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19 Hours Ago   You might think spending $60 on a new AAA video game is a lot, but three video game enthusiasts just spent more than $100,000 on a single game, and they don't even plan to play it.

21 Hours Ago   Google Assistant can do a lot of awesome things, but that list would be much shorter without developer support. That's what Actions on Google is all about—it helps developers integrate apps and services with Assistant.

22 Hours Ago   The super-premium Tab S4 arrived last year, and now Samsung has a new midrange tablet: the $400 Galaxy Tab S5e. It's not as fast, but it is impressively thin and light.

Yesterday   The odds are good that you sign into a Google account as soon as you turn on a new phone. What if you don't, though? Well, none of the Google apps on your phone will work, and that includes the Play Store.

Yesterday   Security professionals are starting to suspect this was not the work of a profit-motivated hacker but rather an incredibly successful intelligence operation aimed at spying on US citizens.

Yesterday   The first question you have to ask in a situation like this is, "Why are we only hearing about this now?" The post 14.8 Million Accounts Compromised in 500px Breach appeared first on ExtremeTech.

Yesterday   Google announced the nebulous Android Things platform several years ago to power various smart devices as part of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). Now, Google says it's rethinking the scale of Android Things.

Yesterday   Ring is rolling out a new crime-fighting initiative today as part of its Neighborhoods portal, which was previously only open to users. Now, Ring has a special version of Neighborhoods for law enforcement, allowing officers to see local alerts from Ring users and request access to your videos.

Yesterday   Nest launched its home security bundle at $500 a while back, which was pretty tough to justify. It has since come down $100, and today it's on sale for $100-120 less than that.

Yesterday   Apple has traditionally kept is smartphones locked down to prevent unauthorized app installs, but there is a program that helps companies test and distribute non-public apps.

2 Days Ago   You'd have to be living under a rock not to know what the Galaxy S10 is going to look like at this point. A very big rock.

2 Days Ago   Samsung is preparing to announce the Galaxy S10, so it's a good time to buy last year's phone at a steep discount if you don't need the latest and greatest.

2 Days Ago   This is not a time to be sad, though. Opportunity was only designed to operate for 90 Martian days, but it lasted almost 15 years (over 5,000 Martian days) and reshaped our understanding of the red planet along the way.

2 Days Ago   Backblaze, one of the most popular computer backup services, has announced its first ever price hike. Put down your pitchforks -- it's only going up by a buck from $5 to $6 per month.

2 Days Ago   How to have a party, according to JBL: Step one, buy this giant portable Bluetooth speakers (there is no step two). You can now complete step one thanks to the launch of the PartyBox 200 and 300 in the US.

2 Days Ago   NPD says that a 12-month period ending in November 2018 saw smartwatch sales increase by 61 percent. That puts smartwatch ownership in the US at 16 percent.

3 Days Ago   SpaceX is asking the FCC to approve its application quickly in light of it's "ambitious timetable for launching satellites and deploying broadband services." The post SpaceX Seeks FCC Approval for 1 Million Earth-Based Satellite Uplinks appeared first on ExtremeTech.

3 Days Ago   Google executives have reportedly met with Indian regulators to discuss the issue, which stems from complaints made by individuals. The post Google May Face Another Android Antitrust Fine in India appeared first on ExtremeTech.

3 Days Ago   What's more unexpected than an impact crater? A second impact crater. The post NASA Finds Second Impact Crater Under Greenland Ice Sheet appeared first on ExtremeTech.

3 Days Ago   The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is still one of the most expensive phones out there, but deals are starting to appear. If you act fast, Amazon will sell you a 512GB Note 9 with a free tablet for $1,049.99.

3 Days Ago   The prices are higher than they once were, but OnePlus is still clocking in less expensive than the phones from Samsung, LG, and Google. The post OnePlus Breaks Into Top 5 Premium Phone Makers in US Market appeared first on ExtremeTech.

4 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/02/12 8:18am PST UI, Features, and more Everyone is currently obsessing over the impending Galaxy S10 launch, but there's another Samsung device on the horizon: a smartwatch that may be called the Galaxy Sport.

4 Days Ago   Musk cautions that his ballpark estimate is highly dependent on volume, though. The post Musk Says Tickets to Mars Could Cost Just $500,000 appeared first on ExtremeTech.

4 Days Ago   We haven't heard much from Mars One, the company that promised to send people to colonize Mars as part of a reality TV show. It's looking like we won't hear from it again, either.

4 Days Ago   Technology is supposed to make life easier, but that's not always the case. For women living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, smartphones have made it harder to escape from abusive families and a social system that restricts their choices.

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