tuesday

2 Hours Ago   A massive database hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Mumbai-based internet company Chtrbox that contained contact info for millions of Instagram accounts for influencers, celebrities and brands has been discovered leaked online.

3 Hours Ago   Guatemalan minor is fourth to have died in custody under Trump campaign

3 Days Ago   How messed up is America? This messed up. Schoolteachers are being encouraged to use an app to alert police and school employees about an active shooting incident in real time, as the mass shooting happens.

3 Days Ago   Donald Trump reportedly wants his 'Border Wall' painted black and with spiky spikes. Before Donald Trump became president, he is reported to have spent much of his time reviewing color swatches for hotel carpeting and the like, according to one of the writers who worked closely with him in decades gone by.

3 Days Ago   A Washington, D.C. judge today ordered the U.S. Justice Department to post public transcripts of a Michael Flynn voicemail that reportedly captures Trump/Congress efforts "that could have affected both his willingness to cooperate and the completeness of that cooperation.

4 Days Ago   “Officials have gathered up more than 4,000 residents over the past two years for deradicalization and textile-making courses.” An important and difficult read in the Wall Street Journal today about the Chinese government's indoctrination camps for the Muslim Uighur minority, and how those concentration camps provide essentially slave labor for factories that supply big Western brands like H&M, Adidas, Gap -- even Kraft Heinz, the ketchup makers.

4 Days Ago   Dog Break. Got some sweet wholesome loving dog content for your internet experience. Momma golden retriever. Poppa golden retriever. Big floofy pile of adorable beribboned baby golden retriever pups.

4 Days Ago   Those googly eye glasses sure do the trick. Can hardly tell he's still a Great Dane. Dogs really are the best people. Dogs are the best people.

4 Days Ago   #Batwoman is coming Sundays this Fall to The CW.

4 Days Ago   You've heard of those dog-walking apps like Wag, where you can summon someone to go walk your dog? Now there's a thing like that but for humans in Los Angeles, California.

4 Days Ago   Gucci’s new $800 ‘Indy Full Turban’ was not a good idea. “As a Sikh, I see this as a huge sign of disrespect and disregard toward Sikhism,” an observer tweeted about images of a thin white guy model strutting down the catwalk with the Gucci “Indy Turban” on.

4 Days Ago   Facebook announced today that is has banned an Israeli firm that ran a foreign psyops campaign to disrupt election results in various countries. Facebook claims to have canceled dozens of accounts engaged in spreading disinformation, they said Thursday.

4 Days Ago   Here's how to help women who need and/or want an abortion in Alabama.

4 Days Ago   'If you suspect political bias caused such an action to be taken against you, share your story with President Trump.'

5 Days Ago   'Mythbusters' TV star Adam Savage's first book is out. 'Every Tool's a Hammer: Life Is What You Make It' is a wonderful read, in which Adam shares his own personal guidelines for creativity, from inspiration to execution.

5 Days Ago   So soft. So relaxing. So sweet. So relaxing [via] Read the rest

5 Days Ago   Strawberry Short-fluff! “Oreo likes to talk with his mouth full,” says IMGURian OreoCat. Unmute it and turn up the volume. Strawberry shortfluff [via] Read the rest

5 Days Ago   Marginalized Native American communities throughout the United States could have better access to high-speed internet if the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decides to allow tribes to use the Educational Broadband Services (EBS) spectrum for services like telemedicine, transmitting medical records electronically, or an online high school.

5 Days Ago   U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai proposed a new rule to allow carriers to block robocalls. “The American people are fed up with illegal robocalls,” he said.

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