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3 Days Ago   At the last real day of CES (before Kanye showed up and tried to make the vacant halls of Thursday a "thing"), Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey held a public discussion to clue us all in on his efforts to make Twitter better.

3 Days Ago   Apple's iPhone gravy train is thinning out. A pair of reports from the Nikkei Asia Review show how effects for lowered demand for new iPhones is rippling along Apple's supply and manufacturing train.

4 Days Ago   The Russian trolls have been busy. Facebook said in a blog post published Thursday that it has removed over 500 Facebook accounts, pages, and Instagram profiles linked to Russia for "coordinated inauthentic behavior." That means misrepresenting the true identity of the accounts, and using social media to exert influence on others.

4 Days Ago   Now, if the cops try to force you to unlock your iPhone with your face, the law might actually be on your side. Previously, other courts have ruled that the police could make suspects unlock their phones with Touch ID, even though legally they couldn’t force that same suspect to give up their passcode.

5 Days Ago   Hellooo, 2004 is calling, and it is STOKED! The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Lenovo and Verizon are soon to reboot the iconic aughts Razr flip phone, with a 2019 twist — or should we say....

5 Days Ago   If there is any feeling to be found in the joyless brick of human knowledge that we call the smartphone, certainly, it lives in our punctuation.

7 Days Ago   Google CEO Sundar Pichai might just want to check his Twitter tomorrow. A group called Googlers for Ending Forced Arbitration will hold a tweetstorm on Tuesday, Jan. 15 to educate the public about forced arbitration agreements and advocate for their removal from the tech industry.

9 Days Ago   It's not surprising to learn that women who lived during the Middle Ages didn't always get the credit they deserved, but tangible proof that further erodes our male-centric view of history is always welcome.

9 Days Ago   The Abominable Snowman of Apple products — AirPower — is resurfacing. But we'll believe that the technological monster myth is real when we see it. SEE ALSO: Seriously, where the heck is Apple's AirPower charger?

9 Days Ago   It's no secret that premium smartphones are selling for fatter and fatter stacks of cash these days. Now, the government is saying that's a problem — but not for the reason you might think.

9 Days Ago   After a banner year of successful rocket launches for Elon Musk's private space flight company SpaceX, so far 2019 sees the company coming back down to Earth hard and fast.

10 Days Ago   Amazon's Dash buttons are perhaps the company's most overt effort to make you forget that buying something actually means handing over your hard-earned money. Now, someone is finally calling BS.

11 Days Ago   Mama's got a new set o' wheels. Cities with Lime and Lyft scooter share programs will soon see some new models scootin' around the city. The companies are rolling out new designs in the coming weeks, which they will integrate into their fleets over time.

11 Days Ago   Want to relive a frustrating yet addictive childhood experience? Now you can! A Google Chrome Labs developer has built a web version of the classic Etch-A-Sketch.

12 Days Ago   Gather round, for Elon Musk has made a new Twitter declaration. The Tesla CEO informed Twitter followers on Wednesday that he is not joking about using rocket thrusters to get his upcoming Tesla Roadster to fly— or at least hover.

12 Days Ago   The only people left on Facebook are the people who are worst at using it. A new study from Princeton and New York University delves into how much people share fake news online, and who's doing the sharing.

12 Days Ago   The clock is ticking, and your heart is at stake. The polarizing Black Mirror Season 4 episode "Hang the DJ" depicted a futuristic dating app in which an AI called "Coach" only gives daters a set amount of time — 12 hours, or even 12 years — to date a potential partner before they must move on to their next match.

12 Days Ago   Nothing brings joy like a grotesquely distorted face filter. According to a Snap-commissioned survey focused on how social media makes people feel, 95 percent of Snapchat users said using the app makes them feel "happy." Commissioning studies is common amongst the social media and tech industries.

13 Days Ago   There's a problem with those calls to Delete Facebook: some people physically can't. Some Samsung smartphone owners have found that they're unable to remove the pre-loaded Facebook app from their phones, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

13 Days Ago   Just when cyber-espionage was doing so much to turn the image of lone hoodie-wearing hackers around! German authorities have discovered the identity of the hacker that breached the accounts of hundreds of politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, and other public figures, the New York Times reports.

14 Days Ago   It's a hog on a diet. Harley-Davidson announced Monday at CES that its all-electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, is now officially available for pre-order. It starts at $29,799 and will begin shipping in August.

14 Days Ago   Rev your (electric) engines. Elon Musk joined Chinese officials to break ground on a brand spankin' new Tesla factory in Shanghai Monday. The 'Gigafactory 3' in Shanghai will produce Model 3 and upcoming Model Y Teslas sold in China.

14 Days Ago   Who said a minimalist home can't also be a smart home, eh? Spotted by the blog Zatz Not Funny, Ikea has quietly debuted smart blinds that pair with voice assistants on its German website.

17 Days Ago   Benjamin Braddock begins his affair with Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate by nervously checking into a hotel under the name Mr. Gladstone. After all, in our cultural imagination, booking a room in a hotel is a refuge for anonymity, and often, the vice that comes along with it.

17 Days Ago   You're hungry, you're parched, you're terrified of the outside world, and the prospect of moving off of your bean bag is a true impossibility. What is there to do?

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