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12 Hours Ago   You might think of meteors as flashes in the sky that result in lumpy-looking meteorites on the ground. But not all meteorites are lumps. A substantial population, like the leftovers from the 2013 Chelyabinsk airburst, are notably conical.

Yesterday   Scientists have published five years of observations of Jupiter’s volcanic moon Io, revealing just how strange the world is. They even describe one volcano that might be influenced by the moon’s orbit.

4 Days Ago   A new quantum mechanics experiment shows the field’s spookiest concept, entanglement, in a whole new way. But, of course, it’s not as simple as that. Read more...

4 Days Ago   When NASA sent humans to the Moon for the very first time, it wanted its astronauts prepared for anything. So in addition to food, maps, and medical supplies, Apollo 11 carried a giant, 17-inch knife into space.

5 Days Ago   Flying is objectively horrible. We let the magic of heavier-than-air transport cloud the fact that we pay hundreds of dollars to be squeezed into spaces too small for comfort so we can be treated like shit and spew greenhouse gas into the sky.

6 Days Ago   The fact that no one has died from being struck by dark matter is enough proof to rule out certain ideas about the mysterious stuff, according to one new theory paper.

6 Days Ago   If you use a supplement called Big Penis, you should know that it contains an unexpected (or very expected?) ingredient. Read more...

7 Days Ago   Breaking news for all you doomsday lovers out there: The 20-50 meter asteroid 2006 QV8 will NOT hit the Earth on September 9th. Read more...

7 Days Ago   New research has demonstrated that edible insects are high in antioxidants—and whether or not you buy into the health benefits of eating antioxidants, it’s an important finding from a nutrition perspective.

11 Days Ago   Scientists have detected a signal around an exoplanet that might be the signature of a circumplanetary disk—a disk of debris that could one day form into exomoons.

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