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Yesterday   OnePlus seem to have a hit on their hands with the OnePlus 6T with sales apparently booming in all countries where it is sold. At the OnePlus 6T announcement they hinted the the two black variants would eventually not be the only ones available and we saw evidence of this last week when a purple … The post OnePlus set to release their Thunder Purple 6T to the rest of the world, followed by a 5G phone early next year appeared first on Ausdroid.

3 Days Ago   Android originally had a dark Holo theme UI but then Material Design came along and Google white-themed all the things. Now Google is slowly introducing dark themes back into their apps, one by one.

3 Days Ago   Way back at CES in January JBL (a Harman company) announced their Google Assistant-enabled premium headphones, the Everest 710GA headphones. A few weeks ago we noticed them appear on the JBL website but were unavailble to purchase.

4 Days Ago   Some companies have a stellar record with updating their older devices, but others not so much. Huawei unfortunately sits in the latter category but after promising updates for quite a while it seems that they are finally going to be following through in the coming weeks.

6 Days Ago   OnePlus these days spend a lot of time in the news for good reasons and it continues this week with them showing other manufacturers how to do software.

6 Days Ago   The Pixel 3 phones are not the first from Google with wireless charging. However, it has been a while since the Nexus 6. In 2018, wireless charging is a lot faster and safer than it used to be.

7 Days Ago   Way back in August Fitbit announced the next generation of their best-selling fitness tracker series, the Charge trackers. The new Fitbit Charge 3 picks up where the Charge 2 left off taking it to the next level, as it needed to do with attacks coming from all sides from other manufacturers.

10 Days Ago   Each year Google make it harder and harder for enthusiasts to tinker with their devices with more and more security. A custom recovery is the easiest way to tinker with a device and also recover it should anything go wrong.

11 Days Ago   The OnePlus 6T has finally been announced and although it is not available to purchase widely just yet, and will not be available here in Australia officially, there are still ways you can get one.

12 Days Ago   The OnePlus 6T was announced just over 24 hours ago but that hasn’t stopped the good news for OnePlus from rolling in. It seems that the phone’s announcement has been well received by the public given that more people lined up to buy one today than did for the iPhone when it went on sale.

12 Days Ago   The Google Pixel phones are well known these days, although there still doesn’t seem to be an overwhelming number of them sold. For those who have been waiting to purchase a Pixel 3 (or Pixel 3 XL) today is the day.

12 Days Ago   The reluctance of some car manufacturers to use either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay is sheer pig headedness. Their infotainment systems are old, clunky, outdated and usually unintuitive.

14 Days Ago   HTC have had an interesting year — their HTC U12+ was extremely innovative but with a few software bugs at release. Since then a lot of those bugs have been addressed with software updates making the HTC U12+ a compelling device, especially when it is discounted.

15 Days Ago   When Razer announced their latest smartphone, the Razer 2, there was barely a mention of there latest gaming controller built for mobile phones. There was nary a mention of it here in Australia, but it’s real and it was shown off at PAX Aus this past weekend so of course we went and found it … The post Razer bringing the Raiju Mobile gaming controller to Australia next month appeared first on Ausdroid.

18 Days Ago   Google Play Music subscriptions are great. For a relatively small fee you can get access to every piece of music Google has. Imagine if you could do the same for apps.

18 Days Ago   Let’s face it, the lack of decent Android tablets on the market is an indictment on Google for how they have dropped the ball when it comes to the Android tablet ecosystem.

20 Days Ago   Earlier this year Xiaomi announced their first gaming phone, the Black Shark. Now, having learnt from that they have announced an upgraded gaming phone, the Black Shark Helo.

20 Days Ago   The Pixel 3 series of phones marks the re-introduction of wireless charging to the Google stable. Google have chosen Qi as their preferred wireless charging standard, except that their wireless charging is not standard it seems.

21 Days Ago   Last year we had display-gate where the display in the Pixel 2 XL was sub-par for many. This year it looks like there is an issue with Google’s new flagship phones which affects both phones — memory management.

24 Days Ago   Love it, hate it or simply indifferent to it, the notch is a way of life in 2018. Nearly every manufacturer has used it in their flagship phones, except for Samsung.

24 Days Ago   OnePlus had originally planned to announce their next flagship to the world on October 30 in New York and sent invites out nearly two weeks ago.

25 Days Ago   One of the best things about owning a Pixel device is the quick updates you get from Google: not only is your phone updated quickly but you have access to the factory image for the device going forwards.

27 Days Ago   Back in July the European Commission fined Google €4.34 billion (yes that is meant to be a B) for “illegal practices regarding Android mobile devices to strengthen dominance of Google’s search engine” and ordered them to change the way they distribute Android in the EU.

28 Days Ago   Most of us here have a Google Home Mini either because it is cheap, or we got it in some form of giveaway at Woolworths — I fit into both categories.

28 Days Ago   Each year Android fans look forward to the Made by Google event where Google announce all their new hardware products for the year. This year all eyes were on the Pixel 3 phones and what Google could spring on us after it had been leaked like never before.

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