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3 Hours Ago   Just a week ago we reported on a breakthrough “hack” from a developer at XDA which allowed everyone with an Android Auto headunit to be able to use Android Auto wirelessly.

10 Hours Ago   The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was a great phone but the placement of the fingerprint sensor seemed like an afterthought. This year’s Note 9 promises to be more of the same but with a better placement of a fingerprint sensor and few other improvements.

12 Hours Ago   5G is the current buzz-word in telecommunications circles with each provider trying to get their product to market first. Today Telstra have taken a step towards being the first with a 5G phone call on a commercial network.

3 Days Ago   A couple of days ago we reported that ZTE’s ban was set to be lifted and in some good news for them overnight the US Commerce Department have done just that, removing all bans in place on ZTE.

4 Days Ago   New devices rarely stay hidden these days and the Huawei TalkBand B5 was no exception, leaking just a week ago. Huawei have now officially announced the TalkBand B5 in China and h ave release all the details aside from the price.

5 Days Ago   ZTE’s woes have been well documented but the end may well be in sight after they signed an escrow agreement with the US Commerce Department overnight.

5 Days Ago   About three weeks ago we got a nice surprise when we were told that the Nvidia was bringing its Android-TV-powered Shield TV to Australia. Now some even better news is that the Shield TV will be joining the GeForce NOW Beta program.

6 Days Ago   It has been rumoured a lot lately and was finally made official yesterday: the Microsoft Surface Go — and it looks like a possible competitor for Google’s Chromebook ecosystem.

6 Days Ago   It is but a short few weeks until the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be revealed in New York and not surprisingly we are seeing it being leaked fairly thoroughly.

6 Days Ago   Remember OBD2AA? The app that did what Google could not — allowed Android Auto users the ability to view OBD2 data. The innovative developer who created OBD2AA is at it again, doing something that Google have not done — creating a wireless Android Auto connection on a standard Android Auto head unit.

7 Days Ago   All is quiet on the Western front. Well, it has been for the past few weeks with Google delaying the July security updates until today. Today they have released the Factory Images and OTA update files for supported Nexus and Pixel devices to include the July security updates.

7 Days Ago   Amazon Alexa has a massive amount of “skills” that allow users to interact and get information from Alexa. Unfortunately many of the skills are geoblocked from our shores, even though we can now officially buy an Alexa device here.

7 Days Ago   Nokia are rolling out the handsets thick and fast. They are seemingly providing a smartphone for each and every price point you could want. Today we have seen another variant pass through the US regulatory body, the FCC.

7 Days Ago   Samsung used to always have the best Android camera in their phones but this year they have been smashed in the DxOMark scores by several phones, most notably the Huawei P10 Pro which has three rear cameras.

8 Days Ago   NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life.

8 Days Ago   It came as a bit of a surprise last year when Xiaomi released their Android One phone — one of the first manufacturers in the world to do so.

11 Days Ago   Huawei are indeed a powerhouse when it comes to telecommunications equipment. To showcase their innovations to the Australian public they have launched a Customer Solution Integration and Innovation Experience Centre (CSIC) in Sydney this week.

11 Days Ago   The Huawei TalkBand doesn’t get the same amount of press that many other wearables get but it is a great little wearable that exceeds expectations on most occasions.

12 Days Ago   Late last year Plantronics introduced a couple new models of their BackBeat Fit series of headphones and here at Ausdroid we gave them both (1,2) the thumbs up.

12 Days Ago   Freeview FV has only been around since 2016 and is the go-to app for free-to-air streaming in Australia. So popular it is that it has now passed over a million downloads on the Apple and Google stores.

12 Days Ago   Rumours of the existence of a foldable Samsung Galaxy phone have been doing the rounds for a while now but it was unsure where it would fit in the whole Samsung line.

12 Days Ago   The ZTE saga has been big news in the past few months and they only have themselves to blame for being in the mess. They failed to comply with some penalties imposed upon them.

13 Days Ago   OnePlus are great at staying in the news, and lately it has been for positive reasons. With their OnePlus 6 is taking the world by storm (where it is being sold it is anyway) with many positive reviews it seems the company is finally maturing into something special.

13 Days Ago   Jabra are a brand that we all know but are not a household brand for non-tech-heads. They have a history of making Bluetooth headsets for business and more recently for the general public.

14 Days Ago   HTC’s financial woes have continued month after month for a few years now. No matter what they do they cannot seem to take a break and now they appear to be heading further in the wrong direction laying off 1500 staff.

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