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12 Hours Ago   One of the key scientific instruments that the InSight lander carried to the Red Planet was the Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure (SEIS) instrument. In April, NASA announced that the instrument might have detected its first marsquake.

13 Hours Ago   The Milky Way that we all know today was a very different galaxy in the very distant past. Scientists from the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) have put a sequence to the events that created the Milky Way’s classic spiral shape.

14 Hours Ago   The automotive market continues to march towards EVs and hybrids to meet increasing emissions and efficiency goals globally. Big vehicles like trucks and SUVs are some of the segments where electrification can have the most significant impact.

Yesterday   NASA is studying Mars from data gathered by multiple rovers and spacecraft in orbit in an attempt to determine if the Red Planet could have been home to life billions of years ago.

Yesterday   Bentley has unveiled its newest ultra-luxury ride called the Flying Spur First Edition at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Gala. The vehicle was auctioned off to support the fund-raising that the charity hosted at the inaugural Midsummer Party, Picozzi’s Villa Dorane on July 24.

Yesterday   India has announced a successful launch to its second moon mission as the Chandrayaan-2 mission lifted off on Monday at 14:43 local time. The launch came a week after India had stopped the launch due to a technical issue.

4 Days Ago   Scientists have created a new system called Asynchronous Coded Electronic Skin (ACES) that they say provides a sense of touch that is at least equivalent to human skin and could be better.

4 Days Ago   Roush and Ford have teamed up to make a one of a kind Ford Mustang GT that is to pay homage to U.S. Army Air Force Col. Bud Anderson.

4 Days Ago   Magnets are widely used today for all sorts of scenarios from medical devices to storing data inside computers. The thing that magnets have in common is that they are made of solid material.

5 Days Ago   NASA wants to put humans back on Mars in the future, and the mission has a wealth of technical challenges to overcome. While some researchers are working out the technology and hardware for the mission, others are focusing on making sure when the astronauts reach Mars 9 months after leaving Earth they still have the muscle strength to stand.

5 Days Ago   A Ford dealer out of Cincinnati, Ohio has made a very cool customized package for the 2019 Ford F-150. The Ford F-150 has been around for decades now and has been the best selling vehicle in the country for many years.

5 Days Ago   Drone builders have challenges they face with each new design. If the drones are too big, they can’t fit into tight spaces where they need to operate.

6 Days Ago   Researchers the world over are working on drones of all sizes for all sorts of future tasks like delivering goods to areas where traffic is a big issue.

6 Days Ago   Mercedes has pulled the covers of a pair of new shooting brake cars that we will never see Stateside. The cars are the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 4Matic+ and the CLA 45 S 4Matic+.

6 Days Ago   Scientists are working hard to perfect tiny robots that can work with more of their kind to perform tasks on a larger scale. The tiny robot seen below was created by Georgia Tech and is called micro-bristle-bot.

7 Days Ago   MIT has taken inspiration from the way a cucumber plant grows to create contracting fibers that imitate the coiling-and-pulling mechanisms that the cucumber plant uses to pull itself upwards to get the most sunlight.

7 Days Ago   When most people think of an armored vehicle, they think of the trucks that drive money around for banks or military vehicles. A company based in Wyoming called AddArmor has created what it claims to be the world’s fastest armored vehicle.

7 Days Ago   Researchers have looked at three decades of data and have found that there is another significant cause of coral reef bleaching in addition to warming waters due to global temperature increases.

8 Days Ago   Scientists have imaged a phenomenon officially known as Bell entanglement for the first time. Scientists John Bell formalized this phenomenon, but it was described by Albert Einstein first.

8 Days Ago   Roush has been building hopped up cars and trucks with more style and performance for years. The company is mostly known for making already fast Mustangs faster, but that isn’t all it does.

8 Days Ago   The next time you go to whack a fly with a fly swatter or book, keep in mind new research published by The University of Sydney.

11 Days Ago   Black holes are some of the most powerful and mysterious objects in the known universe. Scientists have lots of theories on black holes and are always searching for new examples to test those theories on.

11 Days Ago   Ford and VW have been in talks for months now on possible tie-ups between the two automakers to help reduce the cost of developing new vehicles, among other things.

11 Days Ago   Astronomers have used the most powerful radio telescopes on Earth to observe a circumplanetary disk of gas and dust believed to be similar to one that circled Jupiter and created its moons.

12 Days Ago   A 13-year-old Canadian girl named Nora Keegan set out in 2016 to determine if the blower type of hand dryers used in bathrooms around the world were harmful to the hearing of children.

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