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3 Hours Ago   Curious about what Apple's answer to Netflix will be? Us too. So we combed through some patents, and looked at the landscape, to come up with a bold prediction: Apple's streaming service will be way bigger than anyone thinks.

6 Hours Ago   Over-the-ear headphones are massively popular, but they block a lot of outside sounds, which increases the risk of accidents. A new Apple invention hints at a way to have great sound, and great safety, and it might be coming soon.

Yesterday   ESPN's streaming service, ESPN Plus, arrived in 2018. Despite appearances, ESPN Plus isn't a replacement for your ESPN cable channels, and it differs from other streaming apps in a few key ways.

Yesterday   Charter Communication's Spectrum TV Essentials is a package of 60 live TV channels for $15 per month designed to keep cord-cutters happy. But with no sports or major broadcasters, is it enough?

3 Days Ago   Netflix has a huge budget for both licensed and original content. But Amazon Studios isn't far behind. Studio chief Jennifer Salke revealed a plan to do 30 theatrical and direct-to-Amazon Prime titles this year alone.

3 Days Ago   One day before the launch event that is widely expected to contain both the new Galaxy S10 smartphone and the Galaxy Buds fully wireless earbuds, an accidentally aired Samsung TV ad from Norway confirms both products.

4 Days Ago   It's no secret that Apple has its sights set squarely on Spotify's enviable subscriber count, but how will Apple Music grow? By using existing customers to recruit new members by letting them send friends a one-month free pass.

7 Days Ago   A report claims that Samsung, the first company to produce a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, is now exiting that market entirely. The move comes after Oppo Digital made the same decision last year.

7 Days Ago   For several years, Tidal enjoyed a monopoly on hi-res music streaming in the U.S. Now, French company Qobuz is here to offer some competition with a variety of monthly plans starting at $10 a month.

8 Days Ago   Possibly taking a cue from Apple's popular AirPods, Bose filed a patent application for earbud IR technology that could save battery life, improve sound quality, and possibly help people locate lost earbuds.

8 Days Ago   The rumors about what Apple will announce at a March 25 event continue to swirl. A new report suggests that it will debut its much-anticipated video-streaming service, which will compete with Netflix and Amazon's Prime Video.

10 Days Ago   4K TVs may seem relatively new, but there's another even higher-resolution display technology already here: 8K TV. Should you upgrade? We've got the answers to that question and more.

11 Days Ago   Samsung's lineup of new TVs were an impressive collection to behold when they made their first appearance at CES this year. Now, we have all of the details on the QLED 4K & 8K models, including features, sizes, availability, and price.

11 Days Ago   In a widely anticipated move, MGM has launched Epix Now, a streaming platform that combines all four of its live TV channels, and a huge catalog of thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows.

14 Days Ago   The HomePod hasn't exactly met expectations as far as sales go. But a new patent suggests that Apple might be about to overhaul it, with facial recognition, gesture control and a high- res touchscreen.

14 Days Ago   Having a binge-watching addiction to Netflix can create a host of challenges on mobile devices, like remembering to delete old episodes and download new ones. Now iOS users get access to the one-stop-shop answer: Smart downloads.

14 Days Ago   Ad blocking has been used by over two million of Spotify's customers, the company revealed last year. Now, with a change to its terms of service, it's going to try to eliminate these accounts permanently.

16 Days Ago   Ever since Steve Jobs gave a tantalizing hint of a perfect TV experience, designed by Apple, we've been waiting to see what that might look like.

17 Days Ago   Until late last year, Apple's TV app for iOS and tvOS had no live TV streaming partners. Then PlayStation Vue joined in. Now, users of the app have a second choice: The sports-centric FuboTV service.

17 Days Ago   By now, it's a well-known fact: This year's Super Bowl was hardly must-see TV. There hasn't been a smaller audience since 2008. Streaming numbers, on the other hand, were huge.

17 Days Ago   Bluetooth speakers are not only a dime a dozen these days, they also look like they cost about that much. Fluance's $150 Fi20 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a design that looks like it belongs in a boutique hotel.

17 Days Ago   Although Sonos has let you power your own wired speakers through its products in the past, it has never sold wired speakers. Now it has three models to choose from, including a pair for the great outdoors.

18 Days Ago   X-ray has been a feature of Amazon Prime since the service's earliest days, and has been supported on virtually all of the platforms that let you access it.

21 Days Ago   Hey, some people just don't like football. For these folks, the big draw to the Super Bowl are the ads. Tivo's GameSkip feature lets you move past the boring game parts and go straight to the commercials.

21 Days Ago   The merger between SiriusXM and Pandora, which has been in the works since September, is now complete. This will be the year that the combined entity will have to figure out how to make the most of the two audiences.

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