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Yesterday   In this series of features we're looking at life with an electric car. We've previously examined range anxiety and now we move to the counterpoint - charging

4 Days Ago   Prestigious English horse racing course, Ascot, will start to offer iPhone and Apple Watch users the chance to use digital ticketing, in a move similar

4 Days Ago   The new Sonos soundbar is compact but delivers expansive performance. From what we've heard, this small soundbar is a winner. Just a shame there's no

7 Days Ago   Just how good do you think you are at taking a picture of the night sky? That's the question thousands asked themselves earlier in the year and soon we

7 Days Ago   Billionaire Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wants to arm UK independent retailers with the tools to take on Amazon and other online giants.Also head and founder

8 Days Ago   With a bigger and more immersive screen than before, the fourth-gen Apple Watch is a step beyond its predecessor. A thinner design and other design

8 Days Ago   We all know one, those people that always seem to be travelling the country, or the world for work. But what do you get them as a gift for Father's Day?

8 Days Ago   You're after the ideal present for your music-loving Dad? Don't panic! We've not only got you covered, but we've got you covered without breaking the bank.Rather

8 Days Ago   Here's our guide to the best kitchen gifts - ideal fodder ahead of Father's Day 2019. Whether he's looking for an app-enabled kettle so he can make a

9 Days Ago   What do you get the gaming Dad in your life? Buy them a game and it's either the wrong one, they've already got it, they've completed it, or it's just

11 Days Ago   We all know someone that is cool. Someone that has a designer air about them. So why not show them you understand their "cool" by treating them to something

14 Days Ago   Apple is introducing a new feature as part of MacOS 10.15 Catalina that enables you to turn your iPad into a second display. And, iPad Pro owners will

15 Days Ago   Apple has launched a new feature called Sign in with Apple that has the potential to change the way we perceive Apple in the future and turn the company

26 Days Ago   There is no doubt about it, Tesla has been the flag-bearer, the champion, of electric cars and the main reason the electric car industry has gained the

35 Days Ago   Things are about to get “stranger” at Lego HQ. It is launching its first official tie-in with Netflix and, in particular, the series Stranger Things.A

36 Days Ago   Apple's TV app has undergone a new transformation as the company gears up to launch its subscription service later this year.Ahead of the new roll out

40 Days Ago   Now TV will finally gain a Full HD streaming option later this year.A Sky spokeswoman exclusively told Pocket-lint that, after years of customer requests,

47 Days Ago   The simplicity of connectivity, automated cross-device use via iCloud, and automatic stop/start controls based on whether one or both AirPods are in

54 Days Ago   When Dyson first ventured into cordless it was very much see as addition to your "main" vacuum cleaner in the house. With the V11, however, it's the

68 Days Ago   The bottom line is that the full Labo VR kit is incredibly creative, imaginative and great fun while it lasts. However, you might find that fun

71 Days Ago   Walmart has said that following an initial test of 360 cleaning robots in its stores in the US, it's now rolling them out to over a third of stores (1,860)

71 Days Ago   The UK government has suggested new online safety laws that could see internet sites fined and their bossed held personally accountable if they fail to

72 Days Ago   Netflix has pulled support for Apple AirPlay citing a "technical limitation".The confirmation comes after a number of Apple users reported that they weren't

77 Days Ago   While the headline announcement is a wireless charging case, the real winner for the second-generation AirPods is the better managed battery that

81 Days Ago   If you see success in terms of making huge amounts of money, creating a brand that's recognised across the globe, and creating a millions-strong fan base,

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