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2 Days Ago   The 15th episode of the Pocket-lint Podcast is available now, and you can listen to it across multiple platforms.Huawei has been holding its annual developer

2 Days Ago   There's no doubt that 2019 an exciting one for PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro owners for sure. Even though there was no PlayStation presence at E3 in June

3 Days Ago   Both familiar and suitably enhanced in equal measure, Borderlands 3 is a "much bigger game" that the first, second or Pre-sequel outings. It adds

6 Days Ago   Although the Government is reviewing the legislation around electric scooters, it's not actually legal to ride them in the UK yet, whether that's on the

8 Days Ago   With Huawei's HarmonyOS now officially unveiled, sister brand Honor is set to detail one of its further uses when it launches Honor Vision. That TV is

8 Days Ago   Samsung has announced several new developments for its SmartThings smart home platform.It has added a new UK version of its Smart Plug to its devices line-up,

10 Days Ago   Gamescom is Europe's answer to E3. Held annually in Germany, it is a similarly huge event for gamers, with the biggest forthcoming titles on display for

11 Days Ago   We're well used to Apple leaks these days and there has been plenty written about the iPhone 11 in recent times, but we've heard little about its on-sale

11 Days Ago   Google will stream its second Stadia Connect presentation later this month (August) to show off its forthcoming cloud gaming platform - timed to coincide

11 Days Ago   It is no mean task following up one of the most fun and frenetic first-person shooters of all time, but our Quakecon demo session gave us great hope

11 Days Ago   UK mobile provider Three will launch its 5G network in the UK this month, with the first devices for superspeed wireless home broadband arriving in August.Here

11 Days Ago   Hyundai unveiled plans to add solar panelling to electric and hybrid vehicles back in October 2018 and now its first production car featuring the technology

12 Days Ago   HTC has suspended the sale of its smartphones in the UK.All models, including the Desire 12 and 12+, and the U12+, are now listed as "out of stock" on

12 Days Ago   After a month or two of speculation, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is now official.Coming in two sizes, 44mm and 40mm, Samsung's latest smartwatch

12 Days Ago   Technology can be a wonderful, glorious thing. It can also be totally and utterly misused, especially when in the hands of buffoons.Adobe Photoshop is

12 Days Ago   A Pokemon Center pop-up store will arrive in London soon.A teaser campaign started on The Pokemon Company's UK Twitter account earlier today, Monday 5

13 Days Ago   The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be formally announced this Wednesday, 7 August, in Brooklyn, New York although, to be frank, we think we know almost everything

16 Days Ago   You might have thought Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day was a great time for bargains but is offering something even more spectacular: 20 per

16 Days Ago   Call of Duty is coming to iPhone and Android. A closed beta test is currently underway in India and new regions will gain access to the game soon.But what

17 Days Ago   The Nintendo GameBoy came out in Japan 30 years ago in April and launched in the US on 31 July 1989. But with Sony finally closing the chapter on its own

19 Days Ago   Electronic Arts has been offering a game download and membership service on Xbox One for almost five years, but it hasn't been available to PlayStation

20 Days Ago   UltraViolet, the digital film service set up by a majority of the major movie studios, is to shut down. You will soon lose your digital library of films

22 Days Ago   There is an amazing line-up of TV shows and series coming our way soon on streaming services. We've rounded up the best to whet your appetite.

22 Days Ago   Sky Mobile has announced that its 5G service will go live from November.It will initially be available in six towns and cities: London, Edinburgh, Cardiff,

23 Days Ago   Movie fans, rejoice! There is a tonne of new films coming soon, including a Top Gun sequel and a remake of Cats.So, we're putting together our list of

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