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275 Days Ago   If you’ve been wondering why things have been so quiet around here over the last few days, it’s because I’ve been busy setting up our new home!

282 Days Ago   Hot Topic has partnered with Build-A-Bear for a ‘Furry N’ Fierce’ collection that features fashions for both you AND your bear. That’s adorable – but it gets better.

283 Days Ago   As you can see from this side-by-side comparison, cosplayer ChibiThot is an absolutely magnificent Yoruichi Shihoin from Bleach. Check out her Tumblr page for more pics.

283 Days Ago   UK retailer The Outnet is currently running a sale on over-the-top Charlotte Olympia shoe and bag designs. Even at over 50% off, everything is still super expensive—but that’s to be expected with handmade Italian Saturn shoes this outrageous and magnificent (they do ship internationally if you can’t resist the temptation).

283 Days Ago   From That’s Nerdalicious: The original Harry Potter cauldron mug has been upgraded for a more realistic look. It even comes with a spoon so that you can properly mix your Folgerserum Eye Opener potion.

283 Days Ago   If your style is more Disney villain than Disney princess, this Black Rose brush set from Storybook Cosmetics is for you. Basically, it’s the dark side version of the colorful rose brushes they released earlier this year.

283 Days Ago   Twitter user Shelley Zhang has a friend that was attempting to read the Harry Potter series for the first time. No shame in that! It’s never to late to join the club.

283 Days Ago   Remember how rad you were in the ’80s? You’ve got responsibilities now—your radness levels are at an all-time low. You’ve resigned yourself to a lifetime of lameness.

284 Days Ago   Stance has been in the Star Wars sock game for a few years now, but their 40th anniversary collection just might be the most fashionable Star Wars socks out there.

284 Days Ago   Comic book artist André Araújo has created a wonderful print featuring the original Star Wars cast reimagined as characters from a story set in the Middle Ages.

284 Days Ago   The picture above is a side-by-side comparison of Enayla Cosplay with Evan Rachel Wood in character as Dolores from Westworld. You would be forgiven for thinking that both of these pictures were grabbed straight from the show.

284 Days Ago   From That’s Nerdalicious: Some say that the unicorn tiki mug was the chalice of Dionysus himself. But that’s only one of the many legends surrounding these vessels.

284 Days Ago   The Her Universe Studio Ghibli collection has a new addition, and it’s one of the best items to date. The dark green My Neighbor Totoro maxi dress features cold-shoulder sleeves, side slits and an allover Totoro, Catbus and garden print.

285 Days Ago   A whole bunch of DC Comics Fansets pins are coming this summer, with themes that include Bombshells, Wonder Woman, DC Superhero Girls and Harry Potter. Check out a sample of the collection below.

285 Days Ago   HJC has made a name for themselves by making licensed motorcycle helmets for some of our favorite fandoms. Now they’ve added Star Wars to that list.

285 Days Ago   Etsy seller BenaeQuee Creations has these fantastic Yvonne Craig-style Batgirl and Julie Newmar-style Catwoman shoulder bags in her shop, and we absolutely love their retro look.

285 Days Ago   Amazon’s Prime Day is almost here, but if you want something better than Kindles, headphones, and giant barrels of lube, ThinkGeek’s massive summer sale has the best deals going.

285 Days Ago   When it comes to Spider-Man, nothing short of “amazing” is acceptable. I would say that proposing to the love of your life with a custom Spider-Man ring fits the bill.

285 Days Ago   Okay, so you’re a big How To Train Your Dragon fan, but a Toothless cosplay hoodie is a bit much. You want something a little more subtle—something like this cute Toothless print dress.

285 Days Ago   This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an Edgar Allan Poe Dameron mashup, but it is the first time we’ve seen someone cosplay it. The photo was snapped by Twitter user black_canary02 at CONvergence over the weekend.

288 Days Ago   Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters today, and Her Universe is celebrating with the release of two designs that make good use of a meshy web motif. I especially like how it works on the tank top.

288 Days Ago   Subsisting on microwaveable ramen wouldn’t be so bad if you were eating it out of a unicorn bowl right? Elodie is the bowl for that job.

288 Days Ago   It’s only a matter of time before we fully embrace the idea of augmenting our bodies with machines. Dani Clode, a graduate student at the Royal College of Art in London, shows us that these changes could be something as simple as adding a third thumb.

288 Days Ago   From Nerd Approved: I picture the Dead Obi-Wan set as an SDCC exclusive along with this Star Wars gem. Wonder Woman was hot this year, so this would be available as well.

288 Days Ago   The Guardians of the Galaxy bag collection that Loungefly teased back in February is now available. You can get coin purses in Star-Lord and Groot styles, but I think that the Groot crossbody isn’t complete without Rocket.

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