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3 Days Ago   With the acquisition of a drone company, Snap Inc may be entering a new hardware market. The new acquisition is Crtl Me Robotics, a small drone retailer based in Venice, California. According to Buzzfeed, Snap paid less than $1 million for the ailing company.

3 Days Ago   If you’ve eaten at a Chipotle in the last few months, your credit card info could have been stolen. The restaurant chain posted a warning on its site today, telling customers to be on the lookout for credit card fraud.

3 Days Ago   When The Next Web writers were in Austin for South By Southwest, we were pretty impressed with RideAustin. And now the municipal ridesharing app we called “the future of ride sharing” might be in trouble.

3 Days Ago   Mobs in the Indian state of Jharkhand killed seven people in two violent attacks, apparently spurred into action by rumors circulating on WhatsApp. A rumor that spread last week via the popular messaging app said strangers were abducting children. Mobs of over 500 people descended on innocent men who happened to be in the area.

3 Days Ago   Former Playboy model Dani Mathers was sentenced to community service by a judge this week for a Snap she took of another woman. While at an LA Fitness gym last July, Mathers took a picture of a naked 71-year-old woman in the locker room.

3 Days Ago   The new trailers — yes, trailers — for Far Cry 5 hit YouTube today, giving more details about the series’ first American entry. Three of the five trailers focus on in-game characters, who give vague portents of conflict with an encroaching religious army.

4 Days Ago   Texas-based theater chain Alamo Drafthouse announced yesterday that it was having a special screening of Wonder Woman where everyone present would be a woman, even the staff. No boys allowed, in other words.

4 Days Ago   Last week, rumors were circulating that a certain Disney film had been stolen by hackers. Disney CEO Bob Iger now says the whole thing was much ado about nothing.

4 Days Ago   Industrial designer Marc Newson, one of the people behind the Apple Watch, has designed a beautiful, expensive timepiece that’s worth $12,000. Sound enticing? Feast your eyes on the Hourglass.

4 Days Ago   Days after Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg returned to the Yard (and visited out in his old room), a mischievous prankster accessed Harvard’s newspaper The Crimson to tell him what they really thought of him.

4 Days Ago   The Pokémon Company just released Magikarp Jump, a mobile game starring the world’s least-loved finned Pokémon. To use the developer’s own words, “What is this world coming to?!” If you’re hoping for a Pokémon game similar to Pokémon GO, you’re going to be disappointed. Jump‘s borderline-mindlessness puts it closer to Flappy Bird. The goal is to make your fish jump the best.

4 Days Ago   Uber and Lyft are returning to Austin after leaving one year ago, thanks to some new state legislation. Lyft spokeswoman confirms the company will also be resuming services in Austin on Monday.

4 Days Ago   Microsoft’s livestreaming service is now Mixer, the Site Formerly Known as Beam. In case you forgot about it, Mixer/Beam is Microsoft’s answer to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, a livestreaming service known for it’s extremely low-latency videos.

5 Days Ago   Gwent, a standalone card game from the Witcher series, today opened its public beta. Gwent is a turn-based game with collectible cards. Players can summon warriors to try and top their opponent’s strength score.

5 Days Ago   HBO finally released the trailer for the next season of Game of Thrones. Season 7 immediately made a splash online as people teased apart the various portents.

5 Days Ago   Sweden has listed its public parks and beaches on Airbnb to promote its national policy on free-roaming. In a collaboration with VisitSweden, the country’s official tourism site, Airbnb has listed “the entire country” on a separate portion of its site, “to make this home available to everyone.” Sweden’s philosophy of “Allemansrätten,” allows anyone to experience Swedish nature without having to pay: The freedom to roam is the principle, protected by the law, that gives a

5 Days Ago   As quietly as it came, community site Imzy is shutting down after just over a year of operation. @imzyhq 3/3 – But for today, I am heartbroken to say, that @imzyhq is shutting down.

5 Days Ago   Pokémon GO developer Niantic has discovered an insidious new way to ruin a cheater’s day: give them stuff they don’t want. First spotted by the Pokémon GO subreddit The Silph Road, the changes rolled out last weekend. This new approach flags a cheater’s account, “shadowbanning” them so that they can still play — they’ll just only be able to see common Pokémon.

5 Days Ago   Foursquare today released data suggesting international tourism numbers to the United States are in freefall. The data comes from 13 million of Foursquare’s users, spread out over 150 countries, and charts travel patterns from July 2016 through March 2017.

6 Days Ago   Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, today returned to his old Harvard dorm room 13 years after dropping out — and he broadcast the whole tour on Facebook Live for several thousand viewers.

6 Days Ago   Uber is making reparations to drivers in New York City after an accounting error left them underpaid for years. According to Quartz, Uber was taking its commission based on the gross fare, or the total amount paid by the passenger.

6 Days Ago   Just one month after the Samsung Galaxy S8’s release, German hackers have already figured out a way around the phone’s iris recognition software. The Chaos Computer Club, a European hacker group, published its account of hacking the S8’s biometrics via a few simple tools such as a camera and a contact lens.

6 Days Ago   Jamboard, Google’s 4K whiteboard-like touchscreen, is now available for sale — for an appropriately large sum. Jamboard, our cloud-based collaborative, digital whiteboard is now available: — G Suite (@gsuite) May 23, 2017 As Napier noted when the Jamboard was announced, it looks like a whiteboard, acts like a tablet, and comes with a few other collaboration tools.

6 Days Ago   Snapchat’s latest feature lets users create custom Stories with their friends, making a communal Story based on a shared event or location. When you create a custom Story, you can add your friends as contributors.

6 Days Ago   Reddit has expanded the beta test on its Profile feature, meaning just about anyone can build their own mirror-Twitter page. When I logged into one of my accounts this morning, I noticed a button on my page which said, “Need to post something that doesn’t quite fit in a specific community?

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