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2 Hours Ago   Late-night TV mockery helps "Devin Nunes' cow" rack up over 420,000 followers.

6 Hours Ago   New Zealand's chief censor classified the Christchurch video objectionable.

23 Hours Ago   There's been a rash of conservative lawsuits against big tech companies.

Yesterday   Agency is asking judge to hold Elon Musk in contempt after a misleading tweet.

Yesterday   Publishing "unreliable socially significant information" can lead to big fines.

2 Days Ago   "I don't trust some computer to drive me around," Trump reportedly said.

6 Days Ago   Legal expert: Spotify has "pretty good case" against Apple.

7 Days Ago   An NYPD investigation failed to turn up the rumored audio tape.

8 Days Ago   The SEC has asked a judge to hold Musk in contempt for a misleading tweet.

12 Days Ago   Tesla just shifted the goalposts for "full self-driving" technology.

14 Days Ago   The policy has angered some customers who pre-ordered the technology.

14 Days Ago   The driver of the Uber vehicle could still face criminal charges.

15 Days Ago   A 2017 lawsuit accused Google of underpaying women.

16 Days Ago   SUV will cost about 10 percent more than Model 3, won't have falcon-wing doors.

18 Days Ago   It's not known if Autopilot was active at the time of the crash.

20 Days Ago   New York Times: Facebook is building a new cryptocurrency for WhatsApp payments.

20 Days Ago   "The SEC takes this very seriously," a legal scholar told Ars.

21 Days Ago   IBM included Brazilian and South African racial terms in a US intern application.

22 Days Ago   The Trump administration argued the deal would raise prices for consumers.

22 Days Ago   SEC says Musk broke a promise to get tweets pre-approved by Tesla lawyers.

25 Days Ago   Apple is fleeing the patent-friendly courts of the Eastern District of Texas.

26 Days Ago   Employees will be able to sue in court, including class-action lawsuits.

26 Days Ago   Owner survey finds issues with paint and trim, cracked windows, and touchscreen.

27 Days Ago   Copyright overhaul could effectively mandate automated content filtering.

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