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3 Days Ago   BMW decided to paint one of its X6 SUVs black. But not just any black; Vantablack the darkest pigment ever created. Then they brought it to the Frankfurt Auto Show and put it in a room with flashing lights and a video screen.

3 Days Ago   Sure, the fuel-cell infrastructure issue hasn't been solved yet, but that hasn't stopped automakers from showing off new hydrogen-powered vehicles. At the Frankfurt Auto Show BMW showed off the i Hydrogen Next development X5 SUV.

4 Days Ago   While the exterior of a car is important (no one wants to drive an ugly car), the interior is where you spend most of your time.

4 Days Ago   The automotive world loves a splashy debut. Lights, loud music, flashy presentations and sometimes there's a special guest. The ID.3 got that treatment as it was finally freed from its camouflage.

5 Days Ago   At the Frankfurt Auto Show, Audi gave attendees a sneak peek at the upcoming Audi E-Tron Sportsback via a rave-worthy light show. The vehicle isn't supposed to be unveiled until the LA Auto Show in November.

5 Days Ago   Concept cars are a dime a dozen. Concepts that are built specifically to be taken offroad, those are a special breed of fun. At Frankfurt International Auto Show Audi unveiled the A: Trail concept.

5 Days Ago   Mercedes' EQ EV sub-brand continues to grow with new cars being added seemingly every few months. That's good news for fans of luxury vehicles who also want to be pampered when they drive.

5 Days Ago   The first electrified Lamborghini doesn't disappoint. If anything, the green-tinted Sian with its fins, channels and hyper-sharp styling feels like the most Lamborghini thing the company builds.

6 Days Ago   After announcing the MEB modular electric-car platform at CES in 2016 on the heels of Dieselgate, the automaker went on a tear announcing a microbus, dune buggy, crossovers and other vehicle types that would run on electrons instead of gasoline.

9 Days Ago   Lotus is known for its light, nimble and fast cars. But it's been a few years since they introduced an updated vehicle. 2017, to be exact (with the Evora).

10 Days Ago   There's one word to describe Volvo's high-end SUV offering: smooth. The ride is smooth. The steering is smooth. The braking is (now) smooth. The interior? Smooth.

11 Days Ago   We're sideways. Again. After a blistering takeoff that pushed my internal organs towards my spine, the driver behind the wheel of the pre-production Porsche Taycan (pronounced "tie khan") turns off the traction control and the vehicle does something...

11 Days Ago   After a plethora of teases and an almost daily barrage of videos and image of the vehicle, the final production version of the all-electric Porsche Taycan has been revealed.

16 Days Ago   It seems like every day another big corporation discloses a breach. Equifax, Capital One, Marriot, and a whole host of other companies have leaked the personal data of millions of their customers.

17 Days Ago   We are essentially a cashless society. With the rise of debit cards in the late 1980s early '90s, fewer and fewer of us use paper money to pay for things.

21 Days Ago   The Banff area in Canada is spellbinding. The mountains, the lakes, the spires of rock formations jutting towards the heavens don't seem real. But also, no human could create something this beautiful.

24 Days Ago   The all-electric Porsche Taycan is the first in a line of electric vehicles from the performance brand. And while it's running on electrons instead of dead dinosaurs, the automaker is determined to make sure that the vehicle is still an experience th...

24 Days Ago   During Monterey Car Week there's no shortage of nostalgia. Both the Pebble Beach and Quail gatherings are magnets for almost any vintage car you can imagine.

25 Days Ago   My name is Kate and I've been brutally murdered in an old west farmhouse. Moments after meeting my doom, I'm awake. Barely. I'm in a sterile room with two people lording over me.

29 Days Ago   Pebble Beach seems a bit too fancy for a dune buggy. But as I slowly roll down 17 Mile road behind the wheel of Volkswagen's latest electric concept car while trailing supercars, priceless vintage vehicles and RVs, folks alongside the road are ta...

31 Days Ago   Concept cars -- after making the auto show rounds -- typically end up in an automaker's museum. But in 1970, BMW lost a concept car -- it just disappeared.

32 Days Ago   The Porsche Cayenne lineup is getting crowded. There are the gasoline engine-only versions and now two hybrids. The high-end electrified Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid is a sports car masquerading as an SUV.

33 Days Ago   For better or worse, automakers are categorized. BMW makes luxury cars, and Honda makes cars that last forever. Porsche builds cars that go fast while the driver wears black driving gloves.

34 Days Ago   The Porsche Cayenne Hybrid is an outstanding SUV. It's quick, agile and sort of tricks you into thinking you're driving a smaller vehicle. But Porsche being Porsche the automaker wasn't happy to leave the vehicle be.

40 Days Ago   Every shift of the gears unleashes a burst of torque as I link corners on the mountain roads of Northern California. I hit the brakes hard as I head into a curve.

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