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2 Days Ago   Recovered "black box" data from Ethiopia crash shows similarities to Lion Air disaster.

4 Days Ago   In book interview, O'Rourke admits to CDC membership—long before Back Orifice.

6 Days Ago   Knock-offs of US RQ-170, Predator drones included in coordinated strike test.

6 Days Ago   Similar ADS-B telemetry profiles between flights suggest, but don't confirm, same root cause.

7 Days Ago   Software update, which may have been delayed by government shutdown, promised "by April."

8 Days Ago   63Red Safe app—a "Green Book" for conservatives—left APIs exposed.

8 Days Ago   Similar symptoms to Lion Air crash in October raise concerns over automated safety system.

14 Days Ago   CEO Armstrong "transitions out" Neutrino leaders who worked for exploit dealer.

15 Days Ago   Researcher discovers servers in China collecting data on 364 million social media profiles daily.

15 Days Ago   Rep. McCarthy aide says program was halted 6 months ago, and renewal is unlikely.

16 Days Ago   The midterms were just a warmup, NSA's Joyce warns, as work begins to defend 2020 election.

20 Days Ago   Social media platforms aren’t living up to voluntary code of conduct, commissioner says.

21 Days Ago   Measures against Internet Research Agency apparently went beyond sliding into DMs.

26 Days Ago   And by the way, that unlimited range nuclear torpedo? It's ready to deploy.

28 Days Ago   Video: A tiltrotor and an "X-wing" helicopter vie to be Army's Future Long Range Assault Aircraft.

28 Days Ago   "Middle East Marshall Plan" appeared to be mostly about money for ex-generals, not policy.

30 Days Ago   Hacks come on heels of attack on Parliament House network earlier in February.

33 Days Ago   OpenAI's GPT-2 algorithm shows machine learning could ruin online content for everyone.

34 Days Ago   Bill Pollock says Amazon is printing them—and even the product photo is fake.

42 Days Ago   Online-Buddies was exposing its Jack'd users' private images and location; disclosing posed a risk.

43 Days Ago   Using hashed and encrypted store, add-on securely checks logins against breach database.

47 Days Ago   UAE hired ex-NSA employees to build a spying operation possibly targeting US citizens, others.

49 Days Ago   Search warrant based on Sept. 2018 indictment allows DOJ to hunt malware, alert victims.

50 Days Ago   Video: Strategy calls for an invulnerable missile shield on land and sea, in air and space.

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