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7 Hours Ago   GSD&M President Marianne Malina tells us in her own words how she got into the business and shares some of the biggest lessons she has learned along the way.

5 Days Ago   Snapchat is incentivizing brands and media buyers, offering bonuses, discount coupons and media credits for media buys carried out in the second quarter of 2017. The post Snapchat is wooing ad buyers with discount coupons and bonuses appeared first on Digiday.

6 Days Ago   Pepsi is using Snapcodes to let users unlock a mobile game, a branded 3-D lens and branded geofilters on Snapchat. The post Pepsi is putting Snapchat barcodes on millions of soda cans appeared first on Digiday.

7 Days Ago   Pinterest's quick product roll-out, coupled with its emphasis on search and scale, seems to be working. The post ‘Gold from a marketer’s perspective’: Pinterest is quietly gaining a foothold among marketers appeared first on Digiday.

8 Days Ago   Brooklyn's Dumbo has emerged as a vibrant creative and tech hub home to a growing number of advertising agencies, now including Laundry Service. The post Inside the agency: Laundry Service’s new Dumbo digs appeared first on Digiday.

11 Days Ago   Here is a look at a few newer podcasts by ad agencies. The post Four ad agency podcasts to check out this weekend appeared first on Digiday.

12 Days Ago   Staying up to speed with the funky-fresh lingo of today’s kids may get brands some street cred, but it doesn't drive any bottom line. The post #SquadGoals: Brand snark and slang on social media doesn’t work appeared first on Digiday.

13 Days Ago   Instead of search history, Coca-Cola targeted consumers by serving them ads based on images they shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The post How Coca-Cola targeted ads based on people’s Facebook, Instagram photos appeared first on Digiday.

14 Days Ago   Snapchat is making several updates to its branded lenses and geofilters today. Here’s what marketers need to know. The post A marketer cheatsheet for Snapchat’s latest lens, filter options appeared first on Digiday.

18 Days Ago   The sheen has worn off cause- and purpose-based marketing, and Pepsi’s recent fiasco is to blame, marketers say. The post After Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner debacle, social issue-oriented advertising loses luster appeared first on Digiday.

18 Days Ago   With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we decided to ask the mothers of agency execs to explain what they they do. The post Here’s how agency execs’ mothers describe their children’s jobs appeared first on Digiday.

20 Days Ago   Havas Worldwide New York CEO Laura Maness takes us through her advertising career. The post Starting out with Havas’ Laura Maness: ‘You either win or you improve’ appeared first on Digiday.

21 Days Ago   Eliud Kipchoge may have been unable to break the two-hour marathon, but Nike still won, say marketers. The post Inside the success of Nike’s #breaking2 ‘moonshot’ appeared first on Digiday.

22 Days Ago   Tough Mudder is opening a digital storefront on Amazon where it's selling fitness gear and distributing video it's creating solely for the e-commerce giant. The post ‘Scaling our reach’: Tough Mudder is creating video content for Amazon appeared first on Digiday.

25 Days Ago   Agencies said Snapchat's now-confirmed plans to roll out a self-serve ad buying tool will help them target audiences and change campaigns on the fly. The post Agencies say new Snapchat self-serve platform will make it more competitive with Facebook appeared first on Digiday.

25 Days Ago   Skippy peanut butter has been discontinued in Canada, and the internet is freaking out. The post The internet is freaking out after Skippy is discontinued in Canada appeared first on Digiday.

26 Days Ago   DiGiorno recently conducted a social experiment that used facial recognition and emotion tracking software to gauge people's reaction to pizza. The post DiGiorno pizza used facial recognition to show how much people love pizza appeared first on Digiday.

27 Days Ago   FuckJerry has gone beyond its Instagram roots to become a full-blown social agency. The post FuckJerry: How a viral Instagram meme account became a marketing agency appeared first on Digiday.

28 Days Ago   A new “touchable” video by Macallan is the latest experiment in its digital marketing efforts. The post Scotch brand Macallan has a new touchable video appeared first on Digiday.

32 Days Ago   “Maybe we are the future in terms of evolution and the neurotypicals are the past, kind of like 'X-Men.'” The post ‘I’m just wired differently’: Why advertising seems to have so many people with dyslexia appeared first on Digiday.

34 Days Ago   Crispin Porter + Bogusky has launched an internal social network to improve communication across its global offices. The post CP+B launched an internal social network to improve employee communication appeared first on Digiday.

34 Days Ago   Brands including Birchbox and GoPro are trialling a new shoppable video layer that lets users purchase products on Instagram Stories and Snap Ads. The post Brands are testing shoppable videos on Instagram Stories and Snap Ads appeared first on Digiday.

36 Days Ago   Customers consider cable and cellphone companies to be the worst offenders, and most people are not willing to give a company another chance after two negative experiences.

39 Days Ago   Unlike the majority of agency execs, who come from agency and business backgrounds, 360i's global CEO Sarah Hofstetter actually got her start as a reporter at The New York Times.

40 Days Ago   Instagram Stories not only has more people using it daily versus Snapchat, but it is also increasingly attracting more ad dollars. The post Scale matters: Advertisers are opting for Instagram over Snapchat appeared first on Digiday.

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