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2 Days Ago   Report says driver looked down for more than six minutes of the 22-minute trip.

3 Days Ago   A controversial ruling limiting software patents has been making a comeback.

3 Days Ago   Miller is an architect of Trump's controversial family separation policy.

5 Days Ago   Trump is seeking to lift the export ban as a "personal favor" to China.

9 Days Ago   Driverless shuttles may be the first step toward fully self-driving cars.

12 Days Ago   Job cuts are needed to reach sustained profitability, Elon Musk said.

12 Days Ago   "The death penalty is an appropriate punishment," Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) says.

13 Days Ago   Tesla changes its software after Autopilot-related crashes.

13 Days Ago   Apple is worried about the battery drain from background cryptocurrency mining.

14 Days Ago   Creator of a breakthrough compression algorithm fights to keep it patent-free.

16 Days Ago   Recent Tesla Autopilot crashes hold a lesson for the whole industry.

17 Days Ago   Model X "began a left steering movement," then sped up, report finds.

17 Days Ago   Google says its systems are not yet able to comply with the disclosure rules.

17 Days Ago   Deal follows terms outlined by Donald Trump in a May tweet.

18 Days Ago   Waymo is racking up test miles faster and faster as a commercial launch nears.

20 Days Ago   Cruise CEO has called San Francisco testing "challenging but necessary."

23 Days Ago   When it comes to self-driving cars, there's Waymo and then there's everyone else.

24 Days Ago   Over-the-air update improves Model 3 braking distance by up to 20 feet.

25 Days Ago   Driverless car testing is shrouded in secrecy. Two senators want to change that.

26 Days Ago   How self-driving technology could transform everything from retail to transit.

31 Days Ago   Gamers charged with obstruction for deleting possibly incriminating messages.

31 Days Ago   Driver says she was looking at an Uber touchscreen, not a smartphone, before crash.

31 Days Ago   Mayor: "Uber did not tell me" about plans to test driverless cars in Pittsburgh.

32 Days Ago   The "interactive space" around Trump tweets is a public forum, judge rules.

32 Days Ago   "We intend to drive in a much more limited way," Uber executive writes.

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