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3 Days Ago   The FCC might be changing its standards for high-speed internet, but not in a way that benefits anyone who doesn’t have it. The Commission filed a notice of inquiry last month to redefine the speeds which define broadband internet — today is the last day to comment on it.

3 Days Ago   Yesterday, Nest laid out a series of new smart home products at a launch event. Here are the best of the bunch in this new line of goods for the protective and territorial.

4 Days Ago   Researchers from Stanford University today published an article in Nature claiming the next great frontier for human-electronic interaction is the bodyNET platform, a network of electronic wearables, implants, and skin-based sensors that put the tech at your literal fingertips.

4 Days Ago   Steam has apparently responded to the recent review bombing controversy by implementing a new change in its review section. Now there will be an infograph in the review section which will show spikes in review activity, and whether the activity is positive or negative.

5 Days Ago   Items on Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together” recommendation could be used to create homemade explosives if actually bought together. Investigators at UK news organization Channel 4 recently uncovered the potentially worrying trend.

5 Days Ago   Twitter today released its biannual transparency report, one section of which detailed requests it receives from government officials around the world to remove content that violates the site’s Terms of Service.

5 Days Ago   In case you haven’t been keeping an eye on the news, Venezuela is in a rather bad way. Some people from the country are turning to unconventional money-making methods to get by in an extremely unstable economy.

7 Days Ago   If you’re interested in buying one of the new iPhones Apple revealed on Tuesday, you might find the prices a little hard to stomach. Between the iPhone 8’s beautiful glass back and the iPhone X’s glorious lack of bezels, they make a tempting package, but the price — the $999 price tag on the X in particular — can be a little daunting.

9 Days Ago   Hurricanes Harvey and Irma proved to be a flashpoint for several tech companies, as several of them came together to help victims and provide relief in the aftermath of the two massive storms.

9 Days Ago   A Washington man has been convicted of sending illicit images of a child — the child in question being him. An ill-advised selfie took a harassment case to the state’s Supreme Court, who ruled that even a selfie can be considered child pornography if sent to an adult.

10 Days Ago   Three women who used to work for Google have filed a class action lawsuit against the company, claiming that it discriminates against women in both pay and promotion opportunities.

10 Days Ago   Apple officially unveiled its new Face ID phone security system on Tuesday, which will allow you to unlock your phone and authenticate your identity with a print of your face.

11 Days Ago   Trello today announced it was releasing an update with multiple oft-requested features, the biggest of which its own desktop app. If you are one of Trello’s millions of users, you might find it inconvenient that you have to work entirely from your browser.

11 Days Ago   Recently, we talked about Campo Santo, the studio behind adventure game Firewatch, and its campaign against foul-mouthed YouTuber Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg. A studio official announced his intention to have Kjellberg’s footage of their game removed and called on other studios to treat him the same.

11 Days Ago   Today we discovered Bonfire, Facebook’s new group video chat app, on the Danish iOS App Store. At time of writing, it’s not available in the US App Store — or any other that we know of.

12 Days Ago   Apple’s iPhone event today had a few interesting hardware reveals, a touching tribute to Steve Jobs, and Animoji. It was a relatively sober affair, especially considering most of the cool stuff was leaked days or weeks in advance.

12 Days Ago   Apple today announced Animoji, animated emoji which use the new FaceID on the iPhone X to allow users to customize their own emoji. The Animoji uses the X’s TrueDepth camera system to track more than 50 facial motions in real time.

12 Days Ago   Nintendo today announced the return of the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic, its surprise hit retro console that no one could seem to find. We’ll also bring the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES back to Europe next summer.

13 Days Ago   With two massive hurricanes having devastated the southeastern border of the United States and the Caribbean, government officials and crisis responders have accepted social media as a reality when it comes to real-time communication and information delivery — and it may be saving lives.

13 Days Ago   YouTube personality Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg is back in the news for using bad words, and a game developer is taking him to task via YouTube’s DMCA takedown system.

14 Days Ago   It’s all fun and games on Facebook until you accidentally post something meant for “Friends only” to your public profile. How can you prevent something like that from happening?

16 Days Ago   Three Cornell researchers built a language model algorithm to study gender bias in sports journalism, and it’s apparently capable of distinguishing inappropriate questions where humans fail.

16 Days Ago   When I initially spoke to Sophia Mahfooz, I was mostly interested in her new promotion within Girls in Tech (GiT), a non-profit focused on getting women around the world a chance at proper STEM education and employment.

16 Days Ago   Blizzard today announced it’s opening an arena dedicated to live events in Burbank, California. The arena will officially open on October 7. According to Blizzard, the arena is “custom-designed and built with amenities to accommodate top esports competitors and their fans” — which will include “multiple sound stages, control rooms and player lounges throughout the facility.” According to the LA Times, the venue in the former Burbank Studios,is 50,000 square feet.

17 Days Ago   Facebook is testing out a new system to help you connect with your Friends by agreeing or refusing to meet up with them, Tinder-style. Jacob Dubé of Motherboard tested the feature and compared it explicitly with dating app Tinder.

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