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18 Hours Ago   Late last month, Google was spotted testing a new subscription service called "Google Play Pass." In a similar vein to Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass promises access to a library of games and apps for a flat $5 monthly fee.

2 Days Ago   Ugh, not only did you show up late to the weekly D&D session, you forgot your snazzy dice at home, and now you've got to use the cheap house set — which we all know throws 1s way more often.

2 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/08/16 9:56am PDT João tells us that AutoNotification is required for album artwork to function, which explains why it didn't work for us, so you'll need to install it for that feature Earlier this week, Spotify unceremoniously killed its Android widget, taking away home screen-based controls for the streaming service.

2 Days Ago   The new Motorola One Action is official as of today, though it's leaked a few times in the last couple months. And even though we've seen specs and other details before, the phone still managed to hold onto one secret: that ultra-wide-angle "Action Cam" has been rotated to let you capture landscape videos/photos while the phone is held in portrait.

3 Days Ago   Last Friday, OnePlus pushed out an update for the 6 and 6T, bringing, among other things, the DC dimming feature from the OnePlus 7 Pro and previous Open Beta updates to the mainstream.

3 Days Ago   The selection of "truly wireless" earbuds is truly staggering these days. They've gone from being crazy expensive status symbols to the norm, with surprisingly cheap models available.

3 Days Ago   Android Q will deliver a whole pile of new features like a system-wide dark theme and revamped gesture navigation when it lands later this quarter. But just because Google has implemented those features in Android doesn't mean all your favorite apps will automatically work with them immediately and perfectly; developers need to build that support into their apps.

4 Days Ago   Nokia's first salvo of Android phones debuted at MWC all the way back in 2017, with the company initially committing to two years of updates for its new devices.

4 Days Ago   Following a bit of a hiccup when it came to the previous Chrome OS 75 release, Chrome OS 76 has been pushed to the Stable Channel and is rolling out to some devices.

5 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/08/14 4:00am PDT Google's changelog page for Chromebook updates is now live. You can find it here and see the most important changes included in the latest release of Chrome OS.

5 Days Ago   Today Google has announced that Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides have access to a small pile of new "Lexend" family of fonts meant to make reading a bit easier.

6 Days Ago   Starting today, you'll be able to log into some Google services from your phone with nothing more than your fingerprint (or another screen unlock method). Although Android got support for FIDO2 earlier this year, Google is now allowing some of its services to take advantage of the protocol's password-less authentication, starting today with Pixel devices, and rolling out over the next few days more widely to other devices running Android 7 Nougat and later.

6 Days Ago   Over the last week or so, the popular SMS to Gmail backup application SMS Backup+ has finally stopped working as a result of Google's Gmail API changes.

6 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/07/26 2:27pm PDT Samsung just gave potential Note10 shoppers — or at least those who are currently carrying around a recent-year, high-value smartphone — something to be happy about, with the publication of Update 2: 2019/08/12 5:13am PDT Trade-in values for the Galaxy S9 and other Samsung models have been increased Samsung's reservation page for the "next generation of Galaxy" (i.e., the Galaxy Note10) just went live, and with it comes a table of trade-in values.

7 Days Ago   Samsung's latest Galaxy Note10 was released just earlier this week, and this year the Note is a whole series of devices in two different sizes, with a 5G variant.

9 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/08/02 11:41am PDT Eight more financial institutions have been added in the last day: Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust (IA) Farmers and Merchants Bank (AR) Heartland Bank (OH) MembersFirst Credit Union (GA) Peoples Community FCU Riverside Credit Update 2: 2019/08/09 11:10am PDT Who likes banks?

10 Days Ago   Samsung's Galaxy Note10, Note10+, and Note10+ 5G are all official. Following that long and leaky wait, you can now pre-order the latest stylus-equipped Note series flagship.

11 Days Ago   Samsung's phones always have a little something for everyone. If you need extra storage for niche workflows or huge offline music collections, you could always pick up a Galaxy S or Note phone with microSD support, and even enjoy the anachronism of a headphone jack.

11 Days Ago   Being an early adopter means accepting the inevitable bugs and issues that accompany the experience. For those that jumped on the Android Q Developer Previews, that meant a whole pile of app issues and incompatibilities as developers worked out the kinks associated with the updated platform.

12 Days Ago   Following a recent update to the Zenfone 6, some owners have been reporting system stability problems including frequent crashes/restarts, network connectivity problems, and bootloops. According to a recent statement issued by an ASUS representative on the company's ZenTalk forums (spotted by PiunikaWeb), the issue is a hardware fault in affected devices which is triggered by the update.

12 Days Ago   A month ahead of the event, LG has just pushed out a teaser video, telling folks to "save the date" on Friday, September 6th during IFA.

13 Days Ago   Demand for expensive phones might be slowing, but consumerism as a whole continues. In the wake of our collective and unceasing desire for more, better, cheaper, Google is the latest company to stand up on a sustainability soapbox, announcing its intention to better the environmental impact of its "Made by Google" products.

13 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/08/05 10:55am PDT Developer Preview 4 is official, also here for OnePlus 7 Over the weekend, OnePlus appears to have silently (accidentally?) rolled out its next Android Q Developer Preview for the OnePlus 7 Pro.

13 Days Ago   Over the last six months or so, reports regarding a shaking/stuttering/vibrating issue with the smaller Pixel 3's camera have been building up, with hundreds of replies accumulating among threads discussing the issue at Google's Pixel Help forums, as well as other venues.

13 Days Ago   Usually Spotify's custom playlists are all about music discovery, but two new additions we spotted over the weekend are for the exact opposite. Named "On Repeat" and "Repeat Rewind," the two new custom playlists don't seem to appear for everyone, and they're both populated by songs you've played frequently.

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