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13 Hours Ago   Today, Virgin Orbit announced that Cosmic Girl, its modified Boeing 747-400 launch platform for its Launcher One rocket, will take off from the UK. This will make Cornwall Airport Newquay the first site in the UK to support launches to Earth orbit.

18 Hours Ago   Google is partnering with the United Nations to help measure the impact of human activity on ecosystems around the world. The project, which launches today, will provide real-time data to organizations and countries looking to plan and direct actions...

20 Hours Ago   Aston Martin is the latest luxury car company to express interest in creating a personal aerial vehicle. Today, the company unveiled its plans for a "flying car," a three-seat aircraft called the Volante Vision Concept.

2 Days Ago   The race to build a "flying car" has just become more crowded. This week, the Canadian company Opener revealed its new vehicle, called BlackFly. The one-person aircraft can travel up to 25 miles at a speed of 62 miles per hour.

3 Days Ago   This week, SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule arrived at Cape Canaveral, Florida after completing thermal vacuum and acoustic testing. This means the spacecraft is one step closer to its first launch, which will be an uncrewed test mission to the Internati...

3 Days Ago   This week, the National Science Foundation announced a groundbreaking discovery that provides answers to a question scientists have been asking for decades. A team at the NSF IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station was a...

4 Days Ago   Today, 9to5Mac discovered that Apple is discontinuing its Photo Print Products service. For those who used it, Photo Print Products was a seamless way to order prints and create photo albums, photo books and calendars.

4 Days Ago   The EPA may be in shambles after Scott Pruitt's short but brutal tenure, but California actually has some good news on the global warming front. The state is well ahead of its schedule for cutting greenhouse gases.

4 Days Ago   Today, Samsung announced that it is opening a Connected Customer Care Center in Greenville, South Carolina. This facility is aimed at improving and streamlining customer service across Samsung's entire range of products.

4 Days Ago   One of Twitter's biggest challenges (besides bots, abuse and Nazis) has been figuring out how to monetize the platform. Promoted tweets haven't always been especially effective, after all.

5 Days Ago   When Porsche opened its first electric car charging park outside its Berlin office, it installed super-fast 800-volt chargers. Now, these chargers have been plugged into the electric grid and are ready for use.

5 Days Ago   Facebook has been cutting back on breaking news in your News Feed, but the plan has been to replace it with a dedicated section of its Watch tab.

5 Days Ago   Last year, Engadget Senior Editor Richard Lai tried out the Bandai Namco VR arcade in Japan, and he had great things to say. But the experience was limited to Tokyo -- that is, until now.

5 Days Ago   Rocket Lab is a small startup that currently launches out of New Zealand, but its rockets may make their way stateside. The company has shortlisted four US-based spaceports to launch its Electron rocket.

6 Days Ago   Test Pilot for Firefox is a program that allows users who have downloaded stable build browsers to try out experimental features without having to take the risks of using a beta version.

6 Days Ago   Earlier this year, when Android Pay officially became Google Pay, we were surprised that the ability to send and receive money was still contained in a separate app (called Google Pay Send).

7 Days Ago   Chronic or slow-healing wounds are an increasing problem around the world. That's why a team of researchers at Tufts University is working on a smart bandage that can keep track of what is going on with a wound and release treatments as necessary...

7 Days Ago   This week, the European Space Agency (ESA) will perform a hot fire test on the P120C rocket engine. It is the largest-ever solid rocket motor ever built in one piece.

7 Days Ago   The efficiency of Japan's bullet trains are a modern marvel, and now JR East, the East Japan Railway Company, wants to increase it even further. The company began a two-year construction project that will get passengers from Ueno to Omiya an entire o...

10 Days Ago   Crystals won't do anything to cure diseases, despite the latest health craze floating around, but here's something they can do: cool down your computer. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Texas, Dallas...

11 Days Ago   Xbox's July update is rolling out to consoles today, and it introduces an exciting feature: FastStart. It's designed to prioritize the files necessary to start playing a game and download those first.

11 Days Ago   Sony has been leading the way when it come to mirrorless camera tech, leaving Nikon and Canon scrambling to catch up. Now, Nikon Rumors reports that Nikon has two mirrorless cameras on the way.

11 Days Ago   Apple may be releasing its next iPhone in a few more colors than usual. In addition to the usual gray and white, according to 9to5Mac, Ming-Chi Kuo reports that the entry-level 6.1-inch iPhone will be available in blue, red and orange.

11 Days Ago   After the EU Parliament's legal affairs committee narrowly passed a bill that would require tech companies to monitor and filter internet content to protect copyrights, approval by the full governmental body was inevitable.

13 Days Ago   Engadget has been around for 14 years and counting, which means our archives contain a veritable treasure trove of technology history. From notable reviews and news to the more mundane or ridiculous finds from across the internet, there's a lot to ex...

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