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2 Days Ago   The UK Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee today released their conclusions from their investigation into addictive game mechanics. While the report is a long one not solely focused on games or loot boxes, the committee firmly condemns the use of such mechanics, in spite of attempts by gaming reps to spin them the other way.

3 Days Ago   Nintendo today finally revealed what the heck that ring peripheral it teased last week is all about. Namely, the company’s releasing its Switch version of the Wii Fit, an exercise game called Ring Fit Adventure, which turns that bizarre rubber ring into a whole-body sensor.

4 Days Ago   Electronic Arts this week launched a closed beta of its upcoming cloud gaming service — and given how many similar services have been announced, it’ll take some pretty spectacular games for it to distinguish itself.

4 Days Ago   So KFC apparently has its own dating sim now. And I want it like I want my next helping of actual Kentucky Fried Chicken: in my face now.

5 Days Ago   Apple today wrapped up its September event today with a few words about its new retail initiatives, including a trade-in program that should help users transition to the new iPhone 11.

5 Days Ago   Apple today revealed the Apple Watch Series 5, featuring an always on display and sporting an array of beautiful new finishes. It’s available for pre-order starting today.

5 Days Ago   Apple today revealed more about its upcoming Arcade game service as part of its iPhone 11 event — namely that the service is closer to launch than we ever realized.

6 Days Ago   Nintendo recently filed a patent for Joy-Con that can bend, meaning the Switch’s troublesome little sticks might finally become a little more flexible — though that’s probably not the improvement Joy-Con drift sufferers were hoping for.

6 Days Ago   Microsoft today revealed an update for its To-Do app, now simply called To Do, that makes the app much more useful and pleasant to look at.

9 Days Ago   Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Last week we showed you how to see what kinds of ads Instagram was likely to serve you, based on data it gathered about your browsing preferences.

9 Days Ago   A new report from Apple contractors reveals that, allegedly, Apple deliberately set out to make Siri as neutral as possible with regards to recent events like MeToo — in spite of her being a focal point in the conversation about the gender politics in voice assistants.

9 Days Ago   Nintendo is teasing a new innovation for the Switch and it’s… kind of weird. It’s a bizarre rubber ring and the company won’t actually say what it’s for.

10 Days Ago   Netflix today revealed the latest update to its platform, in which it’ll serve alerts when a show you’re interested in is available. This comes on the heels of backlash over a change in show release schedules (which wasn’t actually a change), so it’s fortuitous the site will now remind people that yes, they actually can go binge-watch a cool new show that just dropped.

10 Days Ago   YouTube today launched its Fashion section, a new vertical alongside the likes of Gaming and Movies, crystallizing the importance of its massive beauty community. It’s also a convenient landing portal for some of YouTube‘s most advertiser-friendly content.

11 Days Ago   Gears 5, the latest entry in the vaunted Gears of War series, is gearing up for release on Xbox One and PC. I’ve had the chance to spend several hours with the main campaign, and I’ve noticed that, while it’s overall an exceptional game, there is one big caveat I feel needs pointing out.

11 Days Ago   YouTube this week issued an update on its efforts to remove hate speech from its platform — and it would appear it’s managed to make some headway.

12 Days Ago   Facebook today announced it’d be rolling out its facial recognition settings to everyone — and that and that it’d be turned off by default for new users.

12 Days Ago   Something strange is happening on Twitch. The most-watched gaming on the site in the past few weeks hasn’t been Fortnite, or CS:GO, or League of Legends, or any of the other esports darlings — which is almost unheard-of for the site.

16 Days Ago   Within days of launching its YouTube Kids site and adding more age categories to the Kids app, YouTube is settling with the Federal Trade Commission over child privacy violations.

16 Days Ago   Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Instagram‘s one of the prime social networks, and its ads are sometimes marginally less obtrusive than the likes of its big brother, Facebook.

16 Days Ago   For the ongoing series, Code Word, we’re exploring if — and how — technology can protect individuals against sexual assault and harassment, and how it can help and support survivors.

17 Days Ago   A new trailer confirms Disney will be re-releasing remastered versions of its cult classic licensed games, Lion King and Aladdin. If you’re wondering why the company’s bothering to bring them back now — yeah, that’s an easy answer.

17 Days Ago   YouTube just revealed it’s added new age categories to its YouTube Kids app, offering different videos depending on whether the child is preschool or preteen. In theory, anyway — I’m not sure I trust YouTube Kids, of all apps, to be able to make that kind of subtle differentiation.

18 Days Ago   Apple today announced a new shift in company policy that prioritizes user privacy — at least with regards to Siri audio recordings. Now the company promises only in-house employees will listen to the recordings it has of you, and only if you consent.

18 Days Ago   For those of us who miss the work of defunct studio Telltale Games, the news that it’s apparently being resurrected will be welcome. Except this is a completely new company run by two new people who haven’t had a hand in any of the previous Telltale endeavors.

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