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10 Days Ago   “When we go to competitions, we really don’t look like the other teams that are there.” Continue reading…

13 Days Ago   Plus, a “Jurassic Park”-style tour of Apple’s new mothership, and the longest pizza in the world. President Donald Trump asked then-FBI director James Comey to shut down a federal investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn, according to a memo Comey wrote after the February meeting.

13 Days Ago   Plus, cyber security stocks jump in the wake of that global hack attack, and the “Alien” sequel that never was. Donald Trump bragged about highly classified intelligence concerning an Islamic State plot during last week’s Oval Office meeting with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador.

14 Days Ago   Plus, a techie for California governor? And the guiltiest pleasure. Lyft and Waymo are working together on self-driving cars, via pilot projects and product development efforts, The deal has competitive implications for Uber, which is being sued by Waymo’s parent company, Alphabet, over trade secrets.

17 Days Ago   Plus, Jack Dorsey says Trump should keep on tweetin’, and an English major decodes Comey’s farewell letter. President Donald Trump demanded a pledge of loyalty from FBI Director James Comey in a one-on-one dinner a week after being sworn in. More Trump news: The president called for a review of U.S.

18 Days Ago   He’s more than just Hooli CEO Gavin Belson. On this episode of Recode Decode, actor and director Matt Ross chats with host Kara Swisher about his classical acting training and his path from Juilliard and the New York stage to playing Gavin Belson on HBO’s hit comedy “Silicon Valley.” Ross also talks about his film “Captain Fantastic” and the creative possibilities he sees in TV, film or even VR.

18 Days Ago   Plus, which Big Five tech giant would you drop first? Days before being fired by President Trump, FBI director James Comey asked for more resources for the bureau’s investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election.

20 Days Ago   Plus, Snap rolls our a bunch of new stuff just before it’s first-ever earnings, and we have a new retweet champ. President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who learned about it by seeing it on TV news — Comey thought it was a “fairly funny prank” at first.

21 Days Ago   Plus, Snap reports earnings for the first time ever, and John Oliver crashes the FCC. Amazon is expected to unveil a new Echo speaker with a seven-inch touchscreen that will incorporate video calling capabilities.

21 Days Ago   “I felt not only the loss of Dave and this huge grief, but increasingly alone.” On this episode of Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg stopped by to talk about the events that led to her new book, “Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy.” When her husband, entrepreneur and beloved Silicon Valley fixture Dave Goldberg, died suddenly in 2015, she found that the people around her didn’t necessarily know how to express their concern for her i

21 Days Ago   Plus, dinner at home with Zuck Independent centrist Emmanuel Macron decisively won France's presidential election, defeating nationalist Marine Le Pen. Macron’s campaign said it was targeted in a “massive” hack; the incoming French president could take aim at the role social media sites play in spreading fake news.

22 Days Ago   He also talks about comics, movies, VR — and squeaky shoes. On this episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka, Neil Gaiman stops by to promote his new TV series “American Gods.” Along the way, Peter and Neil discuss VR, comics, movies, immigration and squeaky shoes.

24 Days Ago   Net neutrality, antitrust, infrastructure, mergers — it’s all here. On this special bonus episode of Recode Decode, Kara turns the mic over to Recode Senior Editor for Policy and Politics Tony Romm, who spoke with the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Ajit Pai.

24 Days Ago   Plus, the Times, it is a-changin’, and don’t drop that $100,000 bong, man! The Department of Justice is investigating Uber’s use of a software tool known internally as “Greyball” that helped its drivers evade local transportation regulators.

26 Days Ago   Plus, Facebook and Tesla had good first quarters, and a fad fortune fidgeted. Hackers targeted millions of Gmail users in a sophisticated attack that spread across the internet, via an email disguised as an invitation to open a Google Doc.

26 Days Ago   Plus, what to look for when Facebook reports today, and Etsy switches CEOs and cuts staff. Apple sold 50.8 million iPhones last quarter, a modest miss.

27 Days Ago   “Get smart fast” with the newsletter guru. On this episode of Recode Media, Peter Kafka spoke with Mike Allen, the brains behind the Axios AM Mike’s Top 10 newsletter.

28 Days Ago   Plus, is there such a thing as too much football? And 10 takeaways from Elon Musk's TED interview. President Trump is convening a squad of tech execs to “transform and modernize” the U.S.

29 Days Ago   Plus, Trump escapes the press for a rural rally, and ice cream gone goth. Fox is in talks to launch a joint bid for Tribune Media with private equity firm Blackstone; Sinclair Broadcast Group has also expressed interest.

31 Days Ago   Plus, Amazon, Alphabet and Comcast’s excellent day on Wall Street, and The Greatest TED Talk Ever Given. Apple wants to launch its own Venmo — could the person-to-person money-transfer service be called Apple Cash, perhaps?

32 Days Ago   “We’re saying, you need to change the way you hire in order to be more inclusive.” On this episode of Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher, Code2040 CEO Laura Weidman Powers talks about not only the need for diversity in tech but concrete ways it can be achieved.

33 Days Ago   Plus, The president wants to slash corporate taxes, and it’s a big day for big-name tech earnings. Silicon Valley and Donald Trump may finally agree on something: The president’s tax reform plan proposes slashing the corporate tax rate to 14 percent.

33 Days Ago   A new interface by researchers at Georgia Tech makes controlling a robot arm as easy as tapping a touchscreen. Continue reading…

34 Days Ago   And flying cars, robot dogs and UFOs — suddenly it’s the future! Mark Zuckerberg acknowledges that there’s a darker, perhaps dangerous side to Facebook’s gargantuan influence, which has helped create a “right-wing echo chamber” and isolating “filter bubbles.” Zuckerberg has made a personal pledge to talk to people in every state of the U.S.

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