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2 Days Ago   British driver Andy Wallace talked to Digital Trends about how he set a world speed record in a Bugatti Chiron, and he told us about the technology that made the run possible.

2 Days Ago   Let's face it, you've likely heard front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive mentioned before in some context or another. But what do these terms mean, especially in terms of performance?

3 Days Ago   Jeff Bezos announced Amazon ordered 100,000 vans from a company that has never built a car before. It bought a fleet of electric vans from startup Rivian, and it plans to deploy them all by 2024.

3 Days Ago   Nearly 50,000 union-represented workers in the United States are on strike against General Motors. They're asking for better wages, job security, and more benefits. Here's everything you need to know about the strike.

3 Days Ago   Hendrick Motorsports is bringing two limited-edition variants of the Chevrolet Camaro to select Hertz locations across America. The most alluring model is a V8-powered ZL1 upgraded to 750 horsepower thanks to a bigger supercharger.

4 Days Ago   Digital Trends sat down with some of Audi's top executives to learn about how the company sees itself evolving during the 2020s.

4 Days Ago   Volkswagen improved its Car-Net infotainment system for 2020 by adding more features, and making it quicker. Owners can perform a variety of functions remotely using an improved app.

5 Days Ago   Mazda is preparing to release its first series-produced electric car. Most likely arriving as a compact crossover, it will pack a relatively small lithium-ion battery pack best suited for urban trips.

5 Days Ago   Norwegian Cruise Lines began building go-kart tracks on top of its ships in 2017, and it's preparing to inaugurate the most epic course yet. The two-story, 10-turn speedway will take racers right over the ship's edge.

6 Days Ago   Mercedes-Benz unveiled a modern interpretation of the 1902 Simplex, one of its most significant prewar cars. Presented as a sculpture, the Vision Simplex concept blends heritage-laced styling cues with futuristic tech.

6 Days Ago   Nissan is preparing to release a futuristic, high-tech electric crossover positioned as a more-spacious alternative to the Leaf. Dealers who have already seen the car said it looks like nothing else on the road.

10 Days Ago   Automakers from all over the spectrum showed their wildest designs, their most advanced electric cars, and their quickest performance models at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The 2019 edition of the event didn't disappoint.

10 Days Ago   BMW previewed the next-generation 4 Series at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show by introducing a concept called simply 4. It shows how a bolder design can differentiate the 4 from the more elegant-looking, four-door 3 Series it's based on.

10 Days Ago   Worried about the threat of rising gas prices, Ford will add the F-150 to its growing portfolio of electrified vehicles. It is currently developing a hybrid F-150, and it will release an electric version of the next-generation truck.

11 Days Ago   Volkswagen will introduce an electric crossover tentatively named ID.4 in early 2020. It will receive a lot of the hardware and software found in the ID.3 hatchback.

12 Days Ago   Volkswagen introduced a Golf-sized electric hatchback named ID.3 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. It's the first in a series of electric cars the automaker is planning.

12 Days Ago   Hyundai introduced a heritage-laced concept car named 45 at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show. It channels the spirit of the Pony, the first car the company developed in-house, while previewing future electric models.

12 Days Ago   Audi put a different spin on the autonomous, electric concept car by making a self-driving, battery-powered off-roader. It's loaded with useful features, like a roof-mounted drone that lights up trails.

12 Days Ago   Land Rover gave the Defender a full reboot. The original SUV was a rugged machine built to go anywhere. Its replacement proudly ticks those boxes, too, but it adds a dose of technology and luxury.

12 Days Ago   Audi's second-generation RS 7 Sportback builds on its predecessor's strengths with a sharper, more muscular design, better technology, and an engine that's both more powerful and more efficient.

12 Days Ago   The limited-edition Sian takes Lamborghini into the hybrid segment for the first time. It's an exotic, scissor-doored coupe with one of the most advanced gasoline-electric powertrains we've ever seen.

13 Days Ago   British pilot Andy Wallace drove a one-of-a-kind, Chiron prototype to 304 mph on a private test track in Germany, setting a new record.

15 Days Ago   Toyota wants to keep its No. 1 position in the midsize pickup truck segment. It updated the hot-selling Tacoma to keep it fresh as more modern rivals arrive on the market.

16 Days Ago   Porsche's electrification offensive will likely include the 718 Cayman and the 718 Boxster. Both models could turn into EVs during the 2020s, though production of the gasoline-powered models would carry on.

16 Days Ago   The camper van of 2025 is nicer inside than a Scandinavian apartment, according to Hymer's VisionVenture concept. This Sprinter-based rig is powered by a turbodiesel engine, it offers four-wheel drive, and it features 3D-printed components.

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