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2 Days Ago   We often hear about the dust storms and wind on Mars, but it's hard to visualize conditions on the ground when the planet's only inhabitants are robots.

2 Days Ago   Update 1: 2018/12/07 9:45am PST Google post If you were, for some reason, hoping to download CM File Manager or Kika Keyboard, I have some bad news.

2 Days Ago   Update 1: 2018/12/07 12:16pm PST Never mind Google Photos makes it easy to back up every photo and video you capture on your phone, but some of those files might eat into your Google storage allowance.

2 Days Ago   Intel and AMD could be looking at some stiff competition in the processor game. Fresh off announcing its new Snapdragon 855 mobile chip, the company has announced the Snapdragon 8cx.

3 Days Ago   Wires are so yesterday, but it's hard to find a good set of true wireless earbuds without breaking the bank. The TicPods Free from Mobvoi might not have everything you want, but they're a good deal at $130.

3 Days Ago   The news reports you get from Google Assistant are about to get a whole lot smarter, or so says Google. The same artificial intelligence that powers the Google News app is coming to Assistant.

3 Days Ago   Microsoft has wasted no time confirming the recent rumors: the Edge browser is dead. All hail the new Edge based on Google's open-source Chromium code. The post Confirmed: Microsoft Will Move to Chromium-Based Edge Browser appeared first on ExtremeTech.

3 Days Ago   In Russia, the home-grown Yandex search platform beasts Google by a wide margin. The two companies have clashed over Google's control of Android, and now Yandex is taking advantage of Russia's favorable regulatory conditions to launch its own Android phone.

3 Days Ago   What good is a smartwatch without some fancy custom watch faces to go with it? Facer has been one of the best sources for cusotmizable watch faces since the days before Google supported third-party watch faces.

3 Days Ago   Barely two years after launching its Allo chat app, Google has announced that Allo will shut down in the coming months. The post Google Confirms Allo Messaging App Is Shutting Down appeared first on ExtremeTech.

3 Days Ago   Lenovo's Smart Display was the first Assistant-powered screen on the market, but it wasn't cheap. Luckily, the price has come down somewhat over the last few months.

4 Days Ago   Update 1: 2018/12/05 2:37pm PST It's only been a week since we saw Samsung first start accepting sign-ups for the Note9's One UI Pie beta program, and reports have already begun arriving of the software Samsung has traditionally been behind on UI design, which I know is shocking for the company that brought you TouchWiz.

4 Days Ago   We at Android Police endeavor to bring you the best Android-related news, but rarely do we get to bring you Android police news. Today, we do.

4 Days Ago   Most flagship Android phones run on the latest top-of-the-line Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm, but what will that mean in 2019? The post Qualcomm Unveils the Snapdragon 855: 8 Cores, Onboard AI, optional 5G appeared first on ExtremeTech.

4 Days Ago   Waymo has been quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) testing autonomous driving technology, and now it's finally rolling out to consumers in Arizona. The post Waymo Launches Consumer Self-Driving Car Service in Arizona appeared first on ExtremeTech.

4 Days Ago   Battery technology has been slow to evolve, which limits how much processing power we can pack into pocket-sized devices. If only there was some magical new technology that could solve the world's battery woes.

4 Days Ago   When Google announced the revamped Google One subscription, it said there would be special perks and deals for members. It didn't offer much in the way of examples at the time, but it's starting to take shape with a new promo.

4 Days Ago   Nebraskans are making their own weather today thanks to a few industrial plants, which are causing a dense band of snowfall. The post Industrial Plants Are Producing Man-Made Snow in Nebraska appeared first on ExtremeTech.

5 Days Ago   Google Lens made its debut in the Google Photos app on select devices a while back, but now it's available everywhere. You can still search from the Photos app, but Google just added a new shortcut to make it easier to scan your photos.

5 Days Ago   Using new measurement techniques, researchers have counted almost all the photons ever emitted in the universe. The final tally is a four followed by 84 zeros.

5 Days Ago   If you were, for some reason, hoping to download CM File Manager or Kika Keyboard, I have some bad news. A report last week claimed that Cheetah Mobile and an associated company called Kika Tech were engaged in some shady advertising practices, and now Google has responded.

5 Days Ago   Microsoft's revamped Edge browser remains but a tiny sliver of the browser market. The situation is so dire that Redmond is reportedly throwing in the towel on Edge as it currently exists.

5 Days Ago   It's possible that you have some inappropriate images on your phone, and it's also possible you will occasionally receive more of them. I'm not here to judge, but there's a new app that judges for you what is and is not NSFW.

5 Days Ago   Eventually, OSIRIS-REx will graze the surface of Bennu to pick up a tiny bit of material to send back to Earth. The post NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Probe Reaches Asteroid Bennu appeared first on ExtremeTech.

6 Days Ago   With 2018 coming to a close, it's time to start obsessing over 2019 phone rumors. Top of the list is Samsung's upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S10.

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