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7 Days Ago   Google is moving its production of US-bound Nest devices and server hardware out of China in order to avoid tariffs as high as 25 percent, reports Bloomberg.

12 Days Ago   Starting this fall in the US, Walmart customers in select cities can choose to have their groceries delivered directly into their refrigerators when away from home.

14 Days Ago   Ikea’s Symfonisk speakers will have a dedicated wireless controller when the $179 table lamp and a $99 bookshelf model ship in August. That means that Ikea’s Sonos-compatible speakers will be controllable via the Sonos app, Ikea’s Trådfri smart home app, and the new Symfonisk Sound Remote, which can also control Sonos-branded speakers.

16 Days Ago   What you’re looking at could be the world’s first under-display camera. The video was posted to Oppo’s official Twitter account without much detail. What we can see, though, is a working front-facing camera that doesn’t need a notch, tear drop, hole punch, or pop-up sliding mechanism to leave that edge-to-edge display uninterrupted.

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36 Days Ago   A vulnerability discovered in Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging app is being exploited to inject commercial spyware onto Android and iOS phones by simply calling the target, reports The Financial Times.

44 Days Ago   The EU is preparing to launch a formal antitrust investigation against Apple following Spotify’s official complaint, reports the Financial Times. Spotify claims that Apple uses its App Store to stifle innovation and limit consumer choice in favor of its own Apple Music service.

54 Days Ago   Google Search is home to a new Easter egg celebrating today’s theatrical release of Avengers: Endgame. Just Google “Thanos” on desktop or mobile, and then click the gauntlet.

55 Days Ago   Verizon said it would deploy 5G in more than 30 cities in 2019. Today it’s naming 20 cities, in addition to Chicago and Minneapolis where the service has already been activated.

55 Days Ago   Even HyperSmooth can’t keep a camera level when you’re not Continue reading…

55 Days Ago   Nintendo sold 2.47 million Switch consoles in the January to March quarter, or 16.95 million units for the financial year. Nintendo’s original target for the financial year was 20 million Switch consoles, later revised to a more realistic 17 million units.

61 Days Ago   Foxconn on Friday reiterated its plans to build an LCD display manufacturing plant in Wisconsin starting this summer, two days after the state’s governor said he wanted to revisit the deal.

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70 Days Ago   I was skeptical of the Agazzi urban backpack when my colleague and fellow bag nerd, Vlad Savov, linked me to its Kickstarter. Why in the hell would anyone need a bag with a fingerprint lock or internal and external lights, I thought, and why should they risk “buying” it via crowdfunding?

95 Days Ago   You’ve seen the prototypes, but now Ikea has set the date to show off its first Sonos-powered Symfonisk speakers. The “products” (plural) will be revealed on April 9th in Milan, before they’re expected to go on sale in August.

96 Days Ago   Facebook is reporting all services operational after a prolonged outage that impacted all of the company’s most popular apps. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram all went down to some degree at about the same time around 11AM ET on March 13th, affecting users around the world.

102 Days Ago   Ampler is back with its 2019 lineup of electric bikes that feature integrated batteries and up to 100 kilometers (62 miles) of pedal-assisted range from a 250-watt rear-hub motor.

110 Days Ago   The 7Sphere Ski Jacket from KJUS pumps away sweat as fast as you make it Continue reading…

133 Days Ago   Right on schedule, Sonos and Sonance are today announcing a new series of in-wall, in-ceiling, and weatherproof outdoor speakers. The collection of passive speakers — called Sonos Architectural by Sonance — is specifically designed to work with the Sonos Amp for built-in whole-home streaming audio.

138 Days Ago   Samsung Vietnam has reportedly posted, and removed, a video teaser for the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event scheduled for February 20th. In it, the company demonstrates a mix of existing and conceptual devices, one of which is a foldable phone.

139 Days Ago   Ultraviolet, one of the entertainment industry’s first attempts at creating a comprehensive digital locker service, is shutting down on July 31st, as first reported by Variety.

141 Days Ago   Anyone who understands how iPhones and Macs are made knows how hollow President Trump’s boasts about Apple bringing production back to the United States are. But if you’re looking for a solid anecdote explaining why, then The New York Times delivers with a story about a screw, and how it, and other factors, handcuffed Apple’s ability to mass-produce the ill-fated Mac Pro in Texas.

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