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8 Days Ago   When it comes to social media and the workplace, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are typically viewed as distractions, rather than assets. However, when used properly, social media can become an invaluable tool for keeping employees more engaged, happy and connected at work.

51 Days Ago   Though there are many issues startup founders need to address if they wish to achieve rapid growth, few concepts are gaining as much attention as “disruption.” After all, many of the most successful companies in the world have gained their status by disrupting their associated industries — and it seems like new innovators pop up every day.

99 Days Ago   Successful startups don’t remain as one- or two-person operations running out of a home office forever. As demand for your product or service grows, so too will the need to scale your business.

109 Days Ago   What’s the secret to growing a successful business? If you’re like me, you’ve probably read countless articles touting the importance of “the hustle” and “the grind.” It’s the idea that you as a CEO should be working 80 hour weeks and pushing your employees to give more of their own time in the effort to build your brand.

130 Days Ago   With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram stands as one of the most influential social media networks in the world. It’s only natural that brands would desire to have a strong presence on the site as well.

157 Days Ago   Nurturing leads along the buyer’s journey and turning them into paying customers is a vital part of successful entrepreneurship — but it’s often easier said than done… Go too long without following up with a prospective client, and they may forget about you altogether.

228 Days Ago   Some startups seem to have all the luck. They have the ability to easily integrate cutting-edge technology, or their products and services spark consumer interest. When the ‘million-dollar idea’ itself is enough to get potential customers excited, marketing and promotions come easy.

240 Days Ago   Back in the day, it seemed like there were really only two options to manage client relationships: face-to-face meetings and phone calls. While these client management techniques can certainly still prove effective today, there’s no denying that they’re not always the right fit — especially for e-commerce brands and others servicing international clientele.

249 Days Ago   Working remotely is becoming increasingly commonplace in many countries around the world. Whether individuals work in a flexible environment that allows them to spend part of the week outside the office or even work entirely from home, the increased flexibility offered by today’s tech-powered environment has created new opportunities for employers and employees alike.

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