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9 Hours Ago   The Prime Day deals continue to roll in. Next up, the Ring Video Doorbell, which usually sells for $249. Today, there's a healthy discount of $75. It's never been cheaper to see who's at the door without getting up.

12 Hours Ago   In yet another non-Prime Day deal, Google has dropped the price of the Pixelbook on the Google Store. The king of all Chromebooks currently has a $250 discount on all three models.

13 Hours Ago   Do you play a lot of games on your phone despite the prevalence of in-app purchase minefields? Well, then you're braver than I. Heavy mobile gamers will be happy to know that Google has finally increased the level cap, which was stuck at an anemic 50.

14 Hours Ago   The Roku TV Wireless Speakers will ship later this year for $200, but Roku says they compare favorably to speakers that cost twice as much. The post Roku Announces Wireless Speakers for Roku-Powered Smart TVs appeared first on ExtremeTech.

15 Hours Ago   Sometimes, the hardest part of getting where you need to go with a ride-sharing service is meeting up with your driver. The Uber app is adding a number of handy features to make pickups easier.

16 Hours Ago   This phone looks a lot like the regular Moto E5, but the specs have gotten a tweak to fit within the Android Go guidelines, and it won't be available in most markets.

16 Hours Ago   Google emphasizes the online aspects of Chrome OS so strongly that local features have sometimes taken a backseat. For example, file management. Sometimes you just want a file on your Chromebook rather than in Google Drive.

22 Hours Ago   According to a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), neither SpaceX nor Boeing are likely to conduct a manned launch in 2019. The post Boeing and SpaceX Might Not Be Ready for Manned Flights in 2019 appeared first on ExtremeTech.

3 Days Ago   It has been a weird couple of months for ZTE since the US Commerce Department imposed a complete trade ban on ZTE that cut it off from its US suppliers.

3 Days Ago   The BlackBerry KEYone launched a year ago with Android Nougat, and today it still runs Android Nougat. Oh sure, there have been regular security patches over the months, but the lack of an OS update after more than six months of Oreo availability is embarrassing.

3 Days Ago   Scientists using the IceCube observatory detected a high-energy neutrino striking the Antarctic ice. It had an energy of 300 trillion electron volts -- 45 times more energy than the Large Hadron Collider can produce in a collision.

3 Days Ago   Odds are you won't have the chance to buy a Vivo Nex S. The company is only selling the phone in China despite the really neat pop-up camera.

3 Days Ago   Nintendo appears to have patched one of the main flaws that makes homebrew development possible at the hardware level. The post New Switch Consoles Patch Homebrew Vulnerability appeared first on ExtremeTech.

3 Days Ago   You don't mess with soccer hooligans, so YouTube TV is looking to make it right after an outage during the World Cup earlier this week. Many of those affected by the outage say they've received emails from YouTube that promise a week of free service as compensation.

3 Days Ago   A new round of Spectre flaws have appeared, but Google is in the process of adding functionality to desktop Chrome that will block remote execution of Spectre.

3 Days Ago   Through analysis of the host star, researchers say the exoplanet is small, rocky, and could potentially support life. And it's practically in our backyard, at least on a cosmic scale.

4 Days Ago   Update 1: 2018/07/12 5:28pm PDT AT&T responds AT&T's landmark deal to acquire Time Warner might not be sailing through the courts after all. After getting approval for the deal in June, the US Justice Department has filed documents to appeal the decision, threatening to up-end AT&T's next big expansion.

4 Days Ago   One of the features Nest reserves for Nest Aware subscribers is activity zones. However, even subscribers had to go to the Nest web interface to add and edit their zones.

4 Days Ago   I think we can all agree at this point that the term "unlimited" has become utterly meaningless in the context of phone plans. Most unlimited plans include at least a few odd limits, but Sprint's latest offerings are really impressive in how many limits they apply to "unlimited" service.

4 Days Ago   It turns out that NASA might have discovered and accidentally destroyed organic molecules on Mars back in the 1970s. The post NASA May Have Accidentally Destroyed Evidence of Organics on Mars 40 Years Ago appeared first on ExtremeTech.

4 Days Ago   Sometimes you want to get your hands on the latest build of an app because it's faster or has some important new feature. Other times, it's just because there's some nagging quirk of the app that's driving you up a wall.

4 Days Ago   Thanks to some ancient shells, we may finally know what caused a chilly period called the Younger Dryas. The post Scientists May Have Solved One of Earth’s Greatest Climate Mysteries appeared first on ExtremeTech.

4 Days Ago   Of course, there's no sound in space, but this eerie audio comes from the waves of plasma that flow between the moon Enceladus and Saturn. The post NASA Releases Eerie Audio From Saturn’s Plasma Waves appeared first on ExtremeTech.

5 Days Ago   After threatening the prosecute Wilson, the Justice Department under Trump has acquiesced to Wilson's demands and will rewrite federal law to make 3D printed guns legal.

5 Days Ago   As part of Google's big 2015 reorganization, many of the divisions tucked away inside Google became their own companies under the Alphabet umbrella. For example, the Google X's self-driving car project became Waymo.

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