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Yesterday   I’ve seen a couple of verified reports that Microsoft is now pushing the newly revised Win10 September-October-November-December 2018 Update, version 1809, on “seekers.” Be aware that Microsoft, once again, interprets a click on “Check for updates,” as giving carte blanche to install whatever is in the kettle.

4 Days Ago   November’s patches initially appeared relatively innocuous, with a few catastrophic problems in 64-bit Office 2010, which is a bit of a standing joke anyway. As the month melted on, we saw a Win10 version 1803 second cumulative update, KB 4467682, that caused havoc, including blue screens on Surface Book 2 PCs, and customized Start Menu bugs (thx, Günter Born).

5 Days Ago   Microsoft released Win10 version 1809 — the Windows 10 September-October-November-December 2018 Update — to the unwashed masses back on Oct. 2. Four days later, in a flurry of major bugs including permanently deleted files, Microsoft yanked the bits.

6 Days Ago   Microsoft has long had problems with its second monthly cumulative updates. In recent months, we've seen a string of bad "non-security" second monthly updates, which are pushed out the Windows Update chute without any external testing.

7 Days Ago   Those of you in the Windows Insider Release Preview Ring were treated to yet another patch yesterday. This latest KB 4469342 (the fourth version to bear the same name) brings the Windows 10 September-October-November-(checks calendar)-December 2018 Update to build 17763.168.

12 Days Ago   By far the most important reason for this month’s relative patching calm: Microsoft decided to wait and get the Windows 10 (version 1809) patch right instead of throwing offal against a wall and seeing what sticks.

13 Days Ago   We may be witnessing a Patch Festivus Miracle in the making. The powers-that-be in Redmond have slowed down the relentless pace of Win10 updates and, at least in the case of the latest version of the last version of Windows, we may actually see a responsibly vetted patch.

14 Days Ago   Two weeks ago we witnessed an amazing change in Microsoft’s approach to patching Windows 10. For the first time, Microsoft pushed a test version of a cumulative update to Win10 1809 out through the Windows Insider Release Preview Ring — which is exactly why we have a Release Preview Ring.

21 Days Ago   There’s an important move afoot, if you’re using Windows 7 or Server 2008, or an older version of Windows Server Update Services. Starting in April, Windows updates will all be sent out with SHA-2 encryption, usurping the old SHA-1.

22 Days Ago   Two related Office 2010 non-security patches issued on Nov. 6 were pulled on Nov. 17. KB 4461522 and KB 2863821 are both related to changes coming in the Japanese calendar next month attributed to the abdication of Emperor Akihito in favor of his son, Naruhito.

25 Days Ago   I’m starting to think that the people now in charge of Win10 version 1809 know what they’re doing. [ Related: Windows 10 October 2018 Update: Key enterprise features ] First, we saw a rudimentary list of known bugs in 1809, along with a point-by-point notice of what’s being done, and what you can do to fix the bugs.

26 Days Ago   Those of you on Win10 Pro version 1703 — that’s my version of choice — just ran out of time, at least to a first approximation.

27 Days Ago   Yesterday Microsoft released security patches for 63 separately identified vulnerabilities and three new Security Advisories. Microsoft rates 12 of the security holes as “critical,” and 8 of those are for the Edge scripting engine.

28 Days Ago   It’s been an interesting morning, in an ancient Chinese curse kind of way. First we saw an official announcement that Windows Server 2019 was released. (Server 2019 is based on the Win10 1809 platform.) Only one problem: The bits weren’t available as advertised, and then the page was pulled.

29 Days Ago   Rumors swirling all over the blogosphere have Microsoft re-releasing the ill-fated Win10 version 1809 on Patch Tuesday this month. Personally, given the dearth of worthwhile features in 1809 and the painful first release last month, I’d rather that they just wait a week or a month or six, until it’s fully baked, but that probably won’t happen.

33 Days Ago   If you see a bogus report about an invalid Win10 Pro license, relax. It’s just Microsoft’s servers screwing up, again, and everything should be copacetic in a couple of days.

33 Days Ago   Yesterday, Microsoft released ADV180028, Guidance for configuring BitLocker to enforce software encryption, in response to a clever crack published on Monday by Carlo Meijer and Bernard van Gastel at Radboud University in the Netherlands (PDF).

39 Days Ago   October will certainly go down in the Annals of Windows Offal as one of the worst patching months ever. Click “Check for updates” and get your Documents and Photos wiped out.

42 Days Ago   This month’s Windows 7 Monthly Rollup, KB 4462923, has gone missing. I’ve seen complaints about the reticent Rollup — where, people wondered, did the October Monthly Rollup go?

46 Days Ago   Microsoft’s exchange policy on bad Surface Pro 4s flops around from day to day, from location to location. From Flickergate to bad TypeCovers to battery drain to touch that doesn’t, the SP4 is a disaster — and it’s been that way for three years.

46 Days Ago   Sometimes I despair for the PC industry. Microsoft has, somehow, convinced people – even arguably sane industry pundits – that Windows 10 Home is “good enough” for its latest PCs, which is to say the Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Laptop 2.

47 Days Ago   Back on Oct. 18, a “C Week” Thursday, Microsoft released hefty rounds of bug fixes for Win10 1607, 1703 and 1709. At the time, I wondered out loud why the latest (unyanked) version of Win10, version 1803, didn’t get a similar dose.

48 Days Ago   Best free apps for Windows 10 Image by ipopba / Getty Images With Windows 10 adoption ramping up, many folks are looking for ways to further improve the Win10 experience.

53 Days Ago   Remember how patches always came on Tuesdays? Looks like we’re back to getting patches – sometimes large patches – on random days of the week. Let’s look at them chronologically.

55 Days Ago   This month’s bad patches made headlines. Lots of headlines. For good reason. You have my sympathy if you clicked “Check for updates” and got all of the files in your Documents and Photos folders deleted.

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