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Yesterday   Android 10 has been out for a few weeks now and as per usual the manufacturers with the least intrusive skins are beginning to roll it out to their latest devices.

Yesterday   The date for the Google Pixel 4 is sneaking up on us quickly with under four weeks until the October 15 announcement now. We have seen pretty much everything leaked about the phones including the colours which were black, white and what everyone has been calling coral.

3 Days Ago   With Google shuttering Google Trips and rolling it into a random part of Maps a lot of folks are looking to other easier to use solutions to track their travels.

3 Days Ago   JBL make some great headphones at affordable prices including several different sets of true wireless headphones and they have now expanded on their true wireless range with the release of the all new Reflect FLOW.

3 Days Ago   Anyone who has used OPPO’s SuperVOOC will know just how good it is. In my opinion is twice as fast as any other fast charging solution in the market — and it just got better.

4 Days Ago   In 2019, just as it has been for a few years now, vast supply chains have made it virtually impossible for a company to keep a product secret.

4 Days Ago   When we first heard about the existence of a coral-coloured Google Pixel 4 we were sceptical. Google has not made such a strikingly coloured phone since the Nexus 5 days, instead opting for more subtle colours.

5 Days Ago   On a day when Google announce the date for their next Made By Google event OnePlus have sent out a teaser for their next event — the OnePlus 7T series unveiling.

5 Days Ago   We suspected that the Google Pixel 4 would be announced on October 15 thanks to a leak from Evan Blass and today it has been confirmed.

6 Days Ago   Last week Apple were heralded by some for finally including an 18W fast charger in the box for their iPhone 11 Pro smartphone. Welcome to 2010 Apple users.

9 Days Ago   Remember that Hanoi shop that is selling Google Pixel 4 XL phones? It seems that every single blog and vlog and person in Vietnam is getting their hands on one (and we don’t blame them, we would too if we were there).

9 Days Ago   Someone, most likely quite a few people, will be pulling their hair out about now. Companies these days are unable to prevent some leaks in their supply chain giving information out to users but never in their worst nightmare would Google have predicted that a retailer in Hanoi would be selling “nearly-finished samples” from the … The post Pixel-Leaks: New leak details more Google Pixel face unlock and camera settings appeared first on Ausdroid.

10 Days Ago   This morning I was set to report on another minor leak of the Google Pixel 4, until there was an entire deluge of information leaked in the form of video reviews.

11 Days Ago   Each year Google unveils its latest Pixel smartphone – along with a few other gadgets – at an October event that’s come to be known as the “Made By Google” event.

11 Days Ago   Yes, it’s that time of morning where we report on the Pixel 4 leaks from overnight. Late in the evening we had a coral-flavoured Pixel 4 leak, not long after a few hands on images appeared.

12 Days Ago   Multiple leaks every day it seems at the moment, and the Google Pixel 4 is still a few weeks away from its announcement. This afternoon an unknown Redditor has been sent some hands on pictures of a black and a white Pixel 4 XL.

12 Days Ago   Google have in recent years made some great ads for their new products to get the Pixel name into the mindset of the general public. Overnight a South American ad for the Pixel 4 has been captured by a reader of ProAndroid and of course then share with the world.

13 Days Ago   Google’s newest smart home hardware – Nest Hub Max – goes on sale in Australia on Tuesday in charcoal or white colours for $349. It features a big 10-inch touchscreen, a new front-facing camera and big, booming sound, putting the Google Assistant on its largest display yet.

13 Days Ago   Google are continually adding functionality to Assistant and one of the new features that will most likely, for now, be exclusive to the Pixel 4 will be the ability for it to take over phone calls while you are on hold.

14 Days Ago   Remember wireless Android Auto? Yeah, me neither. It has been a while since we have heard anything, especially from Google, regarding it. Officially wireless Android Auto is available for Nexus and Pixel smartphones only but it seems that Google have been testing it on other devices and now you can too.

15 Days Ago   The Google Pixel 4 release is getting very close now as can be seen by the frequency of leaks we are beginning to see. Overnight there have been a couple of leaks showing various pictures of the upcoming Google flagship.

15 Days Ago   When you think e-reader your mind goes straight to Kindle but there are some other big players in the market. Kobo is one of them and has been for a long time having existed since 2009.

16 Days Ago   If there was any doubt that the Google Pixel 4 was on the way then look no further than your emails. We have been inundated with screenshots from Ausdroid readers showing an email from the Google Store showing a special price, just for you, at 50% off a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL.

16 Days Ago   The Pixel 4 will be Google’s flagship for 2019 (and most of 2020) and this year it is looking to be more innovative than in previous years with their Soli sensors on the front and for the first time on a Pixel phone, a multi-camera setup on the back.

17 Days Ago   Huawei made their name with mid-range phones and although they seem to have overtaken everyone in the premium range they are still releasing some great mid-range phones.

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