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Yesterday   Ride-hailing company Kater is launching its beta phase service in Vancouver on March 30th. The company said in a recent press release that its app aims to connect users with rides-on-demand and that those living in Vancouver are invited to register to become early-adopters.

Yesterday   Canadians used Interac e-Transfer to make 371.4 million transactions in 2018, according to new numbers provided by the company. The Canadian interbank network was established in 1984.

Yesterday   The province of Quebec is giving taxi drivers $500 million in compensation after announcing a bill that will deregulate the industry in order to promote competition.

Yesterday   Facebook will notify users whose passwords were stored in a way that could have been in a readable format within its internal data storage system. In news release, Pedro Canahuati, vice-president of engineering, security and privacy, said Facebook found several user passwords were being stored in this readable format.

2 Days Ago   Future Cities Canada, the national initiative to accelerate innovation and transform cities, has launched a new platform called Community Solutions Network to establish “excellence in open smart cities.” The network will bring “knowledge, expertise, experience and guidance to municipal and community leaders to build internal capacity and navigate the open smart cities landscape through advisory...

2 Days Ago   Rural Economic Development Minister Bernadette Jordan says the government plans to use the 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload speeds that the CRTC has suggested as a base, and will continue to monitor this baseline as the country becomes increasingly connected to high-speed internet.

3 Days Ago   Toronto-based national carrier Rogers has announced it is improving wireless services in areas across Ottawa and Guelph, Ontario according to two separate press releases. In Ottawa, Rogers will be bettering services in Bowesville Road, Bearbrook Road in Gloucester, Hwy 417 and Woodroffe Avenue.

3 Days Ago   The post Stakeholders applaud broadband investments in Budget 2019, but details need to be hashed out appeared first on MobileSyrup.

3 Days Ago   Budget 2019 is investing more than $435 million CAD to “make it easier and more affordable for Canadians to choose zero-emission vehicles.” Of the more than $435 million, the budget titled “Investing in the Middle Class” says the government will invest $130 million over five years starting in 2019-20.

3 Days Ago   In the final budget before the federal election, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is pledging an investment of up to $1.7 billion CAD over 13 years to provide all Canadians access to high-speed internet, bridging the bandwidth gap between rural and urban communities.

4 Days Ago   The federal government is set to announce its final budget before the election and it could reveal a multi-year plan to give Canadians access to high-speed internet by 2030.

4 Days Ago   The post Federal MPs say they’ll listen to Huawei even if lobbying unlikely to sway ban consideration appeared first on MobileSyrup.

4 Days Ago   Vancouver-based telecommunications provider Telus is investing approximately $40 billion over the next three years towards improving rural and remote broadband internet services. Since 2000, the company has invested $175 billion in broadband infrastructure.

5 Days Ago   Facebook Canada launched the Ad Library tool ahead of Canada’s federal election later this year in an effort to promote transparency. The social media giant said the tool will require advertisers to “confirm their identities before running political, election-related and issue ads,” and that includes those that refer to candidates.

5 Days Ago   Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed Vancouver Member of Parliament (MP) Joyce Murray as Canada’s new Treasury Board President and Minister of Digital Government. This is the third cabinet shuffle that Trudeau has held since January and before the next federal election that will happen later this year.

7 Days Ago   New Brunswick-based telecom provider Xplornet says it will invest over $500 million over the next five years to deliver 5G wireless services to Canadians. “We are looking forward to giving our customers more and we believe rural Canada can benefit from 5G services and the technology,” James Maunder, Xplornet’s vice-president of communications and public affairs, said in...

8 Days Ago   Huawei’s president Ren Zhengfei said his daughter and the company’s global CFO were in the market for another job when Vancouver authorities arrested her in December.

8 Days Ago   Ontario Minister of Education Lisa Thompson unveiled the Ontario Government‘s plan that would, among other things, ban cellphones in the classroom. Thompson says this is part of the Ontario Government’s “sweeping new vision for ‘Education that Works for you.” A press release indicates that this plan is “coming soon” to Ontario.

8 Days Ago   Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer, and Chris Daniels, vice-president of WhatsApp, have both decided to leave the company, according to an internal post to employees.

8 Days Ago   Vancouver-based national carrier Telus has launched the second phase of its data management services that are now available through customers’ ‘My TELUS’ account online and through the carrier’s iOS and Android app.

8 Days Ago   Uber-owned Bike-sharing service JUMP is entering the Montreal market in May, knocking down BIXI as the only bike-sharing company in the city. Global News reported users will able to book a bike through the app and pay by the minute to rent.

8 Days Ago   China’s Huawei pleaded not guilty on March 14th to the 13-count indictment filed by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ said the 13 criminal charges related to bank and wire fraud and were laid against Huawei, its subsidiary Skycom and its global CFO Meng Wanzhou.

9 Days Ago   The legislative committee studying the future of companies like Uber and Lyft in British Columbia is going to release its report at the end of March.

9 Days Ago   A new Opensignal analysis says Quebec City is the highest ranking Canadian city with the best mobile video experience. The analysis was released on March 14 said the city scored 73.1 points, the highest among 9 other cities.

9 Days Ago   In its Q4 financial report for 2018, Vidéotron’s parent company Quebecor reported a 2.6 percent revenue growth totalling to $1.08 billion and added 33,100 connections to its mobile telephony service.

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