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Yesterday   Update 1: 2019/04/19 9:30am PDT Refund acquired Every large company has its fair share of customer service issues, but Google seems to always find the most perplexing ways to screw up.

Yesterday   The BlackBerry Key2 came out last year, giving hardware keyboard stalwarts something to get excited about. The phone is getting a bit long in the tooth, but now there's a very slightly upgraded version.

2 Days Ago   Google will finally let Amazon have a real YouTube app on its Fire TV platform, and Amazon will expand Prime Video support to Chromecast and all Android TV devices.

2 Days Ago   The remote-operated spacecraft usually has a quick trip to and back from the ISS, but this one will spend more time in space to get things done.

2 Days Ago   Every large company has its fair share of customer service issues, but Google seems to always find the most perplexing ways to screw up. Case in point, one Reddit user has posted a story in hopes of getting Google's attention.

2 Days Ago   Scientists have long suspected that helium hydride was the first molecule in the universe, but no one has ever detected it in space until now. NASA researchers have spotted helium hydride many light years away in a planetary nebula.

2 Days Ago   Google wowed everyone when it unveiled Night Sight photos alongside the Pixel 3. Many OEMs have since tried to replicate Google's witchcraft, but none have been able to match it.

3 Days Ago   An experimental NASA payload from the Beresheet spacecraft might still be intact someplace on the lunar surface. Researchers plan to begin scouring the likely crash site for signs of the Lunar Retroreflector Array (LRA).

3 Days Ago   That small asteroid or comet may have traveled multiple light years from another solar system to burn up over the Pacific Ocean. The post An Alien Meteor May Have Burned Up in the Atmosphere in 2014 appeared first on ExtremeTech.

3 Days Ago   Most of the methods we use to wake ourselves in the morning are jarring and unpleasant, but Google Home might be able to help. Starting today, Home supports Gentle Sleep & Wake, a feature that integrates with Philips Hue smart lights.

3 Days Ago   Microsoft will push game downloads, and it's including a few of them free with the console. That might nudge some people to drop $250 on the device when it launches in a few weeks, but the pricing still seems The post Microsoft’s All-Digital Xbox One S Is Finally a Reality appeared first on ExtremeTech.

3 Days Ago   Meteorite impacts on seemingly dry patches of the moon can throw up a mist of water vapor that regenerates the "exosphere" and moves water around the surface.

4 Days Ago   NASA's Kepler space telescope has ended its planet spotting mission, but the agency's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has already picked up the torch. The post NASA’s TESS Satellite Detects Its First Earth-Like Exoplanet appeared first on ExtremeTech.

4 Days Ago   T-Mobile has been using every possible opportunity to talk up its plans to acquire Sprint, hoping to amass enough support to push the deal through. It's not a matter of public sentiment, though.

4 Days Ago   Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (Tepco) has just taken a major step toward cleaning up the site by removing the first spent-fuel assembly from reactor 3.

4 Days Ago   Waymo grew out of the self-driving car project at Google X, but it's now a separate company under the Alphabet umbrella. Waymo's service still isn't available to everyone, but it's in semi-open trials in the Phoenix area.

4 Days Ago   According to a new leak, the real OnePlus 7 will probably look almost exactly like the OnePlus 6T, and that other phone will be the OnePlus 7 Pro.

4 Days Ago   Google makes more hardware than it did in the past, so it has naturally considered opening retail stores from time to time. The company has purchased shipping containers and renovated lofts, only to cancel its plans.

4 Days Ago   ICESat-2 measures elevation from orbit as part of NASA's climate research, but the agency would like some data from the ground to verify those readings. So, it's rolled out a new tool in the GLOBE Observer app for iPhone and Android.

5 Days Ago   Nvidia and a design agency called AKQA fed neural networks data about sports that already exist, and they came up with a new one. The post Speedgate Is the First Sport Created By AI appeared first on ExtremeTech.

5 Days Ago   The issue has been corrected, but it's not clear how long the breach went undetected or exactly what the attackers could see. The post Hackers Spied on Microsoft Email Accounts Via Compromised Admin Login appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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