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Yesterday   Facebook’s seemingly never-ending quest to make itself appealing to younger, teenage smartphone owners has now resulted in an app called LOL. According to TechCrunch, LOL is a simple piece of software featuring a feed of memes and GIFs categorized by topics like “animals” and “pranks,” and Facebook is currently testing it with 100 high school users with the consent of their parents.

2 Days Ago   It’s been less than a year since Epic Games kicked off the competitive circuit for Fortnite, but the company says it’s learned enough to make a substantial change to how it balances the consumer version of the game with the one played by pros at big tournaments.

2 Days Ago   Google and watchmaker Fossil Group today announced an agreement for the search giant to acquire some of Fossil’s smartwatch technology and members of the research and development division responsible for creating it.

3 Days Ago   LG is known for trying outlandish smartphone designs to stick out in the ever-crowding mobile marketplace. Last year’s G7 introduced an extra-loud, so-called Boom Box speaker that let you blast music at high volumes, as well as some rather excellent vibration and haptic technology.

4 Days Ago   Electronic Arts has finally given the axe to its story-driven, single-player-focused Star Wars game, reports Kotaku. The game, which was once in development under the now-shuttered EA studio Visceral Games, had been in the works for years, most recently under the leadership of Uncharted director Amy Hennig.

4 Days Ago   So you think you can copyright a dance? Continue reading…

4 Days Ago   Microsoft-owned Turn 10 Studios, which develops the Forza series of racing games for Xbox and PC, today announced it would be removing two controversial dance emotes from its latest entry, Forza Horizon 4.

5 Days Ago   Facebook continues to undergo the most contentious period in its history, as it struggles with the fallout from numerous scandals related to data privacy, misinformation, and fake news, as well as larger issues around the social network’s corrosive role in democratic societies.

8 Days Ago   SpaceX will lay off 10 percent of its workforce, immediately following its first successful rocket launch of the year for satellite operator Iridium. The news, first reported by the Los Angeles Times and confirmed by SpaceX, suggests the company is under some financial pressure as it attempts to get two ambitious projects off the ground.

9 Days Ago   Game studio Bungie, known best for having created the Halo franchise and more recently the Destiny series, is splitting up with its longtime publishing partner Activision, the company said in a surprise announcement this afternoon.

9 Days Ago   PC gaming companies continue to make a splash at CES with experimental and sometimes outlandish devices that may never again see the light of day. But what companies and consumers learn from these experiments could turn into new, indispensable features in the products we’ll be using months and even years from now.

10 Days Ago   Like virtual reality before it, augmented reality is the newest, hyped-up technology ripped straight from science fiction that technology companies worldwide are trying to bring to life.

11 Days Ago   When popular Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins took a four-day break in June to attend the annual E3 video game conference in Los Angeles, he lost more than 100,000 subscribers — all because he wasn’t streaming every single day that week.

11 Days Ago   Amazon’s philosophy on the smart home — put Alexa in literally everything, even the most mundane of products — is pushing Google and its hardware partners to develop similar devices with very narrow use cases.

11 Days Ago   It seems that we haven’t yet hit the limit on weird and novel implementations of Alexa, as Lenovo just announced what might be the neatest use of a charging station the smart home has to offer.

11 Days Ago   Amazon’s Alexa got a head start on its smart home invasion compared to its primary competitor Google, and that early lead has extended beyond the home.

11 Days Ago   Razer has always leaned in hard to the PC gaming stereotype of gaudy, glowing LED lights and other customizable neon aesthetics, and now it’s going to let you verbally control those lights using Amazon’s Alexa.

12 Days Ago   The ideal workstation depends on who you ask, and whether that person prefers more monitors or just one and just how much clutter they’re comfortable with.

12 Days Ago   Anker’s Soundcore brand, which specializes in portable Bluetooth speakers and more recently in home theater products, is announcing a few new devices at CES this year.

12 Days Ago   Anker, once known as a leading accessory maker and now a multi-faceted consumer electronics company, hasn’t abandoned its roots as a supplier of some of the fastest and highest-quality chargers around.

12 Days Ago   Intel is making progress on developing its next-generation 10-nanometer processors, and today during its CES press conference, the chipmaker showed off the first completed designs for what the company is calling Lakefield.

12 Days Ago   HTC and its software partner Valve have been steadily working on premium, desktop-grade virtual reality with the Vive for a few years now, while Oculus VR focuses on the mainstream consumer market and Sony targets PlayStation owners.

12 Days Ago   HTC announced a new variant of its high-end Vive Pro virtual reality headset today at CES that comes with native, built-in eye tracking. The device is called the Vive Pro Eye, and it promises to bring higher-quality VR experiences, thanks to a technique called “foveated rendering” that renders sharp images for wherever the human eye is looking in a virtual scene and reduces the image quality of objects on the periphery.

12 Days Ago   Nvidia’s big announcement during its CES press conference yesterday — mobile RTX GPUs for gaming laptops — was an expected one. The company has always worked to find the balance of power consumption, heat production, and the delicate GPU-CPU dance required to fit a desktop graphics chip into the slim, portable package of a notebook.

13 Days Ago   Nemeio, a new brand under French tech conglomerate LDLC, has taken the concept of a customizable software keyboard to whole new heights. At the annual CES Unveiled showcase here in Las Vegas, the company showed off an E Ink keyboard, which is yet to be officially named, that can be customized key by key.

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