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Yesterday   Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. The biggest misconception about "S" model iPhones is that they’re just the "tock" to the previous "tick" release, and there isn't much reason to upgrade because Apple recycles the same design.

7 Days Ago   I bought the original Apple Watch "Series 0" back in 2015, and it served me well for a year until I felt overwhelmed with receiving notifications on my wrist.

7 Days Ago   At Apple's big event on Wednesday, the company rebooted its iPhone lineup with three new devices. There's the more premium 5.8-inch iPhone XS and even larger 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max.

9 Days Ago   A big change might be coming to this year's rumored iPad Pros. For months, the rumor mill has suggested Apple's next-gen tablets will come with thinner bezels and Face ID support, but there might be an even bigger surprise in store: It might ditch the Lightning port for USB-C.

9 Days Ago   Three days before Apple is expected to announce this year's new iPhones, a new report claims the cheapest of the expected trio of new releases might not be as easy to come by on launch day.

11 Days Ago   Brace yourselves New Yorkers: You're getting an Amazon Go store. Amazon confirmed to Mashable that it plans to open one of its checkout-free grocery stores of the future in New York after several job listings for positions such as a store manager were posted online.

11 Days Ago   If you have the Adware Doctor app installed on your Mac, you should uninstall it ASAP. Despite ranking as the top paid utility app in the Mac App Store, Adware Doctor is actually spyware that secretly collects data and sends it to servers in China, as security researcher Patrick Wardle recently discovered.

11 Days Ago   Going viral and becoming a meme is pretty easy in the age of Trump: Just stand behind The Orange One at his rallies and — this part's key — make silly faces during his speech.

11 Days Ago   Alex Jones took another major blow this week. Following bans from Twitter and Periscope, Apple has permanently banned Jones' InfoWars app from its App Store. SEE ALSO: What to expect from Apple's iPhone XS event on Sept. 12 Apple confirmed the InfoWars app's removal to Buzzfeed News after users noticed it was missing on Friday evening and no longer showed up in the App Store's search results.

11 Days Ago   The time has come: Summer's over and Apple is holding a bonanza of a launch event to announce new products, headlined by what will likely be three new iPhones.

12 Days Ago   The next few weeks are shaping up to be a gadget lover's dream. Apple will announce new iPhones and Apple Watches on Sept. 12, Google will take the wraps off its Pixel 3 on Oct. 9, and now Microsoft is cooking something up for Oct. 2.

12 Days Ago   Huawei has been caught lying again. In a recent ad for its Nova 3i phone, the world's second largest phone maker was exposed for misleading consumers with DSLR photos that it tried to pass off as selfies taken with the phone.

13 Days Ago   It's time to get hyped! Google just sent out press invites for a "Made by Google" launch event in New York City on Oct. 9, where the company will most likely announce the Pixel 3.

13 Days Ago   OnePlus doesn't appear to be slowing down this year. It's full speed ahead with another new Android phone. Six months after the releasing the critically acclaimed OnePlus 6, the Chinese phone maker is ready expected to launch the OnePlus 6T.

14 Days Ago   Hey Elon! Musk, my man. My boi, my guy, my dude! I'm looking at the calendar (can you believe it's September already?) and, like, summer is over.

15 Days Ago   As mobile carriers light up their 5G networks, the race is on for phone makers to launch phones that can support faster data speeds. While most manufacturers probably won't have 5G phones available until 2019 or 2020, China's Xiaomi might release one by the end of this year, which would make it the first company to offer a 5G-ready smartphone.

18 Days Ago   We came, we saw, and we tried out a ton of new gadgets at IFA 2018. Europe's largest consumer electronics show, held in Berlin, was quieter than previous years, but there were still a few notable gadget gems to get pumped up for.

19 Days Ago   Apple and seemingly every Android phone maker under the sun want us to embrace the smartphone notch, but things don't have to be this way. There is a realistic path toward a phone with a true all-screen display without any ugly cutouts: cameras that slide up when you need them and retract when you don't.

19 Days Ago   Every Android phone maker at IFA 2018 seems to be shamelessly copying the iPhone X. Every company except Sony. Rather than look to Apple for inspiration for its latest Xperia XZ3 Android phone, the beleaguered phone maker has instead decided to mimic features Samsung pioneered on its Galaxy smartphones.

19 Days Ago   Gaming phones are now officially a thing. At IFA 2018, Huawei announced that it, too, is courting mobile gamers with the Honor Play. SEE ALSO: Google's redesigned Wear OS might make smartwatches worth buying again Like so many Android phones unveiled at the consumer tech show in Berlin, the Honor Play unsurprisingly looks like a clone of the iPhone X.

19 Days Ago   It's gotta suck to be Jony Ive and the crew at Apple right now. Following the leak of the alleged next-generation 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch "iPhone XS," another leak has now revealed what looks like the next-generation Apple Watch.

20 Days Ago   As great as Google's Pixel phones are — the Pixel 2's have arguably the best smartphone cameras and the Google Assistant has grown to be indispensable — they lack one thing that made their predecessors, the Nexus phones, so irresistible: affordable pricing.

20 Days Ago   Google Assistant just got even smarter. At the IFA tech show in Berlin, Google announced that the Google Assistant is now bilingual, making it the first voice assistant to be able to seamlessly switch between two different languages.

20 Days Ago   New iPhones are coming in September, and now we know exactly when. Apple sent out invitations to press on Thursday for a special event on Sept. 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, CA.

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