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3 Days Ago   Google finally added a dark theme in Android 10, and developers are taking notice despite the low usage of the latest version. We've seen a few apps like Instagram and Tasker hop on the dark theme bandwagon, and now you can add Shazam to that list.

4 Days Ago   Google finally released its John Legend Assistant voice in spring 2019, which was almost a year after it first teased the capability. Now, Google is preparing a second celebrity voice cameo, none other than actress and web video producer Issa Rae.

5 Days Ago   Chinese smartphone maker Realme has been cranking out phones lately, and you can add another one to the pile today. The Realme X2 sports an almost bezel-less design with a waterdrop notch, as well as a quad-camera array on the back.

6 Days Ago   Google has struggled to devise a new navigation system for Android over the last few releases. No one much liked the two-button design from Pie, and the new full-gesture setup in Android 10 has its critics, too.

6 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/10/07 9:47am PDT Now in stable Android 10 is finally available after months of beta tests, but it's only on a handful of devices.

6 Days Ago   A good (or even middling) soundbar can really boost your TV viewing experience, and it's all the better if the soundbar also has streaming capabilities like the JBL Link Bar or Roku Smart Soundbar.

10 Days Ago   OnePlus hasn't even started selling the OnePlus 7T, but we already have a good idea what the OnePlus 8 will look like thanks to a new leak.

12 Days Ago   Android TV has been around for a few years at this point, and there are ample video streaming options. However, we've somehow limped along without a Yahoo app until now.

13 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/09/30 9:13am PDT Two weeks later No product is more emblematic of the fusion of Google and Nest into a single brand than the new Google Nest Hub Max.

16 Days Ago   It has been more than a year since Google revamped its music and video offerings with the YouTube brand front and center. The company signaled that YouTube Music would eventually replace Play Music, and it's moving one step closer to making that a reality.

17 Days Ago   Google has finally seen fit to give us a dark theme in Android 10, but there's very little to the functionality aside from the quick settings toggle.

17 Days Ago   Google launched a new hyperlocal news service in early 2018 called Bulletin. It's understandable if you don't remember—Bulletin still hasn't moved out of the pilot phase, and it never will.

18 Days Ago   You might associate Anker primarily with charging accessories, but it's been making a go of Bluetooth audio with its Soundcore devices. Today, the company has announced six new products under the Soundcore brand, including the premium Liberty 2 Pro true wireless earbuds and the budget-conscious Spirit 2 earbuds.

18 Days Ago   Cloudflare has long focused on internet security and content delivery, but it has been leaning into the consumer space lately. It started with the DNS app and then announced the WARP VPN service earlier this year.

19 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/09/24 6:23pm PDT Older versions, too Android 10 is finally here to save us from blindingly bright apps, but only a few apps have support for the new dark theme.

19 Days Ago   Google brought Assistant to Chrome OS by way of the Pixelbook in 2017, and it also came on the Pixel Slate at launch. Now, more Chromebooks can access Assistant with both voice and typing input on Chrome 77.

21 Days Ago   Despite its issues, Arlo still makes the best wireless security cameras. Arlo took a big step early this year when it launched its first 4K security camera, the Arlo Ultra.

23 Days Ago   Google's Wear OS platform isn't in the best shape these days, but there are still ample choices if you want to have Google on your wrist.

25 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/09/18 8:09am PDT Lionsgate, too Plex made its name by helping people organize and stream their media libraries, which may or may not have included pirated material.

26 Days Ago   Android 10 is finally available after months of beta tests, but it's only on a handful of devices. Nova Launcher is nevertheless wasting no time adding support for one of Android 10's most popular features: dark mode.

26 Days Ago   The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 + are very expensive phones, and they lack some features of past Samsung devices like a headphone jack and a microSD card slot (on the smaller phone).

31 Days Ago   At this point, Google might be regretting its decision to manufacture the Pixel 4 in Vietnam; a decision apparently made to avoid Chinese tariffs. It looks like a significant number of devices have found their way out of the factory and into the hands of YouTubers.

32 Days Ago   Google took the unusual step of confirming the existence of its upcoming Pixel phone this year, but we don't expect the full Pixel 4 unveiling for another month.

32 Days Ago   No product is more emblematic of the fusion of Google and Nest into a single brand than the new Google Nest Hub Max. This is the bigger brother to the Google Home Hub, later renamed the Google Nest Hub.

33 Days Ago   Apple just announced its fifth-generation Apple Watch, and no surprise, it puts Google's Wear OS ecosystem to shame. Even with a headstart on wearables, Google has made such slow progress that Apple easily dominates the market.

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