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8 Hours Ago   Fully autonomous cars can change the way we commute, but they can also have a far-reaching impact on the tourism industry. Two researchers published a study that outlines how self-driving technology could create a new dimension in tourism.

Yesterday   Jaguar is celebrating the XK120's 70th birthday by turning the F-Type roadster into a rally warrior. Built to FIA specifications, the model receives suspension and braking upgrades plus a full roll cage to protect the occupants.

4 Days Ago   The Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang are two of America's favorite sports cars. In this comparison piece, we highlight the main differences between the two machines when it comes to their design and performance, among other factors.

4 Days Ago   Since its relaunch in 2002, 'Top Gear' has become required viewing for any serious gearhead. The great moments from this show may seem too numerous to count, but we've managed to pick some of the highlights from the first 25 seasons.

4 Days Ago   Uber is a viable means for making money on the side, but you won't earn much if all of your profits are going direct toward fuel and maintenance.

4 Days Ago   In 1986, when Bosch and Daimler joined an autonomous car research project, the technology seemed overly futuristic. Now, the partners are aiming to make a production self-driving car by the early 2020s.

5 Days Ago   Italian coachbuilder Ares has done what Tesla won't. It's taking a Model S, chopping off the roof, and sending the rear doors back to the parts bin to create a roadster that's ready for the French Riviera.

5 Days Ago   Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk agreed to step down from his role as chairman as part of a settlement deal with the SEC. Tesla has named a 55-year-old Australian businesswoman named Robyn Denholm as his successor.

5 Days Ago   General Motors' defense division has released video footage of a rugged, Halo-like truck called Silverado ZH2. The pickup is powered by the next evolution of GM's hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain.

5 Days Ago   The Honda HR-V and CR-V may overlap in some regard, but they're not the same vehicle. In this comparison, we highlight the design, technology, performance, and fuel economy unique to each ride.

7 Days Ago   We're getting our first look at the next-generation Porsche 911. Called 992 internally, the model will get evolutionary styling upgrades and bigger changes under the sheet metal.

8 Days Ago   Hot Wheels has selected the winner of its 2018 Legends contest. It will turn the 2JetZ, a custom-made machine that exists at the intersection of planes and cars, into a toy and sell it all around the world.

10 Days Ago   The Porsche Panamera GTS is back for a second generation with more tech features and, controversially, turbos. Digital Trends traveled to Bahrain to find out GTS remains the go-to Panamera variant for driving enthusiasts.

10 Days Ago   Jeep will introduce the long-promised Wrangler-based pickup truck at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. Tentatively named Scrambler, the model was designed to conquer the great outdoors, not for the construction site.

12 Days Ago   Hyundai has announced it will begin mass-producing solar panels for electric and hybrid cars after 2019. The technology can charge between 30 and 60 percent of a hybrid car's battery pack per day.

12 Days Ago   The first thing you notice about a car is its design, not its horsepower output or its infotainment system. There's no widely accepted definition of what makes a car beautiful or ugly, but some designs offend more eyes than others.

14 Days Ago   One of the concepts Lexus is bringing to the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas is a 2019 ES 350 with a wine cooler built into the trunk.

15 Days Ago   Porsche is celebrating its 70th birthday by building a stunning, one-of-a-kind 911 called Project Gold. It started life as a 993-generation 911 from the 1990s and underwent a full restoration that includes a variety of improvements.

17 Days Ago   The Chevy Bolt and Volt overlap in multiple ways, but they're two completely different cars. Here, we pitted the two vehicles against each other in multiple categories, including design, tech, and performance.

18 Days Ago   McLaren's BP23 project has a name: Speedtail. The hyper GT model is presented as an heir to the emblematic F1 made during the 1990s. It receives a 1+2 seating configuration and more luxury features than any McLaren model before it.

18 Days Ago   Land Rover is giving the Defender a full reboot. The original SUV was a rugged machine built to go anywhere. Its replacement will tick those boxes, too, but it will add a dose of technology and luxury.

19 Days Ago   Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk kept his promise of steering the company into profitability during the second half of 2018. Tesla posted a net income of $311 million for the third quarter.

20 Days Ago   Chevrolet has started polling Camaro owners to get their feedback on two gasoline-electric hybrid variants of the muscle car. One would use the turbo four, while the second would rely on the V8.

20 Days Ago   Audi has updated the coupe and convertible variants of its range-topping R8 sports car for the 2019 model year. Quicker and sharper-looking than before, the updated R8 will go on sale in 2019.

20 Days Ago   The California Highway Patrol has responded to two separate incidents involving planes landing on highways in just a matter of days. Engine problems were to blame in both incidents, and the pilots escaped without causing or sustaining injuries.

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