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3 Days Ago   Residents of Kiselyovsk, the heart of Russia's coal-mining industry, are asking Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to accept them as environmental refugees. But they don't stand a chance.

46 Days Ago   A petrochemical facility at ExxonMobil's Baytown, Texas complex burst into flames on Wednesday.

51 Days Ago   Native Hawaiians are protesting the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea. Where do we go from here?

55 Days Ago   A new report documents two years of science being scrubbed from government websites.

60 Days Ago   Beachgoers and wildlife authorities rallied around a group of stranded pilot whales on Tuesday.

66 Days Ago   A polluted lake in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk has become a popular Russian social media destination.

68 Days Ago   A federal appeals court has upheld an earlier ruling that President Trump cannot silence people on Twitter without violating the First Amendment.

74 Days Ago   We can expect more brutal heatwaves to come according to a pair of European climate reports.

80 Days Ago   Egregious tweets by prominent politicians that break Twitter's rules will remain on the site if they are deemed to be of "public interest," the company announced on Thursday.

81 Days Ago   A military spending bill has asked for a brand new Arctic port to face "future great power competition."

88 Days Ago   President Obama’s Clean Power Plan has been replaced by a new rule that sucks up to fossil fuels.

89 Days Ago   Swarms of the insects have blanketed several Russian towns in the Ural Mountains.

94 Days Ago   Dozens of seal carcasses, some showing signs of hair loss, are being reported in northern Alaska.

95 Days Ago   When foraging for food, bottlenose dolphins also find buddies.

97 Days Ago   Add salamanders to the list of things that pitcher plants will eat.

121 Days Ago   The elusive, human-sized reptile was nabbed by wildlife authorities.

122 Days Ago   Law enforcement agencies are using facial recognition systems with little to no rules, found a new study by the Georgetown Law Center on Privacy and Technology.

122 Days Ago   Ten dead gray whales have been spotted at Bay Area beaches over the last two months.

124 Days Ago   The technology hub is now the first US city to have issued a moratorium on the invasive spy technology.

124 Days Ago   A Navy probe revealed who was responsible for the contrails phallus.

128 Days Ago   “I was just going for a casual swim, so it’s escalated a bit.”

136 Days Ago   Before and after photos of Qasym-Zhomart Tokayev suggest the interim president’s appearance has been beautified.

138 Days Ago   “Any reasonable person can see these are melted prints.”

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