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2 Days Ago   Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to your weekend! This week included Nike's real self-tightening basketball shoes, a Model 3 road trip assisted by AutoPilot and Google's big smartwatch purchase.

2 Days Ago   Late last year Google released a Digital Wellbeing app that surfaced insights about exactly how much you're using your phone, and in which apps. Apple installed a similar feature in iOS 12 with Screen Time, but on Android, Google's app only works wit...

3 Days Ago   Prolific phone leaker Evan Blass has already posted an image that appears to show the front of Samsung's Galaxy S10, and now he's tweeted a family photograph showing off three variants wrapped in cases.

3 Days Ago   The New York Times cites court documents filed by the Democratic National Committee that said it believes a Russian group launched a hacking attempt against it after last year's midterm elections.

3 Days Ago   Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Good Friday morning. No self-lacing sneakers today, but we do have a giant tractor. Less randomly, Google is buying Fossil's smartwatch tech arm, we take a closer look at the AIs that gamble and a robot dog pick...

4 Days Ago   Just days after revealing higher prices coming to customers in the US, Netflix is revealing its Q4 2018 results, and it's already looking to the future.

4 Days Ago   Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Are you ready for another RAZR? Motorola probably hopes so, but in the meantime we're taking Tesla's latest driving assist for a road trip and trying on some self-tightening basketball shoes.

5 Days Ago   If you're signed up for one of the many services that alerts you to data breaches when they're discovered (if you're not, you probably should be) then you likely have an email waiting for you.

5 Days Ago   Samsung has already teased its future of "Infinity Flex" foldable devices that blur the line between phone and tablet, and while we'd heard LG would show off something similar at CES last week, it didn't.

5 Days Ago   Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Good luck choosing your preferred source for a Fyre Festival documentary, as Hulu and Netflix are battling for the crown this week.

6 Days Ago   Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. While we prepared for a future of self-lacing basketball shoes, an egg took over the title of 'most liked' Instagram photo.

7 Days Ago   Like every good luxury car brand, Infiniti has plans to make its first EV a crossover-ish attempt full of its special touches and design language. The latest step in that direction is the QX Inspiration Concept that takes advantage of the design oppo...

7 Days Ago   While Nissan already sells a relatively popular electric vehicle, the Leaf, it's still imagining concepts that wrap more appealing shells around a zero-emission drivetrain. Enter its latest "Intelligent Mobility" concept car: the IMs.

7 Days Ago   While Ford already revealed its redesigned Explorer SUV, today at the Detroit Auto Show we're learning more about the new Hybrid version. Ford claims that this year it's introducing a whole slew of hybrid vehicles that combine performance and extende...

7 Days Ago   Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Sure, CES is over, but we're not done talking about everything we saw in Las Vegas. Of course, there is a lot of other news to recap from this weekend, too, including a glitchy Fallout 76 secret and layoffs at S...

8 Days Ago   Shortly after GM revealed Cadillac will take the lead in its electrification push, the brand has given us a peek at its first-ever electric car. Following a couple of hybrid attempts, the new vehicle doesn't come with a name or any details, but from...

8 Days Ago   While Chevrolet launched the Volt plug-in hybrid and pure-electric Bolt, Cadillac has taken a backseat in GM's electric vehicle push. Now as it attempts to find profits in that segment, the company's electrification plans will put luxury first.

10 Days Ago   It's hard to believe, but we've only been talking about Dolby's Vision and Atmos tech for a few years. Now they're not only inside most of the TV and home theater devices we discuss, but also connect experiences across game consoles, headphones a...

10 Days Ago   Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. We're preparing to wrap things up in Las Vegas and head home after a long week at CES. Before we go, we'll leave you with the Best of CES and a few more things we saw on the show floor.

11 Days Ago   It's been a few years since TiVo released a limited app for Amazon's Fire TV platform, but as it promised last year, the next-generation platform will reach third-party boxes.

11 Days Ago   Just a few months after Sphero acquired Specdrums as a part of its shift away from robotics, the funky crowdfunded rings are center stage at its CES booth and getting ready to ship.

11 Days Ago   Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Another day of CES kicks off as our team has been uncovering the more curious exhibitors taking up residence in Las Vegas.

12 Days Ago   LG isn't the first company bringing a 4K short-throw projector to CES and it inevitable will not be the last. What the company claims, however, is that with its subtle design and AI-powered voice control the CineBeam Laser 4K could realistically blen...

12 Days Ago   Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. It's Wednesday morning, and it's my birthday. In less important news, CES is still moving forward, with 4K OLED screens coming to 2019 laptops as well as real, tangible folding phones.

12 Days Ago   If easy access to a DVR is the only thing keeping you from cutting the cord, then the latest HDHomeRun devices could be just the push you need.

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