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Yesterday   No, Shaukat Yousafzai is not a furry. The regional Pakistani minister just happened to be on the wrong (perhaps right?) end of a social media snafu.

4 Days Ago   Buying almost anything is ridiculously easy in 2019. I can wave my phone at a contactless payment terminal to buy groceries, order my groceries online and have them delivered to me, and my therapist just told me there’s an app that’ll deliver your meds to you.

5 Days Ago   After months of rumors, it appears a Facebook cryptocurrency is imminent. Reports last week said its planned launch is slated for June 18, and now it appears that the cryptocurrency, Libra, has some legit backers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

6 Days Ago   Nostalgia sells—that’s abundantly clear when you look at how instant cameras went from rotting in a tech graveyard to gracing the shelves of seemingly every Urban Outfitters.

6 Days Ago   Even if the days of your youth are long past, chances are you know Fortnite and that flossing dance are popular with the kids. Building on that success, Epic Games—the company behind Fortnite and creator of Unreal Engine—just acquired Houseparty, a social video app popular with teens.

7 Days Ago   Smartphones have made plenty of tech obsolete. Yet every time I get a buzz for a text, I can’t help but feel a deep yearning for the old glory days of T9 texting.

7 Days Ago   Hot off the heels of releasing its standalone Stations app, Spotify is leaning even harder into that whole ‘reinvent the radio’ vibe. Today, the music streaming company released a new playlist called “Your Daily Drive” that uses an algorithm to mash together short-form podcasts and music.

7 Days Ago   The internet is full of sites, and a crap ton of them are run by WordPress. But around 1:05 pm today, something went sideways for sites hosted on the Wordpress VIP Go platform...and an internet star was born.

8 Days Ago   The U.S. Justice Department recently signaled it was exploring possible antitrust investigations into Google and Apple. Leading those investigations—assuming they actually happen—would be none other than Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim, a former lobbyist that presidential hopeful and Massachusetts Senator … Read more...

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