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22 Days Ago   As March draws to close, so does our celebration of the World Wide Web’s 30th birthday, making it as good a time as ever to take a look back at some the features and formats that bit the dust along the way.

26 Days Ago   Amid widespread protests, online and off, the European Union approved a controversial new copyright directive on Tuesday. Two years in the making, the legislation is intended to give copyright holders more control over their work, but critics say it could hand more power to tech giants, stifle the free flow of… Read more...

36 Days Ago   Apple CEO Tim Cook has been more than clear that services like the iOS App Store are an essential part of the company’s future as consumers hang onto devices for longer and longer periods between upgrades.

37 Days Ago   There are many reasons to be critical of Google. But on Thursday, General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stopped just short of accusing the tech giant of treason.

38 Days Ago   Slowly but surely, it appears that Facebook is getting its “family of apps” back online. The consequences of the longest outage in the company’s history, however, remain to be seen.

38 Days Ago   This week, a third whistleblower came forward with damning allegations against Tesla. A former member of the Tesla security team, he is now corroborating claims by previous whistleblowers that Tesla hid information about the theft of raw materials from shareholders and conducted unauthorized surveillance on employees… Read more...

40 Days Ago   On Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk filed his response to an SEC request to that a federal court hold him in contempt for violating a settlement agreement.

40 Days Ago   A specific era of the world wide web will come to an end next month when Adobe officially discontinues its Shockwave multimedia platform. You might want to get in a final round in your favorite browser-based game—but, more than anything, you should use this moment to delete Shockwave from your computer once and for… Read more...

45 Days Ago   On Wednesday, the saga of the most infamous GoFundMe campaign in history came closer to a conclusion. A woman and a homeless man whom prosecutors claim engaged in a fraudulent scheme that raised $400,000 on the crowdfunding site have pleaded guilty to federal charges.

45 Days Ago   A 13-year-old girl living in Kariya, Japan has been investigated and chastised by police for sharing a prank link online. The link reportedly initiates a pop-up window designed to be impossible to close online.

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