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2 Days Ago   Shortly after Apple launched iOS developer beta 7 today, sleuths found some interesting tidbits potentially pertaining to the iPhone 11. Specifically, Brazillian site iHelp BR noticed the beta contains an image of the home screen with a calendar date set to Tuesday the 10th – presumably in September.

2 Days Ago   Reminders are one of the most useful features of AI assistants. Pick up some groceries, take out the trash, set up a dentist appointment. But what about those times you need to nag other people to do something?

3 Days Ago   Apple‘s iPhone names have been a little weird lately. First, the company skipped the iPhone 9 altogether, simultaneously releasing the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Then there was the iPhone XS, which tempted people to call it the iPhone ‘excess.’ And no one knows what the ‘r’ in iPhone Xr stands for.

3 Days Ago   Microsoft’s Edge browser has a neat feature you might not have been aware of: it can read websites out loud for you. Handy as either an accessibility feature or if you’re busy doing something else, the read aloud function is one of my favorite little features in Microsoft’s browser.

3 Days Ago   Until today, Facebook has given you three options for creating a user group: Open, closed, or ‘secret.’ While the first is pretty obvious, the other two were occasional sources of confusion – an admin might set a group to ‘closed’ without realizing it was still searchable, for instance.

4 Days Ago   Facebook doesn’t need any more bad press, but here we go again. According to a report by Bloomberg, the company paid hundreds of contractors to transcribe audio snippets from your conversations within its services – without making it sufficiently clear these clips were being recorded.

4 Days Ago   When Snap first revealed its Spectacles in 2016, they were something of a mini-phenomenon. Here was a pair of wacky sunglasses sold through wacky vending machines that could record video in a circular format.

5 Days Ago   The Galaxy Note 10 may not have quite the hardware lead over the competition as its predecessors did, but that doesn’t mean Samsung isn’t putting out a quality product.

5 Days Ago   Samsung might dominate smartphone sales and be a major player on other facets of consumer technology, but it hasn’t had as much luck in the laptop space.

5 Days Ago   Ask many a photographer about resolution, and they’ll tell you “megapixels don’t matter.” For most people 8 megapixels or so is enough. But that line of thinking isn’t stopping Samsung and Xiaomi from teaming up to create a massive 108-megapixel  meant for your smartphone.

8 Days Ago   It was just a few months ago that I wrote about the Naim Mu-so 2, an update to one of the first high-end streaming speakers. I’m currently in the process of testing that model, and it delivers remarkable sound quality in a soundbar-like body.

9 Days Ago   For all we’ve made fun of Apple‘s walled garden here, every once in a while, the company opens up just a bit. Case in point: today the company revealed it would be producing a limited amount of iOS ‘Security Research Devices.’ These appear to basically be iPhones with far deeper access than available to everyday users, including access to ssh, root shell, and ‘advanced debug capabilities.’ A jailbroken iPhone without having to do any jailbreaking.

9 Days Ago   In case you haven’t heard Samsung revealed the Galaxy Note 10 yesterday – or rather, the Note 10 and Note 10+. By splitting the lineup into two sizes, Samsung was able to make one of its boldest choices since it introduced the original Note in 2011: it actually made the newest Note‘s screen a bit smaller.

10 Days Ago   Right on cue, Samsung has officially revealed the Galaxy Note 10, and for the first time in the note series, an even larger ‘Plus’ model. Granted, ‘Revealed’ might be a bit of a strong word given how much we’d learned about the devices going into today’s Galaxy Unpacked event, but it’s nonetheless welcome to have some real confirmation.

11 Days Ago   Samsung’s Note 10 is due to be revealed tomorrow, but that isn’t stopping the leaks from coming. Though we already seem to know every aspect of the devices, a new leak shared by Droid Life comes from very official-looking promotional materials, confirming much of the hardware changes we’ve heard so far and highlighting some new software tricks too.

11 Days Ago   Well before Google decided it would leak the Pixel 4 on its own terms, LG had been teasing and revealing features on its own devices for years.

12 Days Ago   Apple effectively changed the way people think about facial biometrics with the iPhone X, forgoing the rumored under-display fingerprint reader for the accuracy and convenience of Face ID.

12 Days Ago   Samsung doesn’t slow down. It’s only been half a year since Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch Active, but it’s already getting ready to release the Active 2.

13 Days Ago   To be honest, I’m kind of impressed Facebook held out this long. After buying WhatsApp and Instagram several years ago, Facebook has decided it’s time to let everyone know who’s in charge.

14 Days Ago   There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are happy to watch videos at 480P and those who will fight for every last pixel.

15 Days Ago   Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. So you’re chatting with your friend on WhatsApp, but you’ve also got to get work done on your PC.

16 Days Ago   While we all hope to never be in a situation where we need to call 911, being able to relay the right information to emergency operators is crucial.

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