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14 Hours Ago   When the OnePlus 7 Pro was released last week it sounded like an amazing phone (and it is) and users could not wait to get their hands on it with OnePlus unable to keep up with demand — one Chinese site sold US$144 million worth in one minute.

15 Hours Ago   There has been very little good news for Huawei as of late and you can imagine the folks at the upper echelons of the company must be scrambling like crazy.

Yesterday   Yesterday we published an edition of the Huawei Corporate deathwatch, not the first and unfortunately not the last. While we all hope more than anything that all this blows over, and before too long it is business as usual for Huawei, the current situation is going from bad to worse.

2 Days Ago   A few years ago Google realised that Android was not entirely suited to the enterprise market and began a big push forwards adding in features for that sector and improving the overall security for users.

2 Days Ago   One of the big advantages Samsung and Apple have over their competitors is the after-sales service they can offer to customers through their stores and pop-up experience centres.

3 Days Ago   Samsung announced the Galaxy S10 lineup just prior to MWC and we heard about a 5G variant in the works from Telstra themselves. Now, three months later, it is primed for release into the Australian market – from next week.

3 Days Ago   Often the first inkling we get of a new device in the works is when it passes through one of the regulatory bodies such as Bluetooth SIG or the FCC.

3 Days Ago   Samsung released the Gaalxy S10 series of smartphones just prior to MWC and the colours at launch were mostly fairly muted for the two higher-specced versions.

5 Days Ago   I’ve used OnePlus phones for quite a while but have always thought (and I’m not the only one) that the camera let the experience down. The camera was good, just not great.

5 Days Ago   Last week when OnePlus announced their new ultra-premium flagship the OnePlus 7 Pro in New York there was not a single mention of the rumoured OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G.

9 Days Ago   This week, OnePlus announced their new flagship to the world, the OnePlus 7 Pro. By chance I was on the ground in New York (after my trip to Google I/O) and made my way to the launch event at Pier 94.

10 Days Ago   Comic Con is massive and is often too large, too loud and too overwhelming to take the family to — especially those little ones who are massive comic book fans.

10 Days Ago   Overnight in New York OnePlus announced the much-anticipated and much-leaked OnePlus 7 Pro. Even with the bulk of the specs and features being leaked beforehand OnePlus did not disappoint with their first device of 2019.

14 Days Ago   Android Auto is a major improvement over anything ANY of the car manufacturers have ever offered their customers in the way of infotainment systems. For this reason, and the fact that nearly every Australian adult owns a smartphone it boggles the mind that not all Australian car manufacturers include the Android Auto / Apple CarPlay … The post Android Auto finally arriving on Australian Toyota cars appeared first on Ausdroid.

14 Days Ago   One of the new features that arrived on the newly announced Google Pixel 3a was the Time Lapse mode in the camera app. Now, as seems to be the case with most Pixel features, it is beginning to roll out to other Pixel phones.

14 Days Ago   One of China’s biggest smartphone brands is set to enter the Australian market with UMIDIGI announcing that they are bringing their products to Aussies through online channels.

14 Days Ago   OnePlus are set to announce the new OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro on the 14th May in New York. As a company who likes to look after their loyal customers in various ways they are offering fans a chance to check out and purchase the OnePlus 7 phones the very next day.

15 Days Ago   Not long ago Huawei announced updates to several phones to a new version of EMUI. Today, on the back of Google’s announcement of the Android Q Beta 3 coming to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro they have announced via Weibo their first devices that will receive the next version of Android.

15 Days Ago   Samsung had a very public misstep when they sent out early revisions of the Galaxy Fold to high profile reviewers and influencers with the display and its durability coming under fire.

15 Days Ago   The OnePlus 7 Pro is set to be released in New York on Wednesday next week (Australian time) but unfortunately there has been a leak meaning that there is very little left for OnePlus to reveal on stage.

16 Days Ago   Driverless cars. Everyone has heard of them but few have seen one, let alone driven in one. The words bring fear to many people, fearing the unknown with a big question on safety.

16 Days Ago   As mentioned the yesterday in the Google I/O keynote, all of the Google Home products are moving to be covered by the Nest banner. In doing so they are refocusing their products on not just the smart home but the ‘helpful home’.

16 Days Ago   Pixels aside, very few Android phones receive updates in an even remotely decent timeframe. We complain about Android version updates not making it to many phones, but ultimately it’s the regular security patches that are more important.

16 Days Ago   Google’s self-imposed purview is to make the world’s information more accessible and with premium smartphones and the experience that comes with them becoming more and more out of reach of many Google decided to do something about it.

16 Days Ago   Yesterday Google officially announced their new AR feature to aid navigation while walking and that it would be rolling out to Pixel users imminently. They weren’t kidding it seems with the new Maps feature rolling out today.

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