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2 Days Ago   Unlike the majority of agency execs, who come from agency and business backgrounds, 360i's global CEO Sarah Hofstetter actually got her start as a reporter at The New York Times.

3 Days Ago   Instagram Stories not only has more people using it daily versus Snapchat, but it is also increasingly attracting more ad dollars. The post Scale matters: Advertisers are opting for Instagram over Snapchat appeared first on Digiday.

4 Days Ago   Expect brands to jump on the bandwagon soon to create social videos, say agency execs. The post Marketers have begun eyeing up Clips, Apple’s new camera app appeared first on Digiday.

5 Days Ago   Kind Snacks is launching a Facebook plugin that connects users with people vastly different from them to force them to embrace different points of view. The post A granola bar maker is out to pop your filter bubble appeared first on Digiday.

6 Days Ago   After sponsored geofilters, Snapchat is working on launching a new self-serve platform for its Snap ads product. The post Snapchat is launching a self-serve platform for Snap ads appeared first on Digiday.

9 Days Ago   Brands may have reached peak emoji, but they’re just about getting started on stickers. The post Branded stickers are the new branded emoji keyboards appeared first on Digiday.

10 Days Ago   Instead of waiting for you to download yet another voice app or skill on your smart device, Burger King has decided to use voice tech to barge straight into your home instead.

11 Days Ago   Its competitors may be riding the craft cocktail wave, but Three Olives vodka is sticking to its flavored vodka roots. The post How Three Olives tries to stand out in the saturated vodka market appeared first on Digiday.

12 Days Ago   United is scrambling again after videos of a passenger being dragged off a plane went viral. The post ‘Not something that can be spun’: United is a brand in crisis appeared first on Digiday.

13 Days Ago   Taser's rebrand is as much a bid to get rid of its previous image as it is to highlight its broader shift in focus, from controversial stun guns to police body cameras.

16 Days Ago   For agencies, the recent Pepsi fiasco could have very well been avoided -- had they also been in the room when the concept was developed. The post Opportunism knocks: Agencies use Pepsi debacle to blast in-house studios appeared first on Digiday.

16 Days Ago   Agencies including Rain, Maxus, Huge, We Are Social and CP+B are betting on the future of voice technology, doing everything from encouraging internal demos and hosting hackathons to get employees better acquainted with the technology in-house.

17 Days Ago   Returnship programs — which offer people a means to re­enter the workforce after taking time off — are few and far between. But they could be an answer to the ad industry's talent and diversity problem.

18 Days Ago   Shiseido's acquisition of agency Jwalk not only brings content in-house, but also allows the company to keep up to speed with the dizzying changes in digital.

18 Days Ago   The gender pay-gap is real, especially in advertising. And for Equal Pay Day, agencies are marking the occasion. Agency Doner is launched an internal wage audit and will stage an all-employee walkout across its offices in Detroit, Cleveland, Los Angeles and London today.

23 Days Ago   A day in the life of male beauty influencer Patrick Starrr, from his recent trip to New York City for the New York Fashion Week in February 2017.

23 Days Ago   Cities like Wilmington and Rochester may not exactly be hotbeds of advertising. But they attract talent for a wide array of reasons. The post How agencies attract talent to smaller cities like Wilmington and Rochester appeared first on Digiday.

24 Days Ago   Initially focused on courting advertising bigwigs like Gatorade and Taco Bell for sponsored lenses and video ads, Snapchat has now turned its attention to smaller brands and businesses.

25 Days Ago   In an era of selfies and smartphone cameras, retro mechanical cameras are making a comeback. And Polaroid is riding that nostalgia wave. The post Comeback story: Inside Polaroid’s digital revival appeared first on Digiday.

25 Days Ago   TBWA/Chiat/Day managing director Nancy Reyes tells us how she got into the business and shares some of the biggest lessons she has learned along the way.

26 Days Ago   Until a few years ago, people learned about the latest workout or plan in magazines, but now they more likely than not found it on Instagram.

30 Days Ago   In the past few months, a wide array of major American brands — including Microsoft, Chevrolet, CoverGirl and Hyatt — have prominently featured Muslim men, women and children in their marketing.

30 Days Ago   Many brands are ditching messaging apps to create SMS bots instead. The post ‘Accessibility and usability’: Why brands are turning to SMS bots appeared first on Digiday.

31 Days Ago   With internship season just around the corner, agencies are stepping up their game in order to attract the best creative, design and strategy interns. The post How 5 agencies are creatively recruiting summer interns appeared first on Digiday.

32 Days Ago   Two creatives have launched a website that highlights the inherent bias in news reporting by pitting headlines from CNN and Fox News against each other. The post Two ad agency creatives’ quest to take down biased news appeared first on Digiday.

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