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13 Days Ago   While Google still hasn’t set an official date for its annual fall product showcase, thanks to inside sources and a recent APK teardown, we may have just gotten a preview of some new camera features set to debut on the Pixel 4.

17 Days Ago   Philips Hue has one of the widest and most popular ranges of smart lights on the market, but its portfolio does have a few holes. Or at least it did, because this fall, Hue is releasing a new lineup of connected LED bulbs including new candle bulbs, refreshed spotlights, an updated portable smart light, some lighting… Read more...

18 Days Ago   With the Light Phone 2, the team behind the minimally-minded Light Phone that blew up on Kickstarter in 2015 continues to explore the balance between being connected and preserving your mental health.

19 Days Ago   Even though Nintendo recently refreshed the standard Switch with new guts and made a smaller version of its portable console in the upcoming Switch Lite, both suffer from a major omission: the lack of support for wireless audio.

19 Days Ago   For years, I’ve used a stand mic and a pair of regular headphones as my setup for gaming audio. That’s because while a headset is easier to use, keeping my microphone and headphones separated made things easier to upgrade and connect to various devices Read more...

23 Days Ago   More than a year ago, alongside the reveal of the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung announced that it was working on a smart speaker powered by its Bixby digital assistant called the Galaxy Home.

25 Days Ago   Despite recent competition from rivals like Canon and Nikon, Sony remains the leader in full-frame mirrorless cameras. Just last month, Sony looked to extend its lead with the introduction of the full-frame A7R IV, and now, Sony has come back to flesh out its APS-C camera lineup with the new a6600 and a6100.

25 Days Ago   One thing I really appreciate about Chinese smartphone makers is their willingness to take risks in order to innovate. Sure sometimes things flop or are completely unusable, but Chinese phone makers are responsible for the return of slider phones and fun, pop-up selfie cams.

25 Days Ago   The ZTE Axon 7 was one of the most underappreciated phones of its generation. However, following the ambitious but flawed Axon M and a short-lived ban on buying U.S.

26 Days Ago   Back at MWC in late February, Sprint promised to bring 5G coverage to 9 cities by the first half of 2019. And now, with the launch of 5G in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Phoenix, Sprint has finally made good on its promise while also hitting some important 5G milestones.

26 Days Ago   As someone who bought a Nintendo Switch at launch, I’ve been quite curious about the upcoming Switch Lite. After all, the standard $300 Switch can do everything the Switch Lite can (and more).

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