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18 Hours Ago   When I quit my job in 1986 and went out on my own, it was shortly after my picture had appeared in a small feature in a national magazine.

Yesterday   Large organizations seek to decrease variability. Starbucks wants the very best latte you buy from them to be exactly the same as the worst one. If you define a spec and work hard to meet it, you can make it so that most things are within a reasonable distance of that spec.

2 Days Ago   Put a bag of cookies in the break room and it might sit for days. Open the bag and leave it out, and within an hour, all the cookies will be gone.

3 Days Ago   I recently saw two men arguing about who got to use the urinal next. As a result, neither got what he wanted, and neither could honestly say that his day got better.

4 Days Ago   Every element of the organization has a spec, a minimum required performance. Accounting has standards, so does the department that measures the air quality. Everything beyond spec is marketing.

5 Days Ago   The only way to get initiative is to take it. It’s never given. And some people hesitate to take it, perhaps because they’re worried that we’ll somehow run out.

6 Days Ago   Your job might be a series of tasks. Tasks are work where money is traded for time and effort. You put in a fixed amount of time, expending effort along the way, and you get paid.

7 Days Ago   I called the front desk early in the morning. “Where’s the gym located?” It’s a big hotel. They have a thousand rooms, and they’re part of a chain.

8 Days Ago   In all markets, the market leader gets an unfair advantage. That’s because casual and unsophisticated customers choose the leader because it feels easier and safer. The strategy, then, is not to wish and dream of becoming a big fish.

9 Days Ago   If we give an isolated community access to the internet, very quickly, the quality of life will improve. Time will be saved, research into proven solutions will produce value, and people will become connected to a larger population.

10 Days Ago   Security theater is a rule requiring you to take off your shoes when you get to the airport. It doesn’t actually catch anyone, it simply makes people feel more secure, and it allows those in charge to feel like they’re doing something.

11 Days Ago   Four years at MIT cost about $250,000 all in. Or, you could engage in more than 2,000 of their courses on their site, for free. What’s the difference?

12 Days Ago   Your anecdote isn’t true. I know it happened. I know that your experience, your feelings, your outcomes are real. And they’re yours. Statistics suffer when compared to anecdotes.

13 Days Ago   That’s unlikely. If I’m lucky, I can glance at them. But just for a second or two. Our fears burn so bright that if we truly face them, we think we might be blinded.

14 Days Ago   If you want to change the mind of a scientist, do more science. Do better science. Get your hands on the data set and prove your assertions.

15 Days Ago   Halloween is a month away. And over the next few weeks, a lot of cheap chocolate is going to get bought in preparation for the ringing doorbell.

16 Days Ago   It’s worth remembering that if someone knows how to do something, that means, with sufficient effort, you could probably learn it too. You might not be willing to put in the time and effort, but it’s learnable.

17 Days Ago   A checklist to get you started—you can either do the same thing or a different thing… More of the same Persist Get the word out Doing something different Change an element of what you do Raise your prices Lower your prices Make it better Tell a different story Serve a different customer Enter a new segment Change the downstream effects of your work Earn trust Make bigger promises Organize Get better clients Do work that matters to someone

18 Days Ago   When anyone has the ability to announce breaking news, urgent updates, RIGHT NOW, steal attention and emergencies, then sooner or later, many will do just that.

19 Days Ago   That’s something worth building. Electricity is a ratchet with leverage. Once communities have access to a little electricity, a solar lantern, say, they quickly discover that they want/need more electricity.

20 Days Ago   But in fact, just about everything is a portrait. It’s our temporary understanding of the world as it is, not an actual experience of it. We see things through our filters, match them to our expectations and live out our story of what we expect and why.

21 Days Ago   Democracy is a marketing problem. Health is a marketing problem. Climate change is a marketing problem. Growing your organization, spreading the word, doing work you’re proud of–these aren’t engineering problems or economics problems.

22 Days Ago   Supposedly, going against the grain is really difficult. It turns out, though, that it’s far more dangerous to cut with a rip saw, a blade that goes along the grain.

23 Days Ago   It’s pretty easy to know what you’re doing when you’re doing something that you’ve done before. Follow the path. It’s a lot more difficult when the task ahead is not quite the same as what you’ve done before.

24 Days Ago   It’s absurd to trim trees like this. There are high power lines. There’s a helicopter. There are cables. Do the math. It turns out, apparently, that a swinging chainsaw is far safer than having men and women climbing through trees with ropes and saws.

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