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2 Hours Ago   Motorola promised at least three years of Mod compatibility when it announced the first Moto Z phones in 2016, and we're about to go beyond that with the new Moto Z4.

2 Hours Ago   The Palm Phone is supposed to be a limited experience so you won't use it as much while out and about. Now, anyone can get this bizarre smartphone experience with the launch of the unlocked Palm Phone.

5 Hours Ago   It has been almost two months since a SpaceX Dragon II capsule exploded during testing, and NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine has now confirmed publicly that the "anomaly" has pushed back the launch schedule.

22 Hours Ago   It seems like no one can release a phone these days without getting it leaked. Today, it's Motorola having is (presumably) carefully laid plans dashed to ribbons.

Yesterday   Mars is home to dust storms, several robots, and as of today, a new crater. Images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) show a fresh impact crater on the surface.

Yesterday   Astronomers around the world were thrilled in 2016 when the ESO announced the discovery of an exoplanet around Proxima Centauri, the closest star to Earth. Now the VLT has gotten an upgrade that will help it scan other nearby stars.

Yesterday   Several companies offer device unlocking services to law enforcement, but they're limited by devices and software versions. Israeli forensics firm Cellebrite says it can free up the data on any iOS device up to the latest v12.3.

2 Days Ago   There are various "levels" of nuclear waste, but none of them is something anyone ought to handle in person. That's why remotely operated robots have become the standard tool to decommission nuclear facilities and process radioactive materials.

4 Days Ago   A new analysis suggests that our galaxy may have collided with another recently discovered dwarf galaxy called Antlia 2. The post The Milky Way May Have Already Collided With Another Galaxy appeared first on ExtremeTech.

4 Days Ago   The company worked with UC Berkeley scientists to develop a neural network that can spot fake photos and work backward to restore their original appearance. The post Adobe AI Can Detect Manipulated Photos appeared first on ExtremeTech.

4 Days Ago   OnePlus has a little-known feature bundled with its phones called "Shot on OnePlus." It's a way for people to show off the photos they take on their phones by making them available to other OP users as wallpapers.

4 Days Ago   Under the current administration, NASA has been told to push up its timeline and get a crewed mission to the moon by 2024 instead of 2028.

5 Days Ago   The era of 5G is upon us whether you like it or not. After breaking free of Verizon's exclusivity period and coming to AT&T (sort of), the Galaxy S10 5G is now live on Sprint.

5 Days Ago   Scientists have long believed that the formation of a quasar in a galaxy would spell the end of star formation there. A new analysis suggests that may not be the case.

5 Days Ago   Google hasn't talked about its Daydream VR platform much lately, but it still exists and works with phones like the Pixel 3. Daydream has never had extensive app support, and there's one less Google app available today.

5 Days Ago   News on the redesign process has been tough to come by since then, and now AT&T is done waiting. The carrier has canceled all Galaxy Fold pre-orders and refunded customers.

6 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/06/06 11:40am PDT June 6 is upon us, and the Moto Z4 is finally available for sale. The #motoz4 is on sale now! Not only do you get Update 2: 2019/06/13 8:47am PDT While Moto Z4 orders through Motorola opened up a week ago, we're guessing that the majority of sales are going to come down through Verizon, and we've been waiting for This may shock you, but the Moto Z4 is the latest phone from Motorola.

6 Days Ago   NASA wants to establish a long-term human presence on and in space around the moon, but that's going to require new technologies. The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program aims to develop those technologies, and two NAIC projects have just advanced to phase III study, the furthest any of them have gotten.

6 Days Ago   Following a handful of blurry spy shots, Google has tweeted an image of the upcoming Pixel 4 on its official Twitter account. The image confirms some things about the leaks but leaves plenty to the imagination.

6 Days Ago   It's easy to forget, but AT&T has technically had a 5G network since late last year. It just won't let almost anyone use it. That trend continues with the carrier's latest phone launch.

6 Days Ago   Phones are getting more powerful all the time, but there's only so much you can do to cool that beefy hardware in a smartphone form factor.

6 Days Ago   Streaming a game from a distant data center could cause unavoidable lag. Microsoft's xCloud demo at E3 has eased some fears, but Google has yet to prove itself in early demos.

7 Days Ago   Google has long maintained an optional link between Google Drive and Google Photos, but it appears that feature is going away. According to Google, many users find the connection between those services confusing.

7 Days Ago   Scientists still don't know what dark matter is, but two theoretical physicists at the University of California Davis have a new hypothesis and a way to test it.

7 Days Ago   A large crater in the southern polar region appears to contain a large deposit of dense material, possibly the remains of an ancient metallic asteroid. The post Gravity ‘Anomaly’ at Moon’s South Pole Could Be Buried Metallic Asteroid appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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