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15 Hours Ago   It pays to look at opportunity with a telescope. It’s real, but it’s distant. The telescope brings it into focus and helps you find your way there.

Yesterday   “Offer me something I’m passionate about and I’ll show up with all of my energy, effort and care.” That’s a great way to hide. Because nothing is good enough to earn your passion before you do it.

2 Days Ago   Battle lines drawn. Positions solidified. Arguments made. All thrilling, perhaps fun, but unlikely to change minds. If your cause is important enough, it’s worth taking the time and emotional energy to make your case without an argument.

3 Days Ago   If you’re a gardener, planting orange trees in Ottawa, and nothing’s growing, it’s possible to beat yourself up, burn yourself out and say, “I’m a bad gardener.” Or, You could realize that oranges aren’t easy to grow in Ottawa.

4 Days Ago   We accidentally curate who comes to the meeting, who has a seat at the table where decisions are made. We almost randomly decide who is interviewing and being interviewed, who is brainstorming, who is reviewing the work… What if we did it with intention?

5 Days Ago   In order to maintain its power, common anxiety (sometimes called worrying) needs your help. Constant reminders, moments of conflict and concrete examples all pitch in to keep our worry on the warpath, amplifying it and further frazzling us.

6 Days Ago   In order to solve a problem, you need to sell it first. To get it on the radar, and to have people devote time, resources and behavior change to address it.

7 Days Ago   We know what it sounds like when you’re great at AM radio, classical music or even reality TV. We can imagine the tone and content you’ll need to be really good at being on Broadway.

8 Days Ago   Comparing the best example from our tribe with the worst one from the other tribe. We do it all the time, and it hurts. It hurts our ability to connect, and it hurts those we so easily dismiss.

9 Days Ago   By the time you’re six years old, you can count to infinity. Whatever number someone says, you will know a higher one. The same is not true for listing colors.

10 Days Ago   We skew our thinking based on the first feedback we get. That’s the moment of maximum fragility, and so our radar is on high alert. But the math doesn’t hold up, and this high alert can destroy our most important work.

11 Days Ago   Today’s the very best day to sign up for the Business of Food Workshop. It’s being run by the extraordinary entrepreneur and UC Berkeley professor Will Rosenzweig.

11 Days Ago   Consider two loading docks at small companies. At the first, a tractor-trailer filled with heavy boxes shows up. The sole worker on the dock is tasked with unloading the trailer, asap.

12 Days Ago   As Close as Necessary to Perfect The thing is, with limitless focus and energy, just about everything can be improved. That’s not the question. The question is: Is this thing you’re working on as close to perfect as it needs to be?

13 Days Ago   When you’re doing scary creative work, or work that requires emotional labor, it’s natural to want to walk away a bit. To distract yourself. To go shave a yak, mindlessly eat or bother someone in the next cube.

14 Days Ago   What if you acted as if? What if you pretended that you were glad to see me, happy to deliver this service, eager for it to be well received?

15 Days Ago   “You’re using it wrong.” That’s how culture develops, of course. That’s why no one uses ALL CAPS IN THEIR EMAIL ANY MORE. Culture develops online at the speed of light.

16 Days Ago   Pundits, politicians, hustlers, unethical marketers, hucksters and grifters seek to manipulate people every day. Manipulation is pushing for a change that benefits the manipulator, not us.

17 Days Ago   Everybody eats. Every day. I’m thrilled to announce a new workshop, one that could change the way you work (and have an impact on the rest of us).

18 Days Ago   As you gain a reputation for doing projects that work, it’s not unusual for the stakes to go up. For projects to look and feel bigger, with more inputs, more decisions, more pitfalls.

19 Days Ago   For some, this is the holy grail of marketing. If only more people knew what you know. If only they were aware of what you have to offer, of the work you can share.

20 Days Ago   Does introducing an honor code presume that the people involved have honor, or is it designed to create a space where honor can develop? An honor code: The simple expectation that we trust you, that you call your own fouls, that you act honorably even if you think no one is watching… As we think […]             

21 Days Ago   The iHome alarm clock, common in hotels, shows a small PM when the time is after 12 noon. I arrived at my hotel at 7 pm, carefully setting the alarm for 6 am the next morning.

22 Days Ago   A professional is going to buy from someone like you. They’re going to have a process to review the process, a method, an experienced approach to obtaining what they need.

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