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3 Days Ago   Google is teaming up with Refinery29 to launch an interesting new art exhibit, and guess what? You can be part of it!

3 Days Ago   Best Buy has an insane deal going for the LG G6 on Verizon. You can pay just $12 per month for 30 months to own the thing.

3 Days Ago   Peg T-Mobile as the latest carrier to offer the Kyocera DuraForce PRO.

3 Days Ago   Snapchat has been making some very solid moves lately in their quest to evolve into more than just a fringe social network as of late. The company’s Stories platform has paved the way for not just enhanced user content, but also premium offerings and advertisers who stand to help them make some serious cash.

3 Days Ago   Recent rumors have pegged the Nokia 9's RAM capacity at 4GB, but a new benchmark could suggest we'll get double that amount.

3 Days Ago   Huawei’s mid-range Nova series is getting buffed with the launch of 2 new phones today. MEet the Huawei Nova 2 and Nova 2 Plus. These two have a striking flagship-like design and dual-rear cameras that immediately draw our attention.

4 Days Ago   Be sure to download the latest Pokemon game for Android known as Magikarp Jump.

4 Days Ago   Despite the scary sight of the Galaxy S8's iris scanner being, Samsung is brushing this off as a non-issue.

4 Days Ago   Samsung is at SID this week showing off their latest display innovations. The company brought with them the world's first 9.1-inch stretchable AMOLED panel.

4 Days Ago   It was believed Lenovo would eventually look to roll all their mobile efforts under the Moto brand for their global strategy, but it seems they don't like that idea.

4 Days Ago   Google seems to be rolling out a new archive feature for Google Photos. We've been waiting for this since, like, forever.

4 Days Ago   T-Mobile has announced widespread availability of their new DIGITS feature. It'll arrive free for all current T-Mobile customers starting May 31st.

4 Days Ago   HTC today announced availability of a new VR headset of theirs known as the HTC Link. It's a standalone unit made to be paired with the HTC U11.

4 Days Ago   Another Flickr gallery has surfaced showing us even more shots from the HTC U11, with conditions varying from bright daylight, gloomy overcast, and night time beauty.

5 Days Ago   T-Mobile is taking aim at Verizon yet again with their latest switch promotion.

5 Days Ago   If you cheat in Pokemon GO, prepare to have your experience soured. Niantic seems to have implemented a new anti-cheat measure in the app that will make it so that "flagged" accounts can only see the most common Pokemon.

5 Days Ago   The LG V10 may be a bit seasoned by now, but that doesn't mean it can't learn new tricks. LG is delivering the upgrade to Nougat starting today.

5 Days Ago   Did you know that you can change the default input method for the Google Assistant? We're here to tell you why you should do that if you NEVER use voice.

5 Days Ago   Just yesterday we got one of our first looks at the Moto G5S, the upgraded Moto G5 smartphone that features a bigger display and a metal rear plate.

6 Days Ago   Google today announced the commerical availability of the Jamboard, their smart cloud-backed whiteboard display for enterprise users to collaborate with.

6 Days Ago   LeEco is chewing through cash like a dog on a bone in this attempt, and they're struggling. The latest sour news is a US workforce cut of 85%.

6 Days Ago   Instagram is testing a change for those who want to take their posts down from the public eye but don't want them completely wiped from existence.

6 Days Ago   It seems Google Assistant and the Gboard are getting a bit familiar with each other.

6 Days Ago   Samsung has been touting the iris scanner as the most secure biometric security they can offer, but it could be one of the device's biggest vulnerabilities.

6 Days Ago   Huawei is doing what they do with yet another Honor phone for budget-minded folks to enjoy. This is the Honor 6A.

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