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1 Hour Ago   Pema Chodron’s story has stuck with me for a decade: At a meditation retreat, the guy sitting near her kept making an annoying clicking sound. Again and again, she was jolted from her practice because he kept clicking his tongue.

Yesterday   The us/them mindset of most corporate customer service is simple: When you can, get it over with. If at all possible, evade responsibility. Which means that when things go wrong, you’ll likely encounter a legalistic mentality that begins and ends with, “it’s out of our control.” There’s an alternative.

2 Days Ago   Leaders create the conditions where people choose new actions. The choices are voluntary. They’re made by people who see a new landscape, new opportunities and new options.

2 Days Ago   Find the right clients Earn their attention and trust Identify the problem Find their fear, embrace their objectives Prototype possible solutions Create an architecture that supports your solution to the problem Build a minimum viable solution Test it Program a well-documented, resilient piece of code Test it Debug it Ship it It’s easy to get distracted by the part of the stack that we consider to be our job or simply our expertise.

4 Days Ago   It used to be that a well-tended lawn of 50 by 100 feet was wasteful indeed. Today, it’s in the by-laws of the local housing association.

5 Days Ago   Guts, because it might not work. And generosity, because guts without seeking to make things better is merely hustle. The innovator shows up with something she knows might not work (pause for a second, and contrast that with everyone else, who has been trained to show up with a proven, verified, approved, deniable answer that will get them an A on the test).

6 Days Ago   Optimists are always a little disappointed. If you live with possibility, the idea that things can get better, that with consistent generous effort you can make a contribution, then you also end up feeling just a bit let down that it didn’t happen this time.

7 Days Ago   Are you hesitant about this new idea because it’s a risky, problematic, defective idea… or because it’s simply different than you’re used to? If your current normal is exactly what you need, then different isn’t worth exploring.

8 Days Ago   Discipline, rigor, patience, self-control, dignity, respect, knowledge, curiosity, wisdom, ethics, honor, empathy, resilience, honesty, long-term, possibility, bravery, kindness and awareness. All of these are real skills, soft skills, learnable skills.

9 Days Ago   In every era, traditional media channels will diminish, dismiss and ignore the new ones. They do this at the very same time that they are supplanted by the new ones.

10 Days Ago   Today’s the 11th year in a row of daily posts on this blog. Nearly 5,000,000 words since my first post twenty years ago, and I haven’t missed a day (given some time-zone wiggle room) since 2008.

11 Days Ago   It’s essential that we make new mistakes. We don’t make nearly enough of them. Not enough original effort, not enough generous intent, not enough daring in search of something better.

12 Days Ago   This is the moment, right here and right now, to start your podcast. Not because it will make you rich. Hardly. There are too many other ways for people to spend their attention for you (or me) to possibly assemble a large enough audience to make a killing selling ads.

13 Days Ago   Take it seriously. Of course. That’s required. But you don’t have to take it personally. In fact, if you want to be a professional, it’s impossible to do both at the same time.

14 Days Ago   Our days are filled with the path to future skills, tasks and commitments that we believe we can’t possibly take on. We’ve seduced ourselves into believing that we’re not born with the talent, or that the obstacles to doing the work are just too great.

15 Days Ago   “Use your best judgment.” Bureaucracies have a very hard time saying this to their staff. They create an endless series of scripts and rules, procedures that force people to not care.

16 Days Ago   The second law of motion isn’t true because it was discovered by Isaac Newton, it’s simply true. Newton merely described it. The fact that he spent most of his time doing alchemy and looking for magic doesn’t impact the truth of what he discovered.

17 Days Ago   In our culture, it’s easy to choose to live in deficit. To spend just a bit more than you make, so that you’re in debt. To need to drive just a bit faster than the prevailing traffic, so you can push every interaction.

18 Days Ago   “Well, that was super helpful.” Was it? Or are you trying to be sarcastic? Because if it was helpful, you could simply write, “thank you, that was helpful.” On the other hand, if you’re trying to express disappointment or displeasure, you could write, “I’m disappointed that you weren’t able to contribute more here.

19 Days Ago   If you ask for mustard at a French bistro, you’ll get a strong Dijon, handmade in a little village three hundred kilometres away. If you ask for mustard at a game at Fenway, apparently you’ll get Gulden’s.

20 Days Ago   For the longest time, school has been organized around subjects. Fifth graders go to math class and then English class and then geography. Mostly, those classes don’t teach what they say they teach.

21 Days Ago   (Unless they want to) Humans are unique in their ability to willingly change. We can change our attitude, our appearance and our skillset. But only when we want to.

22 Days Ago   First thing: All open access online surveys are essentially inaccurate, because the group that takes the time to answer the survey is usually different from the general public.

23 Days Ago   The marketing math is compelling. It’s obvious that the most highly-leveraged moment in every brand’s relationship with a customer is the moment when something goes wrong.

24 Days Ago   Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Apple and Amazon have very little ability to promote a specific idea or creator. That sounds crazy, but culturally and technically, it’s true.

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