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2 Days Ago   Google’s Wear OS is seemingly very stagnant at the moment but Google of course are hard at work improving it for all users. Today they have begun rolling out an update to Wear OS bringing it up to version 2.3.

2 Days Ago   Google’s Wear OS seems to be stagnant with most people seemingly waiting for that magic silver bullet that will fix everything. Google has not given up on the fledgling OS and has signalled that with the purchase of wearable technology from Fossil.

3 Days Ago   The Google Pixel 3 Lite is hardly a secret. We have seen images of it leak as well as 360 degree CAD renders. Today a Ukrainian Android website has published a video review on YouTube of the new Pixel 3 Lite.

3 Days Ago   Last night we reported, with sparse details, on OPPO’s new camera and fingerprint technology from their 2019 Future Technology Communication Conference in Beijing. Today OPPO Australia have provided us with more details of the two technologies along with some confirmation of them arriving in consumer devices this year.

3 Days Ago   In-display fingerprint sensors are expected to appear in most, if not all flagship devices this year. We saw a few late last year arrive with them.

3 Days Ago   [UPDATE: thanks to one of our readers, Kyle, we have found that the patent is actually from 2017. Unfortunately our source did not link to it and we were unable to find it.

3 Days Ago   Yesterday we saw a leak that hinted that OPPO were set to announce a new 10x optical zoom and they did. But that was not the only new technology they demonstrated at their event today in Beijing, showing off some innovative in-display fingerprint sensor technology.

4 Days Ago   Late last year Google announced via the Android Developers Blog that with a relentless focus on security and privacy they would be limiting which apps can ask for permission to a user’s phone (call logs) and SMS data.

5 Days Ago   Last week Arlo announced their new smart doorbell at CES 2019 and today they have announced that it is available here in Australia. The Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo Chime work seamlessly together and are designed with simplicity and DIY in mind.

5 Days Ago   OPPO have been pushing the boundaries with their innovative technology of late and are set to continue this with a new optical zoom technology to be announced tomorrow.

5 Days Ago   In 2019, benchmarks mean nothing when it comes to the user experience with a phone but one thing they are good for is for glimpses of possible upcoming hardware in devices.

5 Days Ago   In case you missed it Samsung will announce their next flagship, the Galaxy S10 lineup on February 20 at the same time as a new foldable smartphone.

7 Days Ago   OnePlus have a very close relationship with OPPO and with the same parent company it is easy to see why. Sharing designs and technologies allows them to each focus on what they do best thus both producing amazing phones in their own right.

7 Days Ago   The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) is an organisation founded ten years ago that created Qi wireless charging. It’s members include Apple, Google, Huawei and Samsung among many many others.

8 Days Ago   Around this time of year we pick through the offerings that CES had for us and we often find things of interest. This year one that slipped through the cracks were the Ecovacs robot vacuum and robot air purifier.

9 Days Ago   Google’s music ecosystem is confusing to say the least. We all thought they had settled on Google Play Music until YouTube Music came along. No one was sure what to make of it but we all assumed that eventually it would take over from Google Play Music (GPM) as Android’s default music app and it … The post Google set to make YouTube Music the default music player for Android phones appeared first on Ausdroid.

9 Days Ago   We all expected the Samsung Galaxy S10 to be revealed at MWC beginning in late February. Overnight Samsung has revealed that the next Galaxy flagship will be announced less than a week before MWC begins.

10 Days Ago   When Nokia made the decision to make every single one of their phones run Android One or Android Go it was expected that this would lead to fast Android version updates.

10 Days Ago   We all thought it was a unicorn. Google Assistant integration on a Sonos speaker. We have heard talk of it from Sonos themselves for quite a while but have never had it materialise.

10 Days Ago   Trade shows such as CES have a lot going on out on the floor of all the booths but the really interesting stuff often happens behind closed doors.

11 Days Ago   Everyone loves a bargain and especially so if it is for something you are in the market for. For a limited time Mobileciti are offering 12% off selected mobiles to celebrate everyone returning to work after the holiday period.

11 Days Ago   Many of us listen to podcasts while driving so it stands to reason that a successful podcast app would have Android Auto support. You would also expect the king of Android Auto, Google, would have this seemingly simple feature of Android Auto support built into their podcast app, Google Podcasts.

11 Days Ago   CES is where all the new digital assistant products are released as well as all the new digital assistant announcements. Google have a big presence at CES once again this year and their presence is dominated by Google Assistant.

11 Days Ago   When we first reviewed the Sonos One we thought it was an excellent speaker but it’s Alexa functionality left a bit to be desired. We bemoaned the lack of Google Assistant onboard and although Sonos’ promises of Google Assistant kept us happy for a while, that while kept being extended into the future.

11 Days Ago   Earnings calls are not something we normally keep a close eye on here at Ausdroid but when you see the biggest brand in Android drop 29 percent compared to the same time last year you sit up and take notice.

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