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2 Days Ago   The Galaxy Note 10 smartphone may not be the only device Samsung reveals at its August 7th event in New York City — it’ll be joined by a full-size Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 slate with its very own S-Pen stylus, according to Android Headlines.

3 Days Ago   In 2015, a Connecticut teenager raised the question of whether our robots have the right to bear arms when he jury-rigged a working flamethrower — and separately, a semiautomatic pistol — to his drone.

3 Days Ago   Four years after Samsung introduced a tap-to-pay mobile wallet that works practically anywhere your credit card does — even older magnetic-stripe card readers — and two years after LG started testing it in Korea, LG’s rival LG Pay has finally arrived in the United States.

5 Days Ago   Three and a half years ago, a security researcher broke into my laptop without ever needing to touch it. He didn’t even need its network address.

9 Days Ago   If you’ve been following phone news even a little bit, you know that Samsung’s flagship, stylus-equipped Galaxy Note 10 is coming August 7th. You know it’ll have 5G, and you even have a decent idea what it looks like thanks to these estimated renders from June.

14 Days Ago   In some ways, the Nintendo Switch can already provide one of the biggest benefits of cloud gaming: the ability to sling a game from a big TV to a portable device and carry it anywhere you go.

14 Days Ago   When AMD announced its next-gen Navi-based Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT graphics cards last month, the news was just slightly underwhelming because the prices didn’t necessarily make them the obvious alternative to Nvidia’s rival chips.

14 Days Ago   If you’ve been watching Microsoft’s social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram this week, you probably noticed a teaser campaign for Microsoft’s original Windows 1.0 operating system, which was first released in 1985.

14 Days Ago   I’ve never spent $18,000 on technology before. Heck, I’ve never even bought a car priced quite that high. But when I ran the numbers on solar panels earlier this year, I realized that for me — and maybe for you, if you live in the US — now is the right time.

16 Days Ago   Just days after email startup Superhuman was embroiled in controversy over its use of tracking pixels that let users see when and even where recipients opened their emails, company CEO Rahul Vohra is thoroughly apologizing — and promising to change his company.

23 Days Ago   Just in time for Pride week, Nerf is bringing us what looks like its best Overwatch-inspired blaster yet: a fully automatic, Nerf Rival ball-blasting, 30-round version of Soldier 76’s pulse rifle from the game, complete with lighting, “recoil action,” and a full mask with visor so you can look the part, too.

23 Days Ago   Myst blew my mind over and over again, even before I popped it into the drive. In 1994, it was one of the first CD-ROMs that my family purchased, and I couldn’t believe how technology had managed to capture a damn rainbow, stick it into a plastic wafer, and store a then-seemingly-photorealistic virtual world inside.

29 Days Ago   Overheating batteries are no laughing matter, so this may be urgent: Apple has just issued a recall for the 2015 MacBook Pro with Retina Display, saying its batteries “may pose a fire safety risk.” The company says there are a “limited number” of affected units, sold between September 2015 and February 2017.

31 Days Ago   Elon Musk may not be capable of crediting an artist, but there was never any question that infamous picture of Nier: Automata’s 2B wasn’t his. Chinese consumer electronics giant Xiaomi, on the other hand, appears to have blatantly stolen and combined not one or two, but three pieces of art from the same 3D artist to help promote its devices in Spain.

31 Days Ago   Are you running Firefox version 67.0.3 or Firefox ESR 60.7.1? If the answer is “no,” or you’re not sure, maybe just update your web browser now.

31 Days Ago   In 2014, The Verge reported how Google had effectively created its own island in Silicon Valley, something akin to a company town, exacerbating a housing and traffic crisis that now characterizes much of the San Francisco Bay Area — the place with the highest housing costs in the nation.

32 Days Ago   Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is the most trusted source of Apple rumors — once predicting that the company would sell three different iPhones well over a year before that came true.

32 Days Ago   Sanho’s Hyper brand has brought us some pretty clever solutions to the shortcomings of today’s smartphones, laptops, and tablets for years now, including a sleek, charger-mounted USB-C hub for MacBooks and wireless charging for AirPods before that was cool.

33 Days Ago   When comedian and activist Jon Stewart gave an impassioned speech before Congress to seek ongoing aid for 9/11 first responders, it inspired Internet Archive software curator and digital preservationist Jason Scott to share something timely with the world as well: a newly discovered cache of photos from one of the workers who toiled away at Ground Zero, and who’d saved thousands of those photos on CD-R.

35 Days Ago   Ever since Amazon introduced its “Amazon’s Choice” label in 2015 to recommend certain products, a skeptical world has been trying to find out what the badge actually means — because some items that are “Amazon’s Choice” really shouldn’t be.

36 Days Ago   Google Chrome’s last big feature was dark mode in Chrome 73 and 74, and version 75 didn’t bring much of note, but Chrome 76, in beta today, has some sneaky features you may want to know about.

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