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Yesterday   Facebook today announced in a blog post it would be phasing out third-party app invites — a feature that was often reserved for games such as Farmville or Bejeweled.

Yesterday   European gaming authorities have started investigating gaming loot boxes to see if they are a potential danger to young people. The Dutch De Kansspelautoriteit, or Gaming Authority, issued a warning earlier this month about games with loot boxes, saying it is investigating the relationship between lootboxes and increased chances of winning.

Yesterday   Duolingo is today rolling out its Mandarin Chinese language course which, in addition to the usual “What’s your name?” questions, teaches questions about business and Chinese social media.

2 Days Ago   Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was recently asked about an alleged killer who preyed on vulnerable people using Twitter, and how the company is working to prevent such tragedies in the future.

2 Days Ago   Skype today lost its appeal with a Belgian court which fined the company for not handing over user messages — which Skype says would have been effectively impossible.

3 Days Ago   Twitch today rolled out its Achievements feature to everyone. Now every Twitch streamer has a clear idea of what to do to start making money from their stream.

3 Days Ago   Nintendo is reportedly in talks with Universal Studios to create an animated film starring everyone’s favorite Italian plumber, Mario. The company will be working with Illumination Entertainment, the Universal-affiliated studio behind the “Despicable Me” and “Minions” films.

3 Days Ago   Clear your schedules and count up your vacation days, everyone: A massive virtual reality theme park is opening next month in Guiyang, China. The park, called the East Valley of Science and Fantasy, was designed to be a science fiction world.

4 Days Ago   Amazon managed to get its hands on the fantasy holy grail today, buying the rights to adapt J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” into a multi-season series for for Amazon’s Prime streaming service.

4 Days Ago   Reddit is testing a real-time chat function which could soon replace its old-fashioned PM system — meaning Reddit will soon have a chat function that looks similar to any social media site out there.

7 Days Ago   Some genius Twitter users are already using the expanded 280 character limit on Twitter in the best way: by playing games using emoji. Bryan Menegus of Gizmodo and Jack Crosbie played what might be one of the first full games of chess entirely on Twitter (Menegus won with a checkmate).

7 Days Ago   Alibaba is cleaning house during China’s Singles Day festival, the biggest day in online shopping all year. #Double11: Total GMV has hit US $1 billion in 2:01 minutes.

7 Days Ago   Facebook is giving users a new way to help after a major disaster: an actual donate button. The company introduced the Crisis Response Center a couple of months ago to provide useful information for victims – as well as help their friends and family check in on them.

8 Days Ago   Today, Twitter’s support account said that the company won’t hand out new verifications to users. The whole process is on hold until the company figures out exactly what its own blue check mark is all about.

8 Days Ago   Voice client Discord today launched a new feature which will allow users to jump into their friends games with one button. The new feature, called “Rich Presence,” is a developer kit that allows game developers to integrate more closely with Discord.

9 Days Ago   There’s a chance Samsung users won’t be getting a fingerprint reader on the next Galaxy device, though you may get one sometime in the next few years.

9 Days Ago   Google is rolling out new security features for Chrome which will make it harder for third-party ads to subvert pop-up blockers or disguise links within a site.

9 Days Ago   Niantic, the makers of the unbelievably popular Pokémon GO, is working on its next game: “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.” That sound you hear is a million childhood memories firing in minds across the globe.

10 Days Ago   Snapchat might have a big overhaul coming soon. Can it help save the company’s flagging fortunes? In his prepared remarks to investors regarding the company’s third quarter, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel admitted that his app might be a little user-unfriendly, and that it’s past time for the company to rectify that: One thing that we have heard over the years is that Snapchat is difficult to understand or hard to use, and our team has been working on responding to this feedback.

10 Days Ago   After testing a new 280-character limit a couple of months ago, Twitter is rolling out the new limit to everyone, starting today. Twitter says you shouldn’t expect to see an apocalyptic flood of massive tweets now, though.

10 Days Ago   Australia and Facebook are teaming up to test an experimental anti-revenge porn measure that would potentially stop the distribution of images before they happen. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Facebook is conducting a pilot test for a larger program that it hopes to eventually roll out to other countries, including the US.

11 Days Ago   It’s twilight for the Nintendo Miiverse, and a nice experiment in game social spaces is winding down into nothingness. In case you didn’t know, Nintendo is officially shutting down its charming Miiverse on Wednesday morning — specifically 1 am ET.

11 Days Ago   Someone’s spotted the new generation of pay toilets in Silicon Valley: namely, bathrooms that can be unlocked by downloading an app. There is such a thing as being too civilized, and I think making a bathroom break in your business depend on an app might just take the proverbial cake.

14 Days Ago   Is this what the kids are doing these days? Teen/parent watchdog app released a list of abbreviations and acronyms it has gathered that are popular among teens.

14 Days Ago   What do you do when it’s your last day of work, you’re a Twitter contractor (not even an employee), and you think you’ve got nothing to lose?

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