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6 Hours Ago   "They told me incidents like that happen all of the time," whistleblower wrote.

4 Days Ago   After 48 hours we haven't seen any sign people are using Waymo's service.

5 Days Ago   The blockchain world has yet to find a killer app to drive mainstream adoption.

6 Days Ago   "Twitter allowed someone to invade my text," Giuliani tweeted.

6 Days Ago   Waymo finally begins commercial operations—albeit with safety drivers.

8 Days Ago   Why retirement communities are on the bleeding edge of driverless technology.

11 Days Ago   NYT report is the latest example of black autoworkers enduring racist acts and language.

11 Days Ago   The boxing champ endorsed Centra, whose founders now face federal fraud charges.

12 Days Ago   Starbucks promised to block porn in 2016 but was slow to follow through.

13 Days Ago   "Search engines can be used to suppress particular viewpoints," Congressman says.

14 Days Ago   Google employees are getting bolder about publicly protesting Google policies.

14 Days Ago   Apple argues a 1977 Supreme Court precedent bars customers from suing.

15 Days Ago   GM is cutting jobs and car models despite earning healthy profits.

17 Days Ago   There's growing appetite among Republicans for regulating big tech companies.

20 Days Ago   Facebook makes users depressed, and Facebook posts helped fuel ethnic cleansing.

21 Days Ago   Engineers were reportedly encouraged to limit "bad experiences" to one per trip.

21 Days Ago   Donald Trump savaged Hillary Clinton for using a personal email account in 2016.

22 Days Ago   Every major cryptocurrency has seen its value plunge in recent days.

24 Days Ago   A government cut-and-paste error revealed Assange has apparently been charged.

25 Days Ago   Filing in unrelated case mentions criminal charges against Wikileaks founder.

25 Days Ago   Victim was flooded with hundreds of violent and anti-Semitic messages.

26 Days Ago   A New York Times expose reveals how Facebook sought to discredit critics.

27 Days Ago   Bitcoin's value falls below $5,500 for the first time since 2017.

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