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10 Hours Ago   Google's Project Stream "test" is over. The experimental service, which streamed Assassin's Creed Odyssey to volunteers in a handful of US markets, was slated to end on January 15th.

12 Hours Ago   Today HP has announced two new refreshed Chromebooks in it's 11" series targeting the education market: the Chromebook X360 11 G2 and Chromebook 11 G7. As their names suggest, they're both 11" laptops running Chrome OS and designed for that extra durability required in the classroom.

Yesterday   In the last week, Google Maps has been rolling out some welcome navigational improvements. We've got support for speed limits and speed traps, now, both of which sound pretty familiar.

2 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/01/19 3:46pm PST Already sold out One of the perks of owning a Galaxy S or Note phone — apart from the tremendous accessory support, MST payments, display quality, etc.

2 Days Ago   In the long-forgotten year 2017, Ikea announced that it was collaborating with Sonos for future products, and a year later it named the coming fruit of such a union: The Symfonisk line of speakers.

2 Days Ago   There are a lot of cheaper so-called "smart" light bulbs out there, but Philips Hue has held its reputation as one of the better, higher-end choices.

3 Days Ago   Just a couple of days ago, we reported on a new "car view" mode being tested by Spotify, which (as the name might suggest) optimizes the app's interface for use in a car by making everything a whole lot bigger.

3 Days Ago   Usually, OnePlus is praised for its Oxygen OS software, which offers a light-touch, near-stock experience — at least, visually. Turns out, the company has been making some deeper changes to Android on its phones, and not all of them are for the best.

4 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/01/17 2:15pm PST That software center must be making at least a bit of a difference. LG may still be late to the Pie party, but it's finally starting to kinda-sorta keep up LG's history when it comes to updating phones is not great — so much so, in fact, that the company went out of its way to announce a whole new Software Upgrade Center earlier this year to combat the problem.

4 Days Ago   LG's recent entrants into the flagship mobile space haven't been the most exciting phones — though it was funny seeing LG launch the V30 three times.

4 Days Ago   Just earlier today, Twitter admitted to a bit of an accident. Since November 2014, if you had your account's tweets set as protected, and you used the first-party Twitter Android app, changing specific details like your associated email address may have inadvertently disabled the setting.

4 Days Ago   Google's wearables platform hasn't been as successful as Android itself, but that isn't stopping Google from investing in it further. Today Fossil has announced that Google is acquiring undetermined "smartwatch technology" it is currently developing for a cool $40 million.

4 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/01/17 4:08am PST Video shows new Android Q features next to Pie XDA has managed to get its hands on an early build of Android Q, confirming that Google's next version of our favorite operating system will include a dark mode, as expected.

5 Days Ago   XDA has managed to get its hands on an early build of Android Q, confirming that Google's next version of our favorite operating system will include a dark mode, as expected.

5 Days Ago   Over the weekend, an update to the Google app beta accidentally broke weather for the At A Glance Widget, affecting Pixel owners, some third-party launcher users, and anyone who manually added the widget since that became an option.

7 Days Ago   If you've noticed that the so-called At A Glance widget — a stock part of the Pixel experience that's also available as a standalone widget and built into some third-party launchers — has been missing the weather for the last few days, you aren't alone.

7 Days Ago   In the wake of a series of employee protests late last year, Google made some much-needed tweaks to its employment policy, ending a requirement for forced arbitration against sexual harassment claims.

8 Days Ago   This year's CES is officially over, and announcements from the event over the last week have effectively dominated the news. We walked away from Vegas with a pile of our favorite upcoming gadgets, but opinions don't end there; these products succeed or fail based on your interest.

9 Days Ago   What we've determined is a plausible OnePlus 7 leak has just popped up over on Slashleaks. The image compares an unknown device, presumed to be the Oneplus 7, to the current OnePlus 6T.

9 Days Ago   Content quality in Netflix covers a range from old-school SD to a brain-searing 4K, further augmented by the option for HDR — which, in Netflix's case, is effectively an extended color gamut.

11 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/01/10 5:07pm PST Fix is rolling out If you've noticed today that Chrome for desktop is blocking new tabs as if they were pop-up ads, you aren't alone.

11 Days Ago   Google's been slowly but surely updating its apps to match its new Material Theme look (sometimes called "Material Design 2," much to Google's chagrin). In some cases we've seen substantial changes, sometimes the differences are minor.

11 Days Ago   Last year Google rolled out what was effectively a built-in adblocker for Chrome — though it only applied to "intrusive" ads that didn't meet the standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads.

11 Days Ago   Around half a week ago we reported that Sony appeared to be blocking the installation of Kodi — the occasionally maligned media-streaming platform — on some of its recent Android TVs.

13 Days Ago   Most of us focus on the consumer or enterprise-facing products released by Google, but it actually has another big customer we often forget about: education. And to kick of 2019, Google is announcing a handful of new features for its Google Classroom product.

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