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2 Days Ago   Bethesda is, as of today, suing Warner Bros over alleged code theft in creating a “blatant rip-off” of Fallout Shelter. The details: Bethesda’s suit, filed yesterday in a Maryland US District Court, is aimed both at Warner Bros and developer Behaviour Interactive.

3 Days Ago   YouTube announced today it would be adding new options for creators to make money from their content. Most of the options are reminiscent of what other platforms have tried, but they could still alleviate a problem YouTubers have been facing for over a year.

3 Days Ago   Microsoft and Nintendo are certainly looking cozy together these days. The latter just released a trailer promoting the new crossplay available between the Xbox One and Switch — and it’s most notable for who’s not in it rather than who is.

3 Days Ago   Valve has disabled trading for Dutch CS:GO and Dota 2 players, thanks to a lawsuit from gambling authorities and a controversy a year in the making.

4 Days Ago   Instagram is making a play for YouTube’s video throne with the launch of IGTV, a new app where users can upload videos longer than one minute.

4 Days Ago   Facebook is testing autoplaying video ads inside of Messenger, and holy crap this is a bad idea. The context: Facebook confirmed to Quartz yesterday it was rolling out the ads next Monday to a small group of users.

5 Days Ago   Valve recently added a new feature to Steam that shows how much money you’ve thrown down the black hole that is gaming — on the Steam store, anyway.

5 Days Ago   Facebook today announced it’s rolling out several updates to its live video service, including game shows, polls, subscriptions, and other ways of snagging audience attention. The two major updates to Live with Faceboook are polling and gamification, both of which make videos more interactive.

5 Days Ago   Yelp’s latest update will compile a list of Popular Dishes for each restaurant, using AI to figure out what everyone prefers to eat based on the restaurant’s reviews.

6 Days Ago   Google’s Medical Brain team is now training its AI to predict the death risk among hospital patients — and its early results show it has slightly higher accuracy than a hospital’s own warning system.

6 Days Ago   Apple today announced iOS 12 would have a new feature which enables US-based users to automatically share their location with emergency services when they call 911.

6 Days Ago   Niantic today announced it’ll soon be adding Friends and Trading features to Pokémon Go, meaning you have a new reason to reinstall the app on your phone.

9 Days Ago   A new report from a team of researchers at Texas Tech suggests humans may have inadvertently given the moon a fever because we were a little too messy during our Apollo visits.

9 Days Ago   Early today, Apple Maps went down for everyone. The outages lasted for a few hours, meaning there were probably at least few people lost out there. For those poor souls, we ask one question: why on earth are you still using Apple Maps?

9 Days Ago   Two very old games from Nintendo’s arcade days are getting a surprise re-release on the eShop. According to Nintendo of America, it’s the first time either one has been released in its original arcade form for consoles.

10 Days Ago   Today, Snapchat announced Snap Kit, a suite of tools which allow developers to integrate their apps into Snapchat and vice versa. Among a few other boons to Snap’s fickle user base, this brings in a whole new facet to Snapchat: shopping.

10 Days Ago   Think you can solve a mystery that’s been baffling researchers and treasure hunters for over two hundred years? If you do — and assuming it’s not all one big 19th century prank — you might be able to claim a treasure worth millions.

10 Days Ago   Microsoft appears to be working on tech to build cashier-less stores, to which end it’s reportedly spoken with everyone’s favorite big box store, Walmart. The details: A report from Reuters says the tech company is working on a system which will track what a customer in a given brick-and-mortar store puts in their cart.

11 Days Ago   An Australian man is allowed to sue Google for the role he says it played in defaming him, at least according to a ruling from Australia’s High Court.

11 Days Ago   Twitter today announced an upcoming addition to its suite of mobile notifications. Namely, it will soon offer users personalized news updates, generated based on their interests.

11 Days Ago   Nintendo surprised gamers by offering up Fortnite on the Switch the same day they officially announced it. Some gamers were shocked and dismayed to find they weren’t allowed to play it on their portable consoles unless they created new accounts.

12 Days Ago   Leap Motion has released a demo for a new kind of VR experience called “Cat Explorer.” It’s basically exactly what it sounds like — you “explore” the muscles, organs, and skeleton of an adorable kitty using just your hands.

12 Days Ago   Yesterday, Ubisoft (officially) debuted the latest entry in its flagship Assassin’s Creed franchise: Odyssey, an action RPG set in Greece during the Peloponnesian War. The gameplay revealed on-stage during the E3 show, including the names of our two protagonists.

12 Days Ago   At today’s Nintendo Direct, the Big N’s show for E3, the company announced Epic Games’ world-alteringly popular game Fortnite was coming to the Switch. That’s not unexpected. The rumor’s been circulating for a few weeks now, backed up by a leak from a Korean ratings board.

13 Days Ago   Valve today announced it was collaborating with Chinese game company Perfect World to develop a version of its popular platform Steam specifically for Chinese gamers. According to a Valve spokesperson, the new service, called Steam China, would give gamers and developers in the country “with a new way to access Steam’s expansive selection of games and entertainment.” Perfect World, a game developer specializing in MMOs, such as Neverwinter and Swordsman Online, has been in partner

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