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4 Hours Ago   Just when you thought we’d seen it all yet another Huawei P30 leak occurs. This time leaker extraordinaire Evan Blass has revealed some official renders of what we assume to be the upcoming P30 and P30 Pro.

6 Hours Ago   Late last year when the Nokia 5.1 was released it was priced at just $329 and at the time was considered a great deal for a great phone.

8 Hours Ago   Last year Nvidia added full Google Assistant voice control to their Shield TV and now it appears that more Android TVs will be receiving the same Google Assistant love.

14 Hours Ago   Amazon revolutionised the market with the Kindle and ever since they have been the go-to e-reader for a majority of people. Not content with just the one Kindle they have released several different Kindles at varying price points over the years.

Yesterday   Motorola have been slowly updating their recent devices and today they have announced another of their phones is currently receiving an OTA rollout of Android 9.0 Pie.

Yesterday   At GDC today in San Francisco Google have announced their new game streaming platform, Stadia, with a host of features and some custom hardware. If you thought Google were building their game streaming platform for ChromeOS only you’d be wrong.

2 Days Ago   Last week we reported that Google’s upcoming mid-range were going to be called the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a XL according to Android Q source code.

2 Days Ago   Google I/O starts in under two months and today Google have released a small preview of what to expect in its schedule when the full one arrives next week.

3 Days Ago   OPPO’s ColorOS has been one of the most polarising Android skins since Android began its existence. Since that time it has evolved into something acceptable to most but still has some way to go to be considered one of the best.

3 Days Ago   A month ago we reported on some new navigation gestures Google were testing in an alpha build of Android Q. Now that the beta for Android Q has been released further investigation has shown that Google are looking to change the gestures even more.

3 Days Ago   It’s Kogan’s turn. We have seen all the other carriers come out with some great deals in the past couple of weeks. This time it is Kogan’s turn with a great deal on a heap of data.

5 Days Ago   While some of us were hoping for surprises on stage in Paris in 10 days time it looks less and less likely to occur after the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro had their skirts lifted and specs revealed overnight.

6 Days Ago   Nearly every company is working on a foldable phone and you can bet that even those who say they aren’t are at least doing some R&D into it — afterall, who wanted to be left behind when a new trend takes off.

6 Days Ago   Gaming on mobile device is the next frontier for gaming companies and most are beginning to make their wares available on mobile. To jump in on the mobile action Steam have announced their Steam Link Anywhere and have a supporting Android app ready.

6 Days Ago   Android Q is everywhere and for those who have tried it it contains some things that will take some getting used to and others which are a great change.

7 Days Ago   Yes, Pi day is kind of like May the 4th. It’s a date that only us geeks and nerds take notice of. For today’s Pi day Google developer, Emma Haruka Iwao, has set a Guinness World Record for the most accurate value of Pi.

7 Days Ago   The OPPO Reno rumour wagon is heating up with more and more of the phone line being shown off each day by fans and OPPO employees on Chinese social media website Weibo.

8 Days Ago   Who wants a free Samsung Galaxy S10 or rather, who doesn’t want a free Samsung Galaxy S10? For a limited time Kogan are giving you a chance to win one for you and a friend.

8 Days Ago   OnePlus have a skin on their Android devices and that skin is the best skin bar none. To me it is even better than Google’s Pixel skin.

8 Days Ago   We live in a disposable society these days where the cost of repairing items is often close to the price of purchasing that item again new.

8 Days Ago   We thought Android Q Beta was going to arrive yesterday but unfortunately it did not. The main reason Google releases Beta versions of Android is for feedback and bug testing.

8 Days Ago   It is only a couple of weeks until Huawei will take to the stage to announce the P30 series of smartphones and as expected details are beginning to emerge of what it entails.

9 Days Ago   Not all manufacturers update their phones in a timely fashion, in fact not all manufacturers up date their phones full stop. HTC have always been relatively quick with updates but as their smartphone sales have dropped, so has their support for them.

9 Days Ago   We have been tracking the Huawei P30 line in the buildup to its announcement later this month in Paris. We have seen Huawei advertise that they will “rewrite the rules of photography” with the P30 series but today they have been caught out in what so many other manufacturers have also done.

9 Days Ago   Last week we were a little surprised when Huawei announced a press conference live from their Shenzhen headquarters and proceeded to state, while reading from several Mate X phones, that the company was going to sue the US government.

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