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20 Hours Ago   Everything you need to know about Saudi royals' incredibly complex family tree and how MBS became the youngest crown prince in the kingdom's history.

3 Days Ago   Musk suggested in a staff email that anyone who'd chosen to work for Tesla should get used to this reality.

4 Days Ago   Microsoft pledged $500 million to help solve homelessness and the housing crisis, but it's not as generous as it sounds.

5 Days Ago   "For Leissner's role in that fraud, we apologize to the Malaysian people," said David Solomon.

6 Days Ago   "Huawei is only a sesame seed in the trade conflict between China and the U.S.," said the 74-year-old founder.

6 Days Ago   Mark Zuckerberg hasn't sold a single share of Facebook stock since October 2018.

7 Days Ago   In a statement to Observer, United said this information was not intended to be shared publicly.

7 Days Ago   "The stock appreciates $50 billion plus within 10 trading days of her departure," wrote Galloway.

10 Days Ago   "There’s nothing out that can likely get passed to change the path from an H-1B visa to citizenship," an immigration lawyer told Observer.

11 Days Ago   Have China's smartphone users fallen out of love with Apple?

11 Days Ago   Jeff Bezo's divorce could be the most expensive separation in history.

12 Days Ago   From learning Mandarin to fixing Facebook, Zuckerberg's annual personal challenges have gotten less and less personal.

12 Days Ago   "Black Mirror" robot dogs, lab-grown beef, "bulletproof" pantyhose and more.

13 Days Ago   Dollar Tree's new investor argues that $1 in 2016 should equal $2.30 today.

14 Days Ago   Carlos Ghosn's son said his father had lost 22 pounds in jail but refused to sign a confession in return for his release.

14 Days Ago   Yusaku Maezawa said he would give $9,200 to 100 people who follow and retweet him.

26 Days Ago   Armstrong founded Coinbase in 2012. Despite Bitcoin's crash this year, Coinbase has grown into an $8 billion company.

28 Days Ago   2018 has been a rocky year for large companies and their leaders.

31 Days Ago   Silicon Valley's entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are betting big on the future of "hyper-Bitcoinization."

32 Days Ago   The acclaimed personal finance guru warns that we may be nearing the end of a "financial bubble" cycle.

32 Days Ago   The Chinese Communist Party's awards ceremony overlooked a prominent tech billionaire who is facing rape charges in the U.S.

33 Days Ago   Leissner made over $43 million for himself during the 1MDB scandal.

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