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Yesterday   Twitter today released more details of its internal investigation into Russian election interference, which confirmed that hundreds of thousands of users followed or interacted with accounts that tweeted propaganda.

Yesterday   Amazon has changed the way Alexa responds to suggestive and abusive language aimed at her, in response to outcries following the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment.

2 Days Ago   Nintendo’s rather perplexing new announcement this week is Labo, a set of peripherals for the Switch made from cardboard. While they may seem like an odd addition after the company’s renewed focus on more mature titles and nostalgia, it’s part of Nintendo’s pattern of embracing the bizarre and making it work.

3 Days Ago   Adobe last month announced it had reached its goal of gender pay parity for its employees in the United States, and that it would do so elsewhere by early 2018.

3 Days Ago   Slack today announced several new features coming to its new shared channels, including the ability to make them private. Shared channels, currently in beta, are channels which can exist on two different Slack workspaces, enabling different organizations to work together.

4 Days Ago   David Marcus, head of Facebook’s Messenger, today announced one of the company’s 2018 plans for the chat app is to simplify it. What is primarily supposed to be a messaging app has become, to use his word, “cluttered.” It’s a good plan, considering Messenger has become weighed down with unnecessary add-ons.

4 Days Ago   Facebook recently announced a major change to its News Feed: Namely, that it was shifting away from brand and news posts and prioritizing what your friends and groups post.

5 Days Ago   If you’re interested in the recent update to Google’s Arts and Culture app, which uses machine learning to match your selfie to a lookalike in an extensive library of classic art, you’d better hope you’re in the right place.

8 Days Ago   While a lot of CES’s flashier showings revolved around cars, or massive televisions, or VR, or robots, equally revolutionary are less-conspicuous bits of tech that aim to make life easier for a subset of users.

8 Days Ago   Security firm Check Point today revealed it had discovered malware on the Google Play store disguised as children’s games — malware that gives kids ads not suited for their age group.

9 Days Ago   Razer’s Project Linda concept laptop incorporates the Razer phone, literally. The laptop is large, tricked-out dock for the phone which brings Android to a larger screen.

9 Days Ago   Bell Helicopter revealed its Air Taxi concept at this year’s CES, showing a mock-up of the passenger cabin. Visitors got a look at what travel in it would look via a VR headset.

10 Days Ago   Dell made a showing at this year’s CES, with two new laptops, including the XPS 13 and XPS 15 2-in-1. It also brought a collection of monitors and accessories.

11 Days Ago   HP’s tiny Sprocket printer made an appearance at this year’s CES, where it looked just as much fun as any camera we might have seen. The Sprocket is two inches wide and three inches long, with a premium model that’s slightly larger.

11 Days Ago   “Alexa, play my Spotify playlist — I can’t take my hands off the wheel.” Toyota is teaming up with Amazon to put the latter’s voice assistant into certain Toyota and Lexus vehicles starting this year.

11 Days Ago   A Dutch company is showing the Time Machine Camera at this year’s CES, a wearable lets you take pictures of the past — albeit the very recent past.

12 Days Ago   In a twist of irony, James Damore, the former Google employee fired over the infamous anti-diversity memo last year, is suing the company for discrimination. The lawsuit is not explicitly about Damore’s memo.

12 Days Ago   Surefire, a California-based flashlight company, is showing off its new infrared communication system, ARON, at CES this week. What is it? Surefire’s ARON (Augmented Reality Optical Narrowcasting) is a form of wireless data transmission involving beams of light.

12 Days Ago   HTC today revealed its latest VR headset, the Vive Pro, at CES 2018. The new headset bumps up the resolution by a huge amount, and also comes with built-in headphones.

12 Days Ago   CES 2018’s first wave of innovative new tech is hitting the shore early, before the show officially starts tomorrow. Among them is the LooxidVR headset, an all-in-one package which shows off some of VR’s promise.

13 Days Ago   If visitors have any doubt that CES is going to have some wild shows, lay them to rest as you behold ARTGASM, an art installation that utilizes orgasms from the Lioness vibrator.

15 Days Ago   Awesome Games Done Quick is an annual charity event in which the internet’s prodigious speedrunning community plays a number of games and invites viewers to donate money.

15 Days Ago   A YouTube content creator recently found his video the subject of multiple content claims, meaning several people are trying to claim ownership of white noise. Sebastian Tomczak a.k.a “littlescale”, a music technologist based in Australia, told TorrentFreak he received several complaints on his video, which he created via a noise generator.

16 Days Ago   Mark Zuckerberg today posted his annual New Year’s resolution post on Facebook, and this time he’s using it to address the elephant in the room — namely, Facebook’s bad publicity in 2017.

16 Days Ago   Did you know Twitter has an option that lets you add a description to pictures, to help the visually-impaired? Well, now you do. The accessibility option has been there for some time, but it’s nevertheless an important one.

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