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10 Hours Ago   EVgo and Electrify America have announced a partnership that will make it less of a hassle for EV owners to find a charge. Drivers will be able to access public chargers on either network without the need to create a new membership or pay additional...

Yesterday   Intel has unveiled its 10th-gen Core processors for ultraportable laptops, so naturally, there are some new laptop announcements, too. Probably the best known ultraportable is Dell's XPS 13, and that model can now be purchased with Intel's 10th-gener...

Yesterday   THX has unveiled a new trailer for its famous "Deep Note" audio logo that lets audiences know that a theater is THX certified and also how loud it's likely to be (usually very loud).

2 Days Ago   HBO Max has acquired the rights to Steven Soderbergh's movie Let Them All Talk (working title) that features an all-star cast led by Meryl Streep, Gemma Chan and Diane Wiest, according to Deadline.

2 Days Ago   Canon's Australian website appears to have accidentally leaked a pair of important new cameras, the EOS M6 Mark II mirrorless and EOS 90D DSLR. Promo videos for the cameras spotted by Canon Rumors (and quickly pulled by Canon) show impressive specs f...

2 Days Ago   HP has unveiled a host of new gaming products for Gamescom 2019, starting with the Omen Mindframe Prime, a high-end gaming headset with features that should make competitive play more comfortable.

3 Days Ago   Spotify is rolling out a new Premium Family Plan with a much-awaited setting. Parents will now have the ability to filter out songs with swearing, violence, drugs and more via an explicit content filter that can be applied to individual accounts.

3 Days Ago   Minecraft's blocky world might be the last place you'd think would need more realism. However, NVIDIA and Microsoft have announced that they've done exactly that, bringing RTX ray-tracing powers to the ever-popular game.

6 Days Ago   The FCC has just demonstrated that it's not messing around with emergency alerts. The agency fined ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live $395,000 for using the real tones during a skit which mocked the idea of President Trump having access to the system.

6 Days Ago   YouTube will no longer allow copyright holders to seize a creator's revenue over very brief or unintentional music clips that appears in videos, it said in a blog post.

7 Days Ago   The House Committee on Homeland Security has subpoenaed 8chan owner Jim Watkins to testify before congress after the site was linked to a deadly mass shooting in El Paso.

7 Days Ago   Riot Games has announced that it will cut Echo Fox from its League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) after an incident of racism by a member of its ownership group went unaddressed.

8 Days Ago   As Renault approached the French Grand Prix, a lot was at stake. The race was on the team's home turf, at a make-or-break point in the season.

8 Days Ago   You wouldn't think that Apple and Spotify's relationship would be thawing out anytime soon, given that Spotify has lodged an antitrust complaint against its streaming rival in the EU.

8 Days Ago   OnePlus doesn't have a release date or any specs for its upcoming TV, but it does have a name: OnePlus TV. The company announced that it chose the very simple moniker from multiple winners of a contest on its forums.

9 Days Ago   DJI continues to improve its smartphone gimbal technology with the launch of the Osmo Mobile 3, a cheaper and more travel-friendly version of its last model.

9 Days Ago   Adobe has done a good job of using your computer's GPU to speed products like Premiere Pro and Photoshop. However, it hasn't given Lightroom the same love, and with the enormous 60-megapixel-plus files coming out of cameras (and smartphones) these da...

10 Days Ago   They might not deliver as much electricity as solar panels and windmills, but Geobacter have an extra talent. The microorganisms can purify water by consuming waste, then excrete electrons we can harvest as energy.

10 Days Ago   Cameras are among the few devices that don't connect to the internet, so you'd think they'd be immune to hackers. However, researchers have discovered that some DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are actually vulnerable to ransomware attacks, of all things...

10 Days Ago   With the smartphone megapixel camera wars raging on, Samsung has fired a significant shot. It unveiled a 108-megapixel smartphone camera sensor that's likely to appear in an incoming Xiaomi Redmi smartphone.

14 Days Ago   Samsung is making 5G versions of both the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, but only the latter version is coming to the US, according to a graphic spotted by The Verge.

14 Days Ago   One of Google's coolest apps, by far, has yet to see the light of day for most users. I'm talking about Maps' live AR walking directions -- now known as Live View -- that shows you via a Pokémon-like visual overlay how to get to your destinati...

15 Days Ago   Leon Keer, a Dutch pop-surrealist and land artist, has created a simple but monumental piece with a very clear message. Conceived for the Vision Art Festival in the Swiss alps of Crans-Montana, 'offline' anamorphic land art, will make visitors do a d...

15 Days Ago   Nintendo is definitely releasing the $200 Switch Lite handheld console on September 20th, and may release a higher-end console soon too, if rumors are to be believed.

15 Days Ago   Samsung has unveiled the Exynos 9825, the processor that will likely power the Galaxy Note 10 launching later today. It's the first smartphone chip built using 7-nanometer EUV (extreme ultra-violet) silicon manufacturing that Samsung unveiled back in...

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