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2 Hours Ago   Since AirPods launched in late 2016, people have begged Apple to release them in a color other than white. After years, Apple might finally cave in to everyone's wishes.

2 Days Ago   Casper Glow $89 (single), $168 (double) View Product The Good Super easy to use • Light gets really bright • Charges wirelessly The Bad No Alexa or Google Assistant integration • Can't swap out LED if it dies • App is a little slow to refresh data • Pricey The Bottom Line Casper's first gadget, the Glow, is a cute portable light controlled with gestures, but it doesn't offer enough features for the price.

4 Days Ago   If you're waiting for Apple to update AirPods so you can finally buy them and put cable tangles behind you once and for all, you might be holding out until later this year.

5 Days Ago   Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. I experienced a serious case of déjà vu while testing the Honor View 20 over the last month.

8 Days Ago   AT&T is so desperate to get ahead in 5G that it's prematurely displaying "5GE" icons on phones that absolutely do not support faster 5G cellular speeds.

9 Days Ago   Samsung's upcoming Feb. 20 Unpacked event is going to be full of new product announcements. While we expect the Galaxy S10 to be the headliner, Samsung's reportedly planning a few other surprise products such as new wireless earbuds that might better compete with Apple's increasingly popular AirPods.

9 Days Ago   My advice for friends and family looking to buy a new phone used to be simple: Stay away from budget phones unless you want a significantly inferior mobile experience.

11 Days Ago   Besides asking for permanent bans of the most vile Twitter users, the single most requested thing every user wants is the ability to edit tweets. I want it.

12 Days Ago   Samsung will reveal everything there is to know about the Galaxy S10 on Feb. 20. But as always, so much about Samsung's next flagship Android phones (yes, we're expecting at least three versions) has already leaked.

12 Days Ago   iPhone Smart Battery Case (iPhone XS, XS Max, XR) $129 View Product The Good Easily slips on and off iPhone • Keeps iPhone charged up all day • Supports wireless charging • Better-looking than original The Bad No on/off switch to control charging • Slow charging without the proper power adapter • Silicone exterior picks up dirt very easily (especially the white version) The Bottom Line Apple's official iPhone Smart Battery Cases for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR are no-nonsense battery cases that do

14 Days Ago   Black Eyed Peas frontman, music producer, and creator of the terrible Puls smartwatch,, has a bone to pick with Instagram. The artist sent a tweet on Jan. 26 alleging Instagram had emailed him with what's ostensibly a copyright claim for a video he posted that included his own music.

15 Days Ago   Apple's apology tour continues. The tech giant has issued an official statement apologizing for the major Group FaceTime bug that allowed a caller to hear a person's audio before they even picked up the call.

16 Days Ago   Few people outside of Apple really know what the end goal of its top secret "Project Titan" car development project is. Is Apple building a Tesla killer?

16 Days Ago   Do you miss your headphone jack on your expensive iPhone? Quit crying because at least it isn't the Meizu Zero phone, which has no buttons, no ports, and no speaker holes whatsoever.

17 Days Ago   The barrage of bad news for the iPhone keeps coming. Reuters has published a semi-worrisome report about how a team of former U.S. intelligence agents working for the UAE used a cyber tool called Karma to spy on iPhones used by "activists, diplomats and rival foreign leaders" simply by "uploading phone numbers or email accounts into an automated targeting system." SEE ALSO: It's official: iPhones are too expensive Karma reportedly allowed the UAE to "monitor hundreds of targets beginning in 2016

18 Days Ago   Regardless of whether iPhones sales are flat, much of the excitement and loyalty that's made Apple into a behemoth tech company comes directly from its products, so meticulously designed and engineered to be irresistibleApple is a devices company and its lifeblood (and stock) depends on new products to dazzle.

20 Days Ago   Do you know how mom and dad are always telling you how bad TV is for you, and to stop watching so much of it because you're going to rot your brain out?

21 Days Ago   Nokia's finally ready to return to the smartphone race in the U.S. The phone brand, once an independent global powerhouse, then sold to off to Microsoft, then revived under HMD Global in 2016, has announced it'll sell two new Android phones on Verizon and Cricket Wireless, respectively.

21 Days Ago   Have you ever wondered how to be Instagram famous without needing to know how to take a perfectly-framed photo or write an inspiring caption? It's possible...

26 Days Ago   Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Four years.

29 Days Ago   The time has come to smash open that emergency bottle of whiskey and pour one out for Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile platform. Wait, didn't Microsoft's failed mobile operating system and phones already die years ago?

30 Days Ago   New Smart Battery Cases (and maybe the possibly-not-dead AirPower) aside, Apple's first real product releases of the year will probably be new iPads. A new report from Digitimes claims two suppliers have already been contracted to produce touchscreen panels for two new iPads.

31 Days Ago   The year has only just begun, and Apple's first product releases are...Smart Battery Cases for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. Apple quietly introduced the new battery cases, which provide up to twice the amount of battery life for some use cases, for $129 in its online store and through its Apple Store app.

32 Days Ago   The future of Apple is uncertain now that iPhone sales are flat, and it's not clear what the company's next big act will be or when it will arrive.

33 Days Ago   A reckoning is coming in the phone world in 2019. The established players — namely Apple and Samsung — will face their fiercest competition yet from Chinese phone makers like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo, which are all speedily racing to launch premium-quality phones with true all-screen designs that costs well below $1,000.

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