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Yesterday   While Facebook is still reeling from it's Cambridge Analytica scandal, it has been trying to clean up its image as a company that plays fast and loose with your privacy.

2 Days Ago   Amazon's kid-friendly FreeTime Unlimited first launched onto Fire devices in 2012. The curated video and book service made the jump to Android last year and has just landed on iOS.

2 Days Ago   GarageBand has long been a useful tool to record music, podcasts and more. Even better, the app is free to download and use on your Mac or iOS devices, making it easy to try.

3 Days Ago   Steam holds seasonal sales throughout the year, offering decent discounts during certain dates in Autumn, Winter and Summer. It's definitely time for the most recent sale, just a day after PUBG got its first deal ever on the game distribution service...

3 Days Ago   Carsharing service Car2Go is coming to Chicago July 25th. Residents of the big city can register for free now, and new members will get a $15 credit for doing so.

4 Days Ago   In the wake of national security concerns over Huawei's interest in entering the US market, legislators from both the Senate and the House sent a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai urging him to reconsider working with the Chinese phone maker, who ma...

5 Days Ago   Get ready for more Trek than you can shake a phaser at. According to a report at Variety, CBS has signed a five-year deal with current Discovery showrunner Alex Kurtzman's production company to expand the television franchise to new live action serie...

5 Days Ago   Instead of creating its own HQ Trivia competitor, Facebook has taken a broader approach and created an entire gaming platform. The company announced polls for Live and on demand videos as well as new gamification features for Live videos.

5 Days Ago   Data privacy is a continually growing concern in the wake of news of election tampering and Cambridge Analytica scandals. As the EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) take full effect, it's not only big corporations that need to be wary of...

6 Days Ago   Google added Rich Communication Services (RCS) into its Android OS to help it compete with Apple's popular iMessage. Google has also been exploring texting from your web browser since at least February.

6 Days Ago   Dish Network began offering hotel entertainment in 2017 with an Android TV-powered box that let guests stream and watch live television in the comfort of their own hotel room.

9 Days Ago   Apple may not be as loud about its plans to create a self-driving car as Google or Uber, but the company is still in the game.

9 Days Ago   If you're a Fortnite gamer who wants to play on the go, you've got two options. Either deal with touchscreen interface on the title's mobile port, or grab the recently released Switch version of the multiplayer Battle Royale shooter.

9 Days Ago   VR cautionary tale Kiss Me First finally has a release date and an official trailer. The sci-fi gaming drama is coming to Netflix June 29th. From the creators of UK television series Skins, Kiss Me First revolves around a lonely woman who connects wi...

10 Days Ago   AI is becoming so common that it's almost boring. While we're seeing some surprising new projects using AI, including detecting movement through walls and predicting that Brazil will be the winner of this year's World Cup, other companies are using t...

10 Days Ago   In a rare move for the venerable video game company, Nintendo has just put together a sale in honor of E3 on "select digital games" for both its Switch and 3DS consoles.

11 Days Ago   Google's Pixelbook is a high-end laptop that runs Chrome OS. If you're looking to do more with the hardware, like run Windows apps, you may soon be in luck.

12 Days Ago   If you've been patiently waiting since last year's E3 conference for the reveal of the new Metroid Prime 4 game, we're sorry. The hotly anticipated next iteration of Samus Aran was nowhere to be seen during Nintendo Direct, the venerable gaming compa...

12 Days Ago   If you haven't played Ticket to Ride in either its analog or digital iterations, you're in for a treat. The award-winning train-based strategy title is coming to your TV via PS4 and PlayLink later this year, thanks to Asmodee Digital and Sony.

12 Days Ago   As another short trailer began at the PlayStation press event at E3 in Los Angeles this evening, a samurai warrior stumbling through a foggy wood was attacked by a big red demon.

12 Days Ago   Deep into the first intermission at the Sony PlayStation E3 event today in Los Angeles, Stu Shuman asked President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden about the possibility of New Game+ for God of War.

13 Days Ago   Today at the Ubisoft E3 press event in Los Angeles, we got a deeper look than before at the space opera prequel, Beyond Good and Evil 2.

13 Days Ago   Cryptocurrency mining in apps has become such a big deal, Apple updated its app guidelines to make sure that developers don't sneak the function into any apps within the company's ecosystem.

13 Days Ago   Square Enix and Platinum Games last worked together on Nier: Automata. Now, as announced during the Square Enix livestream from E3, the two companies are partnered up again for a brand-new game titled Babylon's Fall.

16 Days Ago   Making high-performance batteries for electric vehicles is a complicated, time-consuming process. So much so that engineers at Volkswagen have started using a quantum computer to simulate the chemical structures like lithium-hydrogen and carbon chain...

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