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3 Days Ago   The Rugged SSD Pro carries an IP67 rating. | Image: LaCie LaCie has a new portable SSD drive that should remove some of the confusion around USB-C connectivity.

3 Days Ago   The Symfonisk remote control now has an official product page showing a price of €14.99. First spotted on the French Ikea website by Tweakers, the remote is designed to control Ikea’s Sonos-compatible Symfonisk speakers and will begin shipping in the UK and beyond on October 1st, according to the reliable Dutch tech site.

4 Days Ago   Disney+ on Android and Apple TV (background). | Photo by Thomas Ricker / The Verge I just spent the last few minutes signing up for Disney+ and downloading apps for iOS, Android, and Apple TV.

4 Days Ago   Opening up the modular Fairphone 3. | Image: iFixit The Fairphone 3 is that rare gadget that’s designed to last, not to be quickly replaced through a relentless cycle of planned obsolescence.

5 Days Ago   Fans of cute, boxy cars, take notice! The production model of the electric Honda e has just been revealed in Frankfurt along with final specs and pricing.

7 Days Ago   An early concept image of the pickup truck shown at the unveiling of the Tesla Semi. | Image: Tesla The Tesla pickup truck, described by Elon Musk as “the coolest car I’ve ever seen,” is now looking at a November reveal at the earliest, according to a tweet from the Tesla CEO.

9 Days Ago   The Orbi WiFi 6 Mesh system includes a router and satellite. | Image: Netgear How much do you love Wi-Fi? Enough to spend $699.99 on a new high-performance Orbi mesh network?

10 Days Ago   Garmin’s brand new Venu family of AMOLED sport watches. | Image: Garmin After announcing its Fenix 6 flagship GPS multi-sport watch with solar charging last week, Garmin is back with three more wearables for fitness fetishists.

10 Days Ago   Garmin is following up on its Marvel-themed wearables for kids with two GPS watches for grown-ass adults. The special edition 40mm Captain Marvel watch inspired by Carol Danvers, and the 45mm First Avenger watch styled after Steve Rogers’ vintage 1940s military gear.

11 Days Ago   EcoFlow, maker of big-ass batteries that can even be stacked in the relentless pursuit of portable power, has returned with an even bigger-ass battery. Delta is dubbed “the world’s strongest battery generator” by the company and tops out with a capacity of 1300Wh and continuous AC output of 1800W.

11 Days Ago   The iPhone SE from 2016. | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge Apple is said to be preparing its first mid-range phone since the iPhone SE, with an expected launch in the spring.

12 Days Ago   The new GoCycle GXi. | Image: GoCycle GoCycle, makers of one of our favorite folding electric bikes, just announced the bike we’ve been waiting for: the GXi.

12 Days Ago   A RoomMe Personal Location Sensor (PLS) installed in a home. | Image: Intellithings Imagine a home that’s smart enough to adjust the temperature, lighting, or music based on who’s in a room at any given time.

12 Days Ago   The internal display on the Galaxy Fold. | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Samsung is on the cusp of finally releasing its long delayed Galaxy Fold and already rumors are picking up about a second Samsung foldable set to launch next year.

17 Days Ago   The Fenix 6 series of multi-sport GPS watches. | Image: Garmin Garmin’s new Fenix 6 series of multi-sport GPS watches is here. The lineup features the first Garmin watch with a transparent solar charging lens, larger 1.4-inch sunlight readable displays, and new features that can extend battery life and more accurately track your performance.

18 Days Ago   Sometimes, not often, but sometimes I like to end my day with a relaxing cocktail. This $4,399.99 refrigerator from LG gets me. It makes slow melting ice that’s large and round, which any highballer will tell you is superior to all other shapes for the purpose of undiluted alcohol delivery.

20 Days Ago   The Phyn Smart Water Assistant installed under a kitchen sink. | Image: Phyn The final frontier for many smart home owners is water management. Things start innocently enough with a few intelligent light bulbs, a dimmer or two, and a motion sensor.

24 Days Ago   Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge In addition to details on Apple’s 2019 hardware plans, Bloomberg is also offering insight into Apple’s audio accessory ambitions for 2020.

27 Days Ago   Nest Security Camera. | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge IFTTT, the free service that uses conditional applets to extend the functionality of smart home devices, has issued both good and bad news to Nest owners.

28 Days Ago   Purported Sonos Move Bluetooth speaker with base station. | Image via WinFuture We’re getting a better look at the long-awaited portable bluetooth speaker from Sonos thanks to a slew of new images posted by WinFuture.

29 Days Ago   Ikea Ikea is formalizing what has recently become all too obvious: the company is making a major bet on smart home tech as a source of new revenue.

45 Days Ago   Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Starting in early 2020, Google will present a new search provider choice screen to Android users in Europe when first setting up a new phone or tablet.

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