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2 Days Ago   Amazon and Google have taken a major step toward thawing their relationship: YouTube will be officially supported on all Fire TV devices, and Prime Video will work on all Chromecast and Android TV devices in the coming months.

4 Days Ago   Thanks to its built-in Alexa support, Logitech's latest remote, the Harmony Express, eliminates huge button layouts with voice commands to control all of your smart home gadgets.

10 Days Ago   As more people cut the cord, the inevitable question is, which live TV streaming service should you get? We take the long-time fan favorite, Sling TV and match it up against newcomer YouTube TV to see which service comes out on top.

12 Days Ago   Ikea and Sonos have finally launched their wireless speaker collaboration. Starting at $110, the two models challenge what a Wi-Fi speaker looks like and costs, and could put Sonos in a huge number of new homes.

17 Days Ago   ESPN's streaming service, ESPN Plus, arrived in 2018. Despite appearances, ESPN Plus isn't a replacement for your ESPN cable channels, and it differs from other streaming apps in a few key ways.

17 Days Ago   We've known for a while that Netflix intends to hike its prices across all three levels of its subscription streaming service, but now we know when that will happen for most customers.

17 Days Ago   Tivo users can already jump entire commercial breaks on DVR programs with just a press of a button. But soon, you won't even have to do that: A reported planned update will include an auto-skip feature.

18 Days Ago   After debuting them at CES 2019, House of Marley has released its $200 Exodus over-the-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones, which sport a 30-hour battery life and rapid charging.

18 Days Ago   After a four-year run producing some of the most innovative truly wireless earbud products on the market, German startup Bragi is exiting the hardware space having sold its earbud products unit to an unnamed buyer.

19 Days Ago   A few new lines of code found in the latest release of Apple Music for Android has some speculating that Chromecast (and Google Home) compatibility may be in the not-so-distant future for Apple's streaming music service.

19 Days Ago   After losing 250,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2018, DirecTV Now is back in the fight with a new offer: It will give you a free Apple TV 4K if you sign up and pay for a minimum of four months of service.

19 Days Ago   Amazon is reportedly working on its own free — and possibly ad-supported — news offering for Fire TV, which would compete with the Roku Channel. Little is known about the plan, other than a launch window for later this year.

19 Days Ago   Discovery has unveiled its plan to launch a nonfiction on-demand service with the BBC, giving exclusive rights to stream such monster hits as Planet Earth and Blue Planet.

19 Days Ago   In what is heating up to be a battle for the big screen, THX announced a new IMAX competitor for commercial cinemas: A laser projection and immersive sound system it calls THX Ultimate Cinema.

22 Days Ago   Apple is updating its TV app into a truly cross-platform one-stop shop for all of your movies and TV shows. It will appear on smart TVs and devices from Roku and Amazon, but there are still questions about features and pricing.

22 Days Ago   Google has announced that its YouTube TV livestreaming service now covers all 210 of the U.S. markets needed to give it access to 100 percent of American households, something it has been promising since its 2017 launch.

22 Days Ago   MGM's Epix Now, a streaming platform that combines all four of its live TV channels and a huge catalog of thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows, is now available on Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

22 Days Ago   In what has become a trend in recent months among live TV streaming providers, FuboTV is raising its monthly rate to $55 per month, up from $45 per month for new subscribers, as of March 28.

22 Days Ago   With movie subscription incumbent MoviePass teetering on the edge of collapse, two new players are looking for a slice. Atom Tickets and Infinity both have plans to launch services in 2019, but with very different approaches.

22 Days Ago   After only a few months of operation, SiliconDust, maker of the popular HDHomeRun line of OTA receivers, is shutting down its HDHomeRun Premium TV live TV streaming service, likely due to the legal woes of its partner, Omniverse.

23 Days Ago   In an apparent dispute over access to listener data, the BBC has pulled all of its podcasts from Google platforms like Google Podcasts, leaving fans of the content in search of alternatives ways to access their favorite shows.

23 Days Ago   Walmart's deal on this Vizio 3.1-channel soundbar system is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve the sound of your stock TV. Two cables and five minutes is all you need to get way better sound.

23 Days Ago   If you can't wait for May's official introduction of iOS and tvOS 12.3, you can sign up for the beta right now. The test release software lets users try the new Apple TV App on iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV boxes.

23 Days Ago   Spotify appears to be testing out a new premium membership level that's aimed directly at couples who want to save on the cost of two individual memberships, without resorting to a family plan.

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