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5 Days Ago   A security researcher has said it’s surprisingly easy to take over some Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-connected speakers and get them to emit sounds that can irritate or disorientate the listener, or even damage their hearing.

6 Days Ago   Messaging app Telegram has just released some new features that are bound to please. Slow Mode aims to bring some order to group chats, while Silent Messages ensures you won’t wake your buddy if you get in touch late in the day.

8 Days Ago   More and more companies are developing autonomous wheel-based robots in an effort to expand their last-mile delivery operations. Amazon and Postmates are two such players aiming to get the most out of the technology.

9 Days Ago   NASA is planning to send astronauts to the moon again in just a few years from now. But there's plenty of work ahead if it's to stick to its 2024 mission plan, including testing the propulsion system of its Orion spacecraft.

9 Days Ago   Facebook will reportedly pay established news publishers millions of dollars to host their content on its site. A dedicated news section featuring content from well-known media brands is expected to launch in the fall.

10 Days Ago   Having pretty much perfected the art of rocket landings, SpaceX is now working out how to catch a rocket fairing in a giant net. On Tuesday, the company achieved the feat for a second time, and posted a video of it online.

10 Days Ago   Does your iPhone ever cause you frustration? How about your MacBook Pro keyboard, do those sticky keys drive you crazy? If so, you might like to check out Apple’s first ASMR videos, designed to calm your soul.

11 Days Ago   Small-satellite launcher Rocket Lab wants to follow in SpaceX's footsteps by creating a reusable rocket system. But whereas SpaceX brings its booster back in a controlled landing, Rocket Lab has an altogether different plan ...

11 Days Ago   Google Images has launched a new side panel for desktop that keeps a selected image in place when you scroll up and down. The new feature makes it a whole lot easier to compare images while conducting a search.

11 Days Ago   SpaceX successfully deployed a communications satellite for Israeli firm Spacecom on Tuesday. The successful mission came three years after the loss of a $200 million Spacecom satellite in a SpaceX Falcon 9 launchpad explosion.

11 Days Ago   Workers at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City can now make their way around the 300-acre industrial park in Optimus Ride's self-driving shuttles. The tech startup says it's the first trial of its kind in New York state.

12 Days Ago   More and more firms are developing battery-powered vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, with the latest effort shown off this week by tech firm NEC. The successful test flight saw the machine stay airborne for about 40 seconds.

12 Days Ago   Feeling generous? Amazon has just launched a $25 back-to-school charity initiative where you can ask Alexa to donate a backpack full of school supplies to a student in need.

12 Days Ago   SpaceX is ramping up its commercial efforts with a new program offering regularly scheduled, dedicated rideshare missions for small satellite operators, ending their need to piggyback on missions for larger operators.

13 Days Ago   Elon Musk wants to tunnel beneath China. It’s OK, it’s nothing sinister. Rather, it’s part of a plan to take his Boring Company's subterranean transportation efforts beyond the U.S.

13 Days Ago   Tesla recently rolled out an over-the-air update to fix a worrying Dog Mode bug that had the potential to let a car's interior become too hot.

13 Days Ago   Franky Zapata has become the first person to fly across the English Channel on a jet-powered flyboard. The French inventor made the crossing in 22 minutes, reaching speeds of 110 mph in what was his second attempt at the record.

16 Days Ago   Google is launching a new feature that lets emergency callers communicate with a 911 operator without uttering a word. It means those unable to speak during a call can communicate a message in a few quick taps on their handset.

16 Days Ago   Scootersharing services such as Bird see some of their two-wheelers fall apart pretty fast once they hit the road. That's why the company has built its latest electric scooter to cope with rough rides and more.

16 Days Ago   Amazon's diminutive Dash button is about to die. The ecommerce giant has said that from the end of August, customers will no longer be able to use its press-to-buy button to order products from its shopping site.

17 Days Ago   Bentley is diversifying -- into honey. The maker of luxury cars has installed two beehives on the perimeter of its main campus in England as part of efforts to improve its green credentials and boost the local bee population.

17 Days Ago   The FAA's original B4UFLY app for drone pilots was roundly lambasted for being confusing, slow, and glitchy when it launched in 2016. On Wednesday it rolled out an overhauled, improved app to help drone owners fly safely.

17 Days Ago   Lyft has suspended its bikesharing operation in San Francisco following two fires in the space of a few days. The cause is thought to be faulty batteries that power the electric two-wheelers, though this is yet to be confirmed.

18 Days Ago   It's happened to us all. You order a small item on Amazon only for the seller to send it out in a box that's unnecessarily huge.

18 Days Ago   Facebook talked a couple of years ago about creating technology that lets you type with your mind. Aimed primarily at patients with speech loss due to paralysis, the company recently offered an update on its ambitious project.

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